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Author has written 22 stories for ElfQuest, Outlaw Star, Rurouni Kenshin, Final Fantasy I-VI, Final Fantasy X, Inuyasha, Angel, Battle Royale, Harry Potter, and Dragon Ball Z.

9/12/14 Update: It's been forever since I've been back! I don't think I've published any fanfiction for nearly 4 years now. Well, I'm going to try to make sure there isn't as huge a gap as this last time. I've been super-busy with graduate school and planning my wedding, but I've graduated with my MBA and I got married, so I've got a lot less on my plate now. And I've got more motivation! Sometimes it's hard to get the motivation to write, but I've been working pretty consistently on my original fiction and have gotten much better about maintaining motivation. So, my hope is that I can actually maintain some sort of consistency this time. Wish me luck!

My fanfiction style is one of two things 1) Canon characters in a canon setting (hopefully) or 2) New characters added into an alternate universe of the fanfic. (Many are this way, but they are old, and I will try to write fewer of them.) I don't mind criticism, as I am an aspiring author (Same name on fictionpress, please check me out if you want). So, anyway, here is the list of me:

Age: 25

Status: Unemployed, looking for a job, also close to finishing my first novel

Favorite Animes: Anything I have done a fanfic about, plus: Hayao Miyazaki's films (particularly Princess Mononoke), Cowboy Bebop, Speed Grapher (totally awesome, please check it out), and lots of others.

Currently Watching: It's just before the big fall premiere of everything, so this list will probably change soon: Face-Off, Master Chef, Dragon Ball Z (for the millionth time)

Favorite Books: Anything by Anne Bishop, Jane Austen, William C. Dietz, Mary Balogh, and anyone who can write an awesome regency romance novel.

Favorite Shows: Anything Joss Whedon touches, Gilmore Girls, House, Bones, Project Runway, Stargate (all three), Farscape, and Lexx. There are many, many others, but it would take too long to list them. :)

Fanfiction Likes: I do enjoy canonical fanfiction, such as sequels or what may have happened when the series did not specify. I am a big fan of canon pairings. Though there are certainly other possible matches in many of the animes I watch, I still tend to gravitate towards the regular pairings, even in AU fanfiction. Characters must be in character unless there is a specific reason why they are acting out of character.

Fanfiction Dislikes: Out of Character behavior from any canon character unless a reason is given (insane, loopy, etc). I don't necessarily hate non-canon pairings, but I rarely read them. Some exceptions are when neither character had a pairing in the canon, and their relationship happens later. I also hate poor grammar. Unless you are not a native English speaker, your grammar should at least be decent enough to catch spelling errors.

*NEW* Dragonball Z Fanfiction Dislikes: So, after reading bits and pieces of several DBZ fanfics, I have come up with my list of dislikes for this particular genre:

--The whole "biting-to-mate" thing has always bothered me, and I usually get turned off pretty quick when I see this one. Though, that tends to happen late in a fic and I'm stuck reading it because everything else is good and I want to finish the story.

--Vegeta (or anyone else for that matter) having a tail after the Saiyan Saga. It got cut off. It's gone. Deal with it.

--Vegeta being in love with Bulma during the "Three Years" stories. Sometimes this can be pulled off okay, but anyone who has watched the show knows that if Vegeta was in love with Bulma during the Android Saga, he's not that in love with her. (I do, however, believe the "Seven Years" changes that.)

--Bulma/Chi-Chi/Videl, etc being changed into a Saiyan. Unless you're writing some funny AU, this is just annoying. However, one of my favorite stories has Videl as a half-Saiyan, so this is not a golden standard. But you better write it well, or else.

I absolutely love DBZ, and I am a big advocate for canon-pairings. So, these rules are just my personal reading and writing guidelines. Many people love things I have listed, and this does not mean the authors who use these devices cannot write. If you are a fan of the above, you will not see it in my writing. If you want me to read your story and it contains one or more of these elements, I will read the first chapter and probably nothing more. But I will be nice.

Other Semi-Pertinent Data:

I am a pretty nice reviewer, so feel free to recommend stories for me to read. I will leave constructive criticism if need be.

Just as a note, much of the fanfiction I have written was written several years ago, and contains typical fangirl errors that I hope to never repeat. Anything that predates 2009 is in this category. So far, my only decently-written fanfiction is my Dragonball Z fanfiction, but others may come in the future.

