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Hello and welcome to my bio!!

Hiei: Hn, like they care.

Quiet you! If they're reading this then they care!

Hiei: Hn.

rolls eyes* Whatever, let's get on with this.

Name: Keito

Age: 20 now

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'3" Short people unite!!

Hiei: I'm not commenting on that.

Whatever shorty.

Hiei: Hn. *Jumps into nearby tree*

Good, maybe I can continue without any more interupptions.

Favorite Band: Aerosmith

Favorite Singer: Garth Brooks and Sarah McLauchlin.

Idol: Stephen King

Favorite Sport: NASCAR Winston Cup Racing

Hiei: What the hell is racing?

rolls eyes* You hate anything ningen, why should I bother explaining?

Hiei: Hn.

Favorite Athlets: Mark Martin and Tony Stewart

Favorite Movie: Aw damn, do I have to pick one?

Hiei: *from the tree* Yes baka ningen!

Shut up you! Fine! Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Aerosmith: Big Ones You Can See, Row Your Boat, Vampires Los Muertos, Pirates of the Carbbien (sp?), Fidning Nemo, Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergiuest (sp again?) Report, The Saint, Top Gun, Days of Thunder. Can you tell I'm a movie person?

Favorite Shows (non anime): Will and Grace, Smallville, Angel

Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho, Inu Yasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon

Favorite Characters: Hiei, Kurama, Miroku, Inu Yasha, Sesshoumaru, Kenshin, Yami, Bakura, Raye, Lita, Mina

Pairings: Basically only Hiei and Kurama. Very rarely do I like Hiei/oc or Kurama/oc. It has to be very well written fic to become a favorite of mine.

About Me: I go to college in Vermont (Southern Vermont College). I major in creative writing and have hopes to be a writer like Stephen King. I love the creepy, horror genre. I also love angst/drama type things as long as they don't get too...what's the word I'm looking for?

Hiei: Sappy.

Ah! Finally your being helpful! Yes, I like angst/drama as long as it doesn't get too sappy. Although I love writing and seem to have a knack for it, I'm a horrible speller and have made spell check my new best friend!

I also enjoy drawing and wish I had a scanner so I could post my fan art. I get praise for from my Inu Yasha obssesed friend. She makes me draw pictures for her all the time.

Dislikes: Let's see, some pairings I hate are Hiei/Kuwabara. I mean, I've heard the saying there's a thin line between hate but seriously people!! Hiei dispises the big oaf!!

Hiei: For once I must agree with me.

There's a first. I basically dislike Hiei with anyone but Kurama, but like I said before I will read a Hiei/oc Kurama/oc story if its well written.

I also dislike self-insertion fics. Expecially ones that focus more on the person's own character then the characters of Yu Yu Hakusho. Come on people!! If you want a story about yourself place it under original fictions!! I come hear to read stories about the YYH gang, not your own character fighting off demons while trying to win over the spirit detectives hearts!! Stick a fork in it, that plot is done!!!

Another pet peeve is script style stories. There are descriptive words for a reason, use them! I've come across stories whose summaries make the story sound great and then click on it to find its in screen play format and then I can't bring myself to read it. Please people, if you can describe your story in such a wonderful way you can write it using the same beautiful words!!

Stories in the works: Black Tears This is a Hiei/Kurama centered fic. It was born after I was reading a story about Yukina being captured for her tear gems (again!!) and I got to thinking about how Hiei is part koorime as well and I figured, hell, Hiei must cry them as well!

Hiei: Hn. I don't cry.

You believe that, but anyway, I decided to write a fic where a angry shadow demon finds one of Hiei's tear gems and figures out they're from the forbidden child and says they're worth three times of what a normal koorime tear gem does. He can't pin point who Hiei is but follows his ki to where him and Kurama are hanging out and captures them both, figuring one of them has to be the forbidden child. But Kurama tells the demon he's Hiei to protect his love. The demons believe it and torture Kurama to get him to cry. When he finally sheds a tear they realize that the other demon is Hiei. They use their torture against Kurama to break Hiei. Can the other spirit detectives save their demon partners?

Stories in the future: To be honest, I really haven't thought of it. I'm busy working on Black Tears. But I'm thinking of an AU Hiei/Kurama fic. But I'm still tossing the idea around. But for now you'll just have to settle with one story.

Hiei: That's more then enough from you.

Oh be quiet half pint.

Hiei: NANI?! Get over here you baka ningen!!!

Eep!! o.o Thanks for stopping by my bio, but it seems I have to run for my life now. BYE!! *runs off*


Black Tears reviews
((A HieiKurama fic)) A greedy demon finds a tear gem that Hiei shed and captures him and Kurama to harvest them. But Kurama tries to fool the demons into thinking he's Hiei, he just give them the fuel needed for Hiei to shed real ones.
Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: M - English - Angst/Suspense - Chapters: 6 - Words: 20,336 - Reviews: 181 - Favs: 61 - Follows: 39 - Updated: 1/14/2004 - Published: 12/6/2003