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Author has written 8 stories for Inuyasha.

5/24/16= Well, I thought I would catch everybody up on what's been going on lately, as I haven't posted anything on any of my sites for quite some time now. I have been writing, don't get me wrong. However, not like I was before. I have a new boss, and I have been handed a bunch of admin responsibilities, taking up a good portion of my days. Not only that. but as she used to be located mainly at another location, she is now mainly stationed where I am at, and I have no clue when she will suddenly walk up to my desk for a piece of candy... Yyyyeah... She doesn't seem the type of person to micro-manage, but then again, it's not necessarily wise to underestimate her reasonings. Therefore, I'm limited to writing during lunch hours. I am too afraid to write my stories on the computer, even though there didn't seem to be a problem before, but I have a temp working under me that must use my terminal, as the other one does not work. So, I risk my fiction being read before it's posted. Therefore, the story I'm working on now will have to be progressed slowly. I am so sorry, everyone, but this is a new transition for me, and I don't want to lose my job.

I am still waiting for my friend to finish reading the other fanfic I finished before I post it, as I need her input, but she's been going through something that's taking all her time, and it's frustrating, to say the least. So, please continue to be patient with my molasses pace, and you all will soon be rewarded. I will be moving again, and that will help buy me more time to write, so I will let everyone know what's happening as of then.

Thanks again for your patience, everyone!

1/13/16= Well, I'm feeling a lot better now. I was prompted to update MSWord to the 2016 version, and saw the saved recent document for a new story I started recently-one that would help me cope with everything that happened. I read over the chapter, and made some edits to it, and feel this is the story I will work on now.

I have finished the other story I was working on, though I think I will get some headway on this new one first before I take a gander into that world again, as it holds such dark emotions within it's letters. I am not ready to edit that story, as I am awaiting a critique from a good friend who was there during the whole ordeal, and will have some insight for me on how to proceed with the story.

This new one will be released a chapter at a time, as I used to post. I plan to keep it a day-by-day writing schedule, seeing as how I went through it was the same- we all took it day-by-day. I will not play it out to exactly what my family went through, save for a certain, critical point in the story where I must write it almost dead on to bring an awareness to my readers on this underlying illness.

The person who succumbed to this illness was close and dear to me, though I will not reveal the relationship. The relationship between Kagome and her Grandfather is different from the relationship I had with this loved one he's representing, so it's not going to be similar in that regard.

I plan to go over the first chapter one more time to perfect the chapter, and then I plan to post it here, on deviantART, and I will set up a status update when the story is posted. Again, thank you for your patience during this time.

11/17/15=These days, I've been writing off and on at work, as I said I would. However, I am now, officially, on hiatus. Things in my life are a bit harsh for me now, and I have noticed that my fanfiction has gone down the dark path as of late.

Anyone who read Ashes & Dust saw a bit of that darkness, but it's really starting to show in my new fanfic, which I've been promising people. I am not yet finished with it, though I'm almost done writing the first draft. It may have a sequel story, if I choose to leave it as is. Some key characters have died, and I'm not used to killing off characters in my fanfics aside from Naraku, if you know what I mean.
I won't talk about what's going on in my personal life to cause these tonal changes in my fiction here in this blurb, but this is a hard time for me, and a little sunshine would be wonderful, as daylight has certainly set in my life at the moment.

We all have our rough patches in life, and we do our best to get through them, together, or alone. However, I promise that once things brighten, and they will soon, I believe, I will get right back up, dust off my emotional strength, and get right back at it.

I want to thank everyone for their patience. Those here who are close to me, feel free to note me on what's going on, as I will share more with you. I certainly hope everyone here has a wonderful Thanksgiving coming up, and that your families are well.

Ja for now.

9/8/15= I did something unexpected of myself... I saw there will be a new Halloween fanfic contest for Eternal Destiny, and I actually remembered my login! Yay! Anyway, the crazy part of this is, I saw I only uploaded ten chapters of Street Musician on ED, and what I was shocked about was the writing... Now, I know someone posted a crude review on my recent writing skills, but in essence, I wonder if they reviewed for the wrong fic. Now, I know what you're all thinking... "You're bad mouthing one of your best stories?!" O.O Yes, yes I am. I was just reading the first part of the next chapter to post, and I have to admit, I have come a loooong way since I originally posted Street Musician. So, hey Guest Reviewer, go read Street Musician, and bash me there, I dare ya! *laughs*

I have had an inkling in the back of my soul for quite some time to want to edit and repost my older stories, but i certainly think Street Musician will take me the longest to edit. Seriously, EVERY sentence is PASSIVE VOICE!!!! Ugh! How did I get that many great reviews when the entire thing is written in passive voice? And, I assure you, it wasn't on purpose... I don't know, please tell me what you all think about Street Musician. Please, read it, and review again... I need to know if you're put off by it, because I'm worried about posting the rest of it on ED as is... *shakes head*

8/31/15= Well now I can see that I have I received one review, and quite a few faves and story alerts for Ashes and Dust and Being Watched, aside from the faving and alert count rising, which I am very thankful :-D

However, the one review I received for Ashes and Dust, I felt, was a bit ridiculous in the sense that it sorta gave constructive criticism, and yet didn't. I decided I will let it slide, and say that I never, in any way, said my writing would be perfect. However, I will say that leaving the comment as a Guest comment really shows me that the person either was trying to save themselves from a fight from an author who doesn't like to fight, which is ridiculous, or they are a troll, just being a dick. As far as I'm concerned, I would love to hear the constructive criticism, honestly. I have been told that my writing in class, which is very similar to the writing I have posted in both of my new fics, is cinematic, and enjoyable. I look at the faves, and story alerts people are doing and see that this one, lonely Guest has no bearings, and I will not change a thing, aside from what I feel needs changing.

