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Author has written 7 stories for Love Hina, Misc. Anime/Manga, and Harry Potter. name: "Murto"
Other Nicknames: Dave, Dodgy, Mad Max and Pollux
Real Name: Dave Murton
Sex: Male
DOB: 24th August
Hair: Blonde, straight hair.
Eyes: Blue
Age: 19
Height: 195cm
Weight: About 66kg
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Cleaner / Student
What he does: Music and Secondary Education Student at uni

Favourite Music: Cat Empire, Hilltop Hoods, White Stripes, A Skills and Crafty Cuts, Panjabi MC, The Avalanches, Muse. I really dig alot of stuff played on "Triple J" (Aussie Alternative Radio Station) and I'm also mad for Jazz, Dance and Techno.

Favourite Anime: in no order; Love Hina, Full Metal Panic (Season 2 is the best), Psychic Academy, Nadesico,Excel Saga, Puni Poemi, Naruto...I love funny stuff... and TENJOU TENGE! WHICH IS THE BEST! sigh It's gonna be a while before I can buy the Dvd's though, it's that new it is...

Favourite Food: Meat pie, Steak, Mashed Spuds, Lasagne, MEXICAN FOOD! Gotta love Nachos, Tacos and Burritos. Pot noodle and pasta are good too. MANGOS! Fresh from Bowen in Nth Queensland, Mmmm...

Favourite Grog: Carlton Cold (Beer), Vodka, sometimes my mates' homebrew Cider. XXXX beer is good, VB is okay, Fosters is shit.

Favourite Not-grog: Tea, Water, Softdrink

Favourite Past-time: Drinking with mates, bowling, uni, playing music, movies, Anime (before I go to work usually), Fanfiction as of the late last year. Ooh, and LANs with my 30 PC :)

Favourite TV: Fat Pizza, Red Dwarf, South Park, Monty Python ones and alot of other Aussie comedy stuff you've never heard of...

Favourite Movies: LotR, Harry Potter, Fat Pizza Movie, Quentin Tarentino movies and the RED DWARF MOVIE (when it comes out) :(

Favourite Games: Unreal Tournament 1, Tony Hawk 2, The Sims and Operation Flashpoint. When I'm borrowing someone elses faster computer I like to kick people's asses in Mechwarrior 4, Call of Duty and Rise of Nations. I love to play C&C Generals and Delta Force;Black Hawk Down, though I suck at both of them.

Car: A beasty little 3 speed Holden Gemini

Training: Have a blue belt in judo. I have also taught myself (rather well I might add) to fight with an array of makeshift melee weapons.

Favourite Barehand technique: Kicking and a few Judo throws.

Favourite Animal Style: Open-handed Crane, though people recommend I should learn the Praying Mantis one...

Favourite Melee Weapon: Bowstaff or Quarter Staff

Favourite Ranged Weapon: M1 Garand, great accuracy, good power, fast rate of fire (for a rifle). Only disadvantage is you cant reload mid-clip and when you do reload it goes "PING!", which is actually kinda cool.

Favourite Misc Weapon: Probably a teleporter or failing that lots of Smoke Grenades.

Active Author Power: In self-inserts the character "Murto" is able to call on the Author for aid in the form of an ACME Author-space Alteration Marker.

Passive Author Power: If you count writing self-inserts that get me involved in the most retarded situations ever, than put me down for that...

If you were an Anime character, who would you be:
I reckon I'm closest to Izumi (from Nadesico) with a bit of Seifer (Final Fantasy 8) thrown in. My personality will usually switch from one extreme to the other, and I reckon I look alot like Seifer (disregarding the scar of course). Plus Kitsune's Alcoholism!

Favourite Anime Characters:
Myuu sometimes spelt Mew (Psychic Academy); Narusegawa (Love Hina); Ryoko, Izumi and Hikaru (Nadesico). Kitsune (LH) 'cuz she's an Alcoholic and a cunning bitch, Kanako (LH) because she's pure EVIL, and last but no least RURI (Nadesico). The entire cast of Naruto, Azumanga and Tenjou Tenge. Osaka is my favourite Azumanga character though.

Type of drunk: I'm the type of drunk who puts Kobayashi (from Puni Puni Poemi) to shame.

Best Bud: I haven't made many great friends in Author-space yet

Arch Nemesis: Nor have I made many enemies, but I plan on doing so. Mwahahahahaaaaaa...

What's he up to: So far I have 5 projects...

It Could only get worse - I'm in the middle of a 3 part bit. It's a comedy, my first FanFic as well. I'm thinking of ending it 2 or 3 chapters after the party is resolved, or when uni starts again in March. Which ever comes first.

Anime in UNDER a Minute: I was gonna give these to Kebinu to add to his next installment, then I thought "No! They're MY PRECIOUSSSSSS!". I'll add more if I get my hands on more Anime, but I probably wont be able to until uni starts.

Love vs Hina: A CTF Fic
My latest Fic that involves the LH crew playing CTF. It actually has
a bit of a plot. Really funny, imagine Shinobu with a shotgun or Mutsumi trying to make a 'war face' a la Full Metal Jacket.

Ara ara - Random Skit Thingee's
My slightly popular random skit series. Pretty funny, give it a go. You know you want to...

Hinata goes to Hogwarts - Love Hina / Harry Potter XOver
Pro'lly not the best of ideas, but it'll work. Basically the Hinata gang (and myself) get letters from Hogwarts so we get whisked off into the world of witchcraft and wizardry. Meant to be really funny, and random of course :).

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