So, please read and enjoy. If you do not enjoy, please leave constructive criticism. Thank you much. :)

Current Stories:

Slow Burn: (Dragonball Z, Rated M, Vegeta/Bulma) It's been years since I published my last Vegeta/Bulma stories, and I've been wanting to rewrite their story. This does mean that sequels to "A Lifetime of Learning" will not happen, unfortunately. This does mean, however, that I intend for this single story to encompass the Three Years, Seven Years, and beyond. With Dragonball Z Kai and Battle of Gods, my perspective on their relationship has also changed and I feel this will make for a much more compelling and ultimately sweet story. Very likely, this will be a long story, so I'm going to do my best to keep up with it. Since it's a Vegeta/Bulma story, it's much more likely that I'll keep writing on it as they are my favorite couple in the history of anime. I hope you enjoy it, and I'm glad to be back. :)

Inevitability: (Dragonball Z, Rated M, Vegeta/Bulma, Goku/Chi-Chi, Piccolo/OC, eventual Gohan/Videl, eventual Krillin/18) So, this is my answer to an epic fanfic (upwards of 50,000 words) since I tend to write rather short stories. The basic summary is: all shit breaks loose on Earth with the attack of the androids not being foretold by Trunks, but Frieza has never taken control of the Saiyans. There is a more detailed summary within the first chapter. Not much OOC-ness going on, only what needs to be altered due to events (ie. Vegeta's still a bit of a dick, but not as much as he is in the canon universe). Update: Soooo, I though I had uploaded Chapter 2 already, but I was wrong. It's been written for 2 years and it's just been sitting on my computer. Oops! I am still working on this story and am a few pages in to Chapter 3. If you continue to read this as it updates, please note that Chapter 1 was written in 2010, Chapter 2 was written in 2012, and Chapter 3 and beyond were written in 2014 and after, so the writing is a little off for the first few chapters but it gets better. I don't know when I'm going to finish Chapter 3, but I will publish Chapter 2 and 3 when it is complete. 9/12/14

Archived Stories:

Doctor Doctor

For the Love of a King

I'm soooo sorry, but it's been so long since I've worked on these two stories that I can see so many ways I would want to change them before I made any updates. So, I've decided to just archive these ones. That's not to say that I won't revisit these pairings in the future, but I will not be completing them as they are. My apologies!

Completed Stories: (I am only counting my recent stories in this count.)

A Week Left Wanting: (Dragonball Z, Rated M, Bulma/Vegeta) Set during the three years between the Frieza and Android Sagas, this is a canon view of how Bulma and Vegeta may have started their relationship.

A Lifetime of Learning: (Dragonball Z, Rated M, Bulma/Vegeta) This is the sequel to "A Week Left Wanting" but I have attempted it to be as canon as possible, so it can be read alone. (However, if you like "A Lifetime of Learning" I would recommend reading "A Week Left Wanting.") This story takes place during the seven years between the Cell and Majin Buu Sagas, and focuses on the development of Bulma and Vegeta's relationship.

A Moment of Madness: (Dragonball Z, Rated M, Bulma/Vegeta) A one-shot for anyone who liked "A Week Left Wanting" and "A Lifetime of Learning". Takes place around Trunks' fifth birthday. Bulma makes a deal with Vegeta: find a gift for Trunks and she will let Vegeta do anything he wants to her for one night. Just a little fun story while waiting for the sequel to "A Lifetime of Learning."

A Second for Sensuality: (Dragonball Z, Rated M, Bulma/Vegeta) Another one-shot for anyone who liked "A Week Left Wanting" and "A Lifetime of Learning". Occurs after "A Moment of Madness". Bulma must go repair a weather array, and Vegeta decides to come with her. Both have been infuriating each other. But what Bulma thinks is frustration of Vegeta not doing housework turns out be something much more precious. Just a one-shot in lieu of the direct sequel to "A Lifetime of Learning".

Please: (Dragonball Z, Rated M, Goku/Chi-Chi) A one-shot set the night before the Cell Games. Goku must comfort his wife.

An Idiot For Love: (Dragonball Z, Rated M, Gohan/Videl) A one-shot depicting the beginning of Gohan and Videl's relationship after the World Tournament. Slightly humorous and fluffy.

Future Stories: (I have the ideas for these, and hope to begin writing them soon.)

Goku's Peculiar Education: (Dragonball Z, Rated M, Goku/Chi-Chi) Since I just finished watching Dragonball, I decided I wanted to do my version of Goku and Chi-Chi's wedding night...except Goku doesn't even know the first thing about girls and sex. Chi-Chi will attempt to educate him, though she herself is rather new to everything as well. Basically, I want to do a multi-chapter story going through the education process. It will not be a long story, but will encompass at least four to five chapters. I have begun writing this one, and hope to publish it when I am done with my vacation. Expect to see it in August. Update 9/12/14: Funnily enough, I do still intend to write this one, several years after starting it. I've only written the first page, so it can be redone easily enough. I just want to write a nice, fluffy story about these two. I have no idea when this will actually get written, though. Sorry.

As a note, you can probably tell the trend of my ratings for my recent stories. I do write mature material, so please keep that in mind while reading. Thank you. :)

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