As far as whether my writing is good, bad, or boring, I will say this about the dialogue. There are some points in A&D that seem choppy, but if you pay attention as you read, you'll notice it's usually Inuyasha who fits that bill. Why? Simply put, he's very direct in this story, doesn't beat around the bush, and is not a college grad of sorts. I chose to write him as close to his character as possible. It is a fine line when it comes to dialogue. It's either conversational, or it's sentenced. I chose conversational. Some may say it's risky, but hey, that's what writing fanfiction is about, right? Writing stuff you are unsure about, and trying new things.

However, to say that my writing in this fic makes me seem like I have a small brain as a writer was a bit uncalled for. I do not take kindly to that part of the comment, and ask that that person rethink their tone. If they wish to private message me, I won't give a fight. I just would like to receive what constructive criticism I can to help me improve, not wordage that will display to others that I am some child posing as a 37 year old woman with a Bachelors in English and a certification in Creative Writing, which I do have, by the way.

I will not change anything when receiving belittling comments, just so everyone knows. It's not that i expect every comment to be a good one. I am aware that not everyone will like my fiction. That, in essence is the nature of the beast. However, I'm just giving fair warning that I am an adult, and can see right through the trolls. I will not delete those comments, as anyone who truly enjoys my fiction can then stab the comment further with the knife when they ignore it, and make it seem insignificant. Thank you.

8/28/15=Ashes and Dust has been uploaded! Enjoy! :-)

P.S. If you're wanting to read the original for of this fic, I suggest you visit my other websites such as YashasGirl1 on DeviantART, and ssp51201 on You will need to set up free accounts for both to establish your age (You must be of age to read them) as these new stories are rated mature on both sites. They are uncut, uncensored, and in their original forms.

Updates News:

New Inuyasha Fanfic in the works!!!

On Hiatus Until Further Notice!!!-I have been working on a brand new fanfic that has an interesting twist to it. This story has some new elements to it I've never looked into personal trainers, self-defense classes, or human trafficking before, but this new fic has these elements in it. I didn't plan it that way, they just appeared as I've been writing each chapter. I have done the most research for this story than any other, and it's a good way to exercise my skills in research to make it as realistic as possible. I will not reveal the name of the story as of yet, but I am feeling I may be running into a bit of mild writer's block on this one, as the research is so extensive at this point. I do plan to release this story chapter by chapter, as this one is a new kind of fic for me. You can tell I'm trying my hand at new types of fiction, and exploring new types of relationships as well. I'm not sure how close to the climax I am at this point, and there are fourteen chapters in all so far, so I'm guessing it may be lasting closer to the twenty chapter mark, which is good, seeing as my latest two fics were very fast paced. This one started out with a quick pace as well, and has since slowed down a bit, as the shit has hit the proverbial fan, so to speak. So, Just sit tight, and I should start posting on this one soon. I will keep everyone updated on the progress here in this section of the profile page ;-)

Being Watched

Status:Complete-This fanfic was a joy to write, adding the Japanese Yakuza into my world of Inuyasha fanfiction. It was interesting writing this story, and I have finished writing this one, and posted it all at once. It's great to see that it has been well received, just not reviewed, which is odd, but oh well...

Ashes and Dust/Recession Blues

Status:Complete-The title was changed to Ashes and Dust due to the revealing of the true plot line.

Street Musician

Status: Chapter 21= complete/posted. Chapter 22 in the works (And has been for years... Shifts eyes). I've decided due to the movie release of "Once" that it will remain a fan fiction. I began to work on the next chapter, however, my muse hasn't given me any visions on where to go next with this lovely story. But once I get an inkling, I will update my profile accordingly ;-)

Some editing has happened this week of one of the chapters. I am working on editing Chapters 12-21 and posting them on Eternal Destiny, in case any of my readers also read my fanfics there... There're only two approved by InuGrrrl herself.

Unaware Extensions

Well, I know that I did mention that I would do the three other stories that threaded into the Unaware story, and the idea has lived on the back burner for quite some time now. I still would like to do that in the near future. However, I have books and other projects that I aim to publish in the near future as well, and they will take precedence at this time. I will update this section regarding on when I will begin working on the Unaware Minis :-)

Also, if you're curious, I'll tell you a little bit about me.

I'm married and age 37. I've been writing stories since I was a child and I also dabble in poetry and song lyrics. I've been singing since I learned how to talk and I've been graced with seven years of voice lessons, that's where the song lyrics come into play. I write song lyrics. I am a big fan of anime, and anything pertaining to the orient. I am in the process of learning Japanese in college at this time. My favorite anime list is a long one, and it keeps growing:

Inuyasha- Always and forever
Rurouni Kenshin- Same
Fairy Tail- Natsu is the shiznet along side Erza
Yu Yu Hakusho
Spirited Away
Martian Successor Nedesico
All the Gundam Series
Boys Over Flowers
His and Her Circumstances
Fushigi Yugi
Full Metal Panic
The whole Tenchi series
Cowboy Bebop
and that's not even all!

As you can see, I like a wide variety of anime, as well as manga, and I love reading. I truly enjoy reading the fiction posted by all of you. I have my favorites of course. Stories, not writers. To me, you all are wonderful artists, and I commend you all for posting such wonderful and original ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read my loooong profile, and I hope my stories interest you. Ja ne!

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