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Author has written 8 stories for Ranma, Mass Effect, and Justice League.

Status Update, Nov. 21, 2012: Okay, not exactly on hiatus right now, since I'm technically working actively on Stormstruck (despite my better judgment and finals looming, gah.) Still, for my long-term story commitments, it seems I need to warm up (and find more time) before jumping back into them. For those who have been waiting for forever to read the continuing adventures of a reforming psychotic biotic, an inebriated Quarian, or a generally Batman-esque Commander, I'm afraid it'll be a little while longer yet. I'll get back to them hopefully by Christmas.

Status Update, Jan. 21, 2018: On hiatus since Nov. 21, 2012

Main Write-up

Kind of like our favourite Commander, I'm back from the dead. Tada!

Yes, after a much-disappointing hiatus of half a centu- uh, half a decade, Firaga Bird has lived up to his name sake. I've returned to write fanfics for my new love affair, Mass Effect. It's been a long time since I've even browsed these nostalgic halls of ; my head is still very much swimming with stories. I just seemed to really lose my stride once I got distracted and never regained it. Playing Mass Effect and, more recently, ME 2 has been a miracle worker for me, though. My mind has exploded with passionate imagination once again, and I'm looking to make a comeback.

I need to do what I can, when I can. College life is hectic and demanding, but my love of stories and (to a slightly smaller extent) the Mass Effect Universe shall prevail! Yeah. I'll release stories as they come, and will also take in the surprisingly substantial amount of ME fanfic material to be read and loved around here in order to catch up on the FanFictionist stride once more. Wish me luck.

Update, 11-21-2012: My newest "new" love affair is officially the DC Universe, specifically the JLU series and the mainly stories pairing Batman and Wonder Woman. I'm currently observing if this new fling (though I've been an avid comic fan for a while already) develops into something more stable.


Mostly thinking up on short stories emphasizing the lighter, more humorous aspects of ME 2's dark premise. It's these feelings that will help me build a strong foundation as I slowly venture into more epic and dramatic genres of fiction.

I'd like to publish stories just to help me exercise my writing and storytelling skills, but will always do my best to keep it all high-quality. I'm gearing towards a style suited for short stories. And I love reviews like cheesecake.

For the foreseeable future at least, I'm planning on making stories that generally target a smaller market than usual (e.g. Shepard/Tali or Shepard/Garrus), with exceptions if I have an idea coming that just needs to be written. That also means I might dabble with the less written aspects of normal characters, like Jack being more sensitive or EDI being less, uh, robot-y.

I'll include some lines or situations from other stories - with permission and citation, of course - in order to construct a unifying sense of metareading among the huge pile of stories. I hope it will at least entertain a few readers. Of course, I'll try to borrow themes to add a sense of nostalgia, but I'm not trying to create a coherent Universe. Okay, maybe a Multiverse...

For plot devices, I really want to build on some stuff that the ME-verse has, like using Volus, Elcor, and/or Hanar characters for slapstick comedy.

Ongoing Projects:

The Misadventures of Subject Zero - I'm currently working on the second plot arc of this humorous but touching portrayal of Jack and Shepard's ongoing relationship post-ME2.

On the Liberating Effects of Alcohol - This story stars a distinctly different type of John Shepard than most people are accustomed to. He's accomplished what he did, survived what he has, due to pure mental and logical prowess. He lives life like a gigantic Chess game, with thousands of players whose moves he constantly evaluates and plans for. It's lonely at the top, though. During the celebration after the Collector offensive, he sees a chance to speak his mind for the first time. Just not in a way he anticipated.

Update, 11-21-2012: Stormstruck - A BM/WW story. Notable for being my debut in this field of fanfics, as well as my debut making a story with explicit sexual content in it. Trying to channel my inner Grant Morrison where appropriate, and to steer clear of the stereotypical "Diana's an innocent princess and Bruce is a brooding playboy with issues" characterization. They're both strong-willed, confident characters, and honestly want to be with each other.

Upcoming Projects/Story Ideas:

Commander Rockstar - I've been mulling it over my head, and I really would like to make a story involving John Shepard picking up a guitar and rocking out all over the galaxy. The challenge will be describing/narrating the music aspects of it, how to depict Shepard as he loses himself into the thrill of the moment of the song. Will not turn into a songfic. Blech.

The Rumor Mill - I put a severely lacking proto-chapter up once upon a time, only to pull it back down because, well, it was rushed and sucked in the tenth dimension (that's an inside joke to all us geeks; in laymen's terms, "suuuuuuuuuucked"). When I put my mind into it, however, it will be a series of short stories revolving around an inauspicious datapad possibly carrying crewmembers' deepest, darkest secrets... or maybe just pokes fun at them.

(Untitled Joker/EDI Story) - This will be an ongoing story of Joker and EDI's exploration of their relationship, and ought to be a mix of funny and heartwarming moments. I'm imagining the challenges of each character's limitations and quirks, and would also like to introduce several other characters along the way as kind of a "progress check", the first of which is a certain glorified mail checker...

(Untitled Male Shepard/Aria Story) - A short story involving Omega's "Queen" Aria T'Loak, and a complex relationship between her and the Commander. It will be dark and handle some mature themes that might throw off some, but I for one am not in the business of making sad endings or straying into depressing things. As a much more control-addicted personality, Shepard will need to break through much stronger emotional barriers than with Subject Zero. And neither will come out unscathed.

(Untitled Male Shepard/Harbinger Story) - What would be more epic than discovering that Reapers, besides the whole galaxy-genocide thing, aren't all that different from normal sentient beings? And even more, if they even have similarities in culture with us? What if Harbinger was similar to Legion in its obsession with a particular Commander? Wouldn't it be simply awesome just to imagine what a normal conversation between the two would be like if they weren't out for each other's necks, and even more shocking, if that Reaper's voice was just their species' equivalent of a much higher, feminine one among other species? I know it's really hard to sell just by my pitch; I'll try to flesh it out when I can.

Update, 11-27-2012: Some other pairing-oriented stories I want to write about (mostly DC Universe-based) are:

Batman/Hawkgirl - One lost his parents, and the other lost her whole planet. GL did say he wanted to refuse to be destiny's puppet, and the way he actively tries to pursue Mari despite Shayera's advances makes him come off as a bit of a jerk. How would a bat and a hawk regard one another?

Batman/Harley Quinn - Widely regarded to be the most sane of the "criminally insane", how long would it take for a rational mind to become disillusioned with her misguided love for a being of pure chaos? And how would it affect her outlook on his polar opposite, and ultimate counterpart?

Robin/Raven/Starfire - There's no question who the canonical couple in this group is, but what if Dick just wasn't as appreciative of bubbly, mirthful girls, and found a more willing and fitting companion elsewhere?

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