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But it shall be finished. My muse has simply left me. I just recently bought Advent Children, though, so it'll be updated soon. I promise. :)

My name is Terah aka InuKagNoMoreDreams. I think I started reading fanfictions about Buffy the Vampire Slayer years ago, but that was really my first contact with the fanfic kingdom. Now I've strayed into the abyss of Inuyasha, Naruto, Final Fantasy (mainly VII), and lots of other anime. So below is a brief but imformative biography about some of my faves. Enjoy!

Fave couples (that I read)

Reffie- Reno x Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII)

KakaIru - Kakashi x Iruka (Naruto)

SasuSaku - Sasuke x Sakura (Naruto)

RoyEd - Roy x Ed (Full Metal Alchemist)

Yuffentine - Vincent x Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII)

HavocEnvy - Havoc x Envy (Full Metal Alchemist) Yo, shaddup. XD

CloTi - Cloud x Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)

SessRin - Sesshomaru x Rin (Inuyasha)

InuKag - Inuyasha x Kagome (Inuyasha)

DearYza - Dearka x Yzak (Gundam SEED)

MwuMur - Mwu x Murrue (Gundam SEED)

AthCag - Athrun x Cagalli (Gundam SEED)

R/Hr - Ron x Hermione (Harry Potter)

But... my first number one favourite couple is Reffie. Reno is positively gorgeous and he just gets me every time, and Yuffie is beautiful and downright hilarious. They just fit together. It's odd... I came into being ahuge CloTi supporter and ever since reading the very few, but very well-written Reffie fics, I've come to love that fandom more. I literally cannot wait for Advent Children. -giddy-

And my second number one favourite couple is KakaIru respectively. Kakashi and Iruka just... belong. I don't care if it's hardly canon, and I don't care if they never talk during the anime or manga (well, they do a little, but not enough to give evidence), KakaIru is just right. So I'm obsessed. Deal with it. :)

So, I advise you all to check out my fave authors and stories, especially the Reffie/KakaIru/Yuffentine ones, as they are magnificent.

Works Completed

The Fridge Catastrophe - One shot comedy fic in which Reno is made out to be an ass. Yes, I was actually painfully cruel to Reno in this fic. Mark my word, painfully, thank you. Pure comedy; not to be taken that seriously. This was actually a test for myself. I won't rest until I've got Reno's character down perfect.

The Acts of Desperation - One shot RenoxOC prequel fic to 'Acacia'. Reno's POV. I'm so fascinated by Reno's character, seriously. I just find him so easy to write and/or characterize. This digging deeper into the darkness of a Turk's romantic life. Nothing romantic about this one, sorry.

Rash Decisions - One-shot RenoxRufus. Set a little bit after Advent Children; containing heavy spoilers. I know Rufus might be slightly OOC, but if you think about it, we never really see much character depth from him. It's all business. I think Rufus would be a lot more open around people he cared for, and people who were irritating him to no end-- both of which point to Reno. :) I just wanted to branch out on my Reno pairings. God, I love the Turks. -sigh- YAOI GOODNESS:D

Acacia - One-shot RenoxOC. Not with WWC's OC character, Aiko, but with another OC. Tragedy fic. Acacia was always there. I wrote this one because I was procrastinating on WWC. Eh-heh. It's sad, I guess. Reno POV.

The Rules of Persuasion - Another one-shot KakaIru. Most of it is written in Iruka's POV. Based upon my thoughts of how persuasive Kakashi could be if he really wanted to. Poor Iruka. Rated M for the tiniest bit of smut ever recorded. Just a really random one-shot, but it's enough for the KakaIru addicts like myself, I swear. XD

Harsh Reality - A one-shot KakaIru that was inspired by another KakaIru fic I read. Don't worry, I didn't steal anything. Once again, it's another sadfic. God, what is with me and the sadfics? Everything I try to write turns out sad and depressing. -facepalm- All the same, I hope you enjoy it. Rated K+ because there is the tiniest implication of the act of sex. The tiniest, I swear. It's not like When Worlds Collide. Heh.

I Caught Fire - Yuffentine one-shot. Yuffie's having self doubts and opts to run away from the group. The fire has already started, and only one person can keep her from leaving. Can Vincent bring her back through the smoke, or will he only succeed in adding more fuel to the fire? Rated T just in case. Language. Yuffie POV.

Just One Moment - A one-shot AthrunxCagalli fic that derived from a state of depression I was in for a few weeks. Clearly, it's sad, so if you don't like sad fics, don't read. I'm loving the one-shots. They're fun to do. Okay summary: AthrunxCagalli sadfic. Rated for violence. In just one moment, both of their worlds were shattered.

Shy Smiles - A one-shot SessRin fic that sprung into my mind while listening to Kelly Clarkson's "Behind These Hazel Eyes." Not necessarily a romantic SessRin, but it hints at it. It's more a fic that shows them getting closer, in a friendly way. Cute, but I intended it to be a one-shot. If people want me to continue it, I might. But I purposely left it off where it is because that can work out as a one-shot. Maybe I'll make it so that every chapter could end it off. Like a series of one-shots. I don't know... But for now, this is where it's staying.

Works In Progress

Final Fantasy VII

Title: When Worlds Collide

Rating: M

Pairings: Reno/OC (main), Tseng/Elena, Tseng/OC, Cloti, Yuffentine, OC/OC, Cid/Shera, and many, many more...

Summary: My first chapter fic that I posted. -grins- Hopefully you'll all enjoy it. Basically the summary is as it is: Two different dimensions, similar realities but not quite the same, and one devastating link shared between the worlds. What happens when an evil madman escapes from one world and enters the other, his former home? Chaos ensues, and the Talmarians and Turks are the only ones, or so it seems, who can stop him. Rated for violence, language, and scenes of a sexual nature (not explicit, but gives off the impression...). I stress the language part. Imagine Cid, Barret, and Reno in one room together with doppelgangers of themselves. That room will be full of curses, ne? Hehe.

Works To Come

Final Fantasy VII - Reno, Reno, Reno. Gotta love me some Reno. Most of my Reno fics will be RenoOC, or Reffie, or just Reno-centric. Other than that, I'll have some Yuffentine, as well. Gotta love me some Turks. Of course, my main project at the moment is When Worlds Collide, and I do plan on finishing that.

Inuyasha - I have more plans to do some SessRin fics. Possibly an InuKag or InuSess (not romantic, just sibling rivalry) fic. But right now, those seem unlikely. I'm not on an Inuyasha high right now... more than likely I'll be sticking with Naruto for a long time.

Gundam SEED - Hm. Nothing in the works right now. Possibly a DeaYzak soon. -sighs-

Naruto - Well. KakaIru, anybody? Yup, there will probably belots more of those coming, let me tell you. Hell, I'll even take requests. Just tell me the details in a review to one of my fics. -smiles- And maybe some Uchihacest? Hehehe.

Full Metal Alchemist - ROY/ED! Yes, the Flame Alchemist and the Fullmetal Alchemist. My favourite sex toys. Wait, I mean, my favourite characters... not sex toys, honestly... -cough-

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