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Author has written 5 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, and Rurouni Kenshin.
Name: Megz or any of my other 20 or so names, nicknames, and such Age: My birthday is 7/25/91, my half birthday is 1/25/91, can you figure it out?! I sure hope you can. Species: kitsune/angel Eye color: depends...
Hair color: mahogany brown
Height: 5 flat. (yea, I'm short)
Personality: Stubborn, argumentive, ditzy, a little idiotic, insane, psycho, likes to insult people, is pessimistic, weird, odd, annoying, different, giggly, strange, do you get the point?

Hmm... Nothing in the works. I've been doing other stuff. I think I might do a CYOA... and maybe revamp Backflip for X-mas.
BTW, Abyssal Plains and Love is on MediaMiner under the pen-name Chinchilla Gurl. 'kay? Ja everyone!


Yummy, yummy chicken goodness!
What?! I got bored...
I refuse to answer that.
Toasted wine and a baguette!
Moo, moo, moo. I'm a cow!
Moo, moo, moo. I'm they guy who milks the cow. I have a strange relationship with the cow.
Styrofoam isn't made out of kittenz!!
Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Shoo ye evil thoughts!!!
I have sarcasm. I need nothing else.
-pokes someone- Scoot over!! I'm squshed.
You aren't cold?!
I have a feeling that we aren't human...
You do realize that what you're saying is sadistic, right?
So? I like doing it.
I think I need therapy.
I say... C.I.T.C.O.!!!
There are demons waiting around the corner... -pokes head around corner-


Ja ne minna-san!

I just hope the stupid thing works. I dun like URL thingies.

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