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Name: Quetzacoal

Nickname: Quetz

Genre: Lizard

Age: Classified information

Interests: reading, drawing and telling stories.

Quote: "Tell them I said something cool and cunning."

Favorite color: who cares? But blue.

Favorite animal: Puppies!

Favorite genres: romance, supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi... well almost anything except horror and drama.

Favorite movie: Cloud atlas, not perfect but i love it anyway.

Favorite anime: Magical girl lyrical Nanoha, Black clover, Rising of the shield hero, Mai Hime, Avatar the last airbender, The legend of korra, Wolf's Rain, Fairy tail, Citrus, and many more but I'm kind of lazy at the moment so I'll let it at that.

Favorite books: too many really but mainly Harry Potter, The Lord of the Ring. I don't know the English names for the others.

Favorite season: a draw between spring and winter.

Favorite ships: too many. I read many, many things really. Het or slash alike. But in all honesty I have a soft spot for yuri though.

Favorite music: mostly epic music, some pop too and rock.

Favorite favorite: I just had to write that, this word annoys me now.

Perks: I can be quite patient when I need to be, I have a habit of smiling a lot.

Flaws: A bit reclusive and often lost in my own little world, it's rather embarrassing sometimes.

A word:

- Hi there! I'm a shy reader who decided to write some, just to see how it goes. I'm not that good at it, I'm not that fluent in English but at least it is fun to write!

- On a side note, I am currently working on three other stories. Two of them are for Twilight (don't like the movies nor the books but I love Bellice, how weird is that?) and the last one is for Citrus. They won't come out in the near future though, I want to work on them before publishing anything.

- UPDATE August 2020: Hi, I am still alive. I do apologize for the small hiatus on my story Two of Diamond. The thing is, life is very complicated for me at the time (as it is for many others, I'm sure). I just wanted to reassure the few wanting to know if the story will go on. Yes, I will update the story as soon as I can, I won't abandon it, no worries. Take care everyone!

- Have a nice day!

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