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We judge Rio stories. At first, we may have went over the limit with our reviews, but now we are going to be total honest. Those who did not stick to the movie by: putting characters out of character, writing bad things and bad-mouthing the movie, not respecting other authors, trying to get authors to read their story and then will not do the same for them. We may think we sound bad, but we are trying to help bring the great authors back like: Ricardo the Black Hawk, Kraft58, chloemcg, animaltrainer91.

These are the bad authors you need to avoid so far as they do not respect others and think they can do whatever they want.

Bluetech: now this, guy, whoa, where do we start. First off, he claims himself to be a good author, and there is evidence to this from here: And even had the nerve to leave a harsh review to someone who is only a young girl with a bad illness. Don't believe me? You're evidence, right here: In my opinion, he was probably jealous.

Ornithofurious: Another author who tells lies about Rio 2, claiming Jewel doesn't love Blu and that she would cheat on him. Many people tell these lies and you should not believe them. The author claims to be a mother, but I think either hse has relationship problems with her husband and children, and is just jealous that an animated character is a better wife and mother she could ever be. Or she just tells all these lies to get attention.

Godlover10: This guy will ask that you read his stories, but will he do the same for you? Nope, he will never do the same for you. That there is pure selfishness. I may not have evidence for this, but asking other authors and they will agree.

Leo Hyacinth: now this guy, at first, was good, but that was until he decided to turn Rio; a happy, family film to a murdering, blood violence story, and like Godlover10, he will ask that you read his story but will never do the same for you.

Xephos Yogcast: this guy has not been around for a long time, but nevertheless, he copied story chapters and an oc from the two authors: Ricardo the Black Hawk and Kraft58. The proof is in his stories and reviews, and if you look at these two authors stories and combine them with his, you will see what he stole.

There are many authors who will not stick with the movie and try to change it completely that gives Carlos Saldanha a bad name. We will stop them and restore Rio to what it was before. Author's act all tough before screen, but in person, they are cowards.