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Hi welcome to my profile. Cheesy but straight to the point I know.

Anyway My username is RandomFan16 for a reason.

The 16 was how old I was when I first join this website.

The Fan mean's I enjoy a lot of types of entertainment and I'm a big fan of what I like to write.

Just to name a few.


Storm Hawks

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic



Dragon Ball Z

One Piece


Finally the Random means that I write random stories that no one else has thought of. For example

The Venom symbiote attaching itself onto Monkey D. Luffy

or An autobot that's as merciless as a decepticon

or Master Cyclonis having a cousin bent on destroying her

or Tinker Bell having to face a once good friend gone bad.

Moving right along here's were things get interesting

My top five favorite villains of all time.

5. Broly from DBZ-When ever I see Broly I do not see a monster. Instead I see a child in pain. Think about it Broly was tortured for who knows how long be Goku's crying. Not to mention his father mind controlled him for most of his life. Just goes to show monster's aren't born there made and Broly's a prime example.

4. Majin Buu the fat/good one from DBZ-Fat Buu or Good Buu always caught my eye mostly because of how he looks and how he acts. To me Buu isn't even the major villain in the Buu saga why because he didn't know right from wrong. He was manipulated by Babidi before that Babidi's father Bibidi. Then when Buu killed his master he still caused destruction and if it weren't for Mr. Satan and Bee to teach him right from wrong he could have blown up the whole planet with out knowing it. It me the Good Buu was the victim because of those two men that shot Bee and Mr. Satan causing the rest of the events of the Buu saga to unfold.

3. Megatron from Transformers-I tell yeah Megatron is definably the best example of a villain there is at least to me. Every time he comes on screen my eyes are locked on him. He so threatening and cunning so much I pretty sure he could convince any one join his cause bot or human. He's been getting in the autobots way for thirty year's and let's all hope for thirty more.

2. Shockwave from Transformers-Surprised yeah so was I. Let me explain Megatron is threating in his own way his cunning he's do any thing for victory like kill his own men to lying about surrendering. Shockwave is to put it short a mad scientist. Always trying to find some way to help win the war no matter what. But the thing that put's him a head above Megatron is that he is driven by logic. He will always do the most logical thing to do. And if logic says Megatron is unfit to be leader of the decepticons well, you get the picture.

1. Discord from MLP FIM-From the robot who is driven by logic to the one who completely ignores it it's Discord. The first episode of MLP I ever watched was Return of Harmony and Discord was the star. Discord is the best because just like Megatron he's very cunning but unlike Megatron he's better at it. He corrupted the mane 6 using just his words except for Fluttershy and proved that he could have just done it with just one touch. Meaning that he could have just corrupted the mane 6 with out saying a word and proving that he did that for just his amusement. Lastly the thing about Discord that put's him on the top of this list is his powers. He dose not just control chaos he is chaos. He can make it literally rain cats and dogs, make squirrels out of cotton candy, and warp the environment to his choosing. His powers combined with his cunning mind truly make's him a threat to Equestria if not for Fluttershy and her kindness to reform him.

Still here? Boy you must have done some thing bad.

Anyway before you go I just thought I share a of my story Ideas and there summaries

Just tell my what you think of them in the review section of my two current stories.

Before you start any story I write about MLP FIM will always be humanized where every one will have wings and can do magic. I have nothing against the original it's just that most of my stories are much easier to write and make more sense if every one is humanized. I may do a few one shots where there still ponies but other than that there humanized. You have been warn.

Sad Time's-Discord was reformed but he's not really evil more like a prankster. So how would the Main 6 fair against someone who hate's fun, who's given up on life, and who is close to Twilight and her family, really close?

Tinker Bell and The Slender Fairy-"Tinker Bell It's been too long" a voice echoed in the darkness behind the tinker fairy. Bell turned around and saw a face she hasent seen in five long years.

A Skyknight's Secret-Mankind's my mask. One I wish I could remove, to live with out a disguise has been my dream for years. But I'm afraid of how my teen would react to find out that there leader wasn't who he said he was. My name's Claw, It used to be Aerrow.

So there's my story Idea's tell me what you think of them so until next time.

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