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Hello, I am Bruce aka. gokart48, your humble 22 year old video game lover and college student, thanks for stopping by :)

It might come as a surprise that I actually gave you my first name, but I am generally a very open person and try to be sincere with what I say. I imagine you have come here after reading one of my 15 plus stories, and I hope you enjoyed whichever one you came from. I write for your entertainment, and hopefully I was able to put a smile on your face or bring a little joy.

About me:

I am from the United States, California.

My writing style: I come from a background with little writing experience. Everything I've done over the past two years comes from other people's feedback and through my own hard work. I may not be the best writer in the world, but I work very hard to keep it at a high standard. As I've grown, I've become very confident in my ability while at the same time I try to stay humble. Of course, suggestions and support is always welcomed because I know that there is always an opportunity for me to grow as a writer.

I am a Christian, so do not expect any demonic rituals or things to that nature in my stories that are non canon. I know religion is a touchy subject, but I promise to you that I will never pretend to be self-righteous or act like my way is best because that is the most hypocritical thing I could ever do. On a somewhat unrelated note, I enjoy history, so I strive to be both realistic and accurate with what I write. History is fascinating because of both the dark and real elements you see in it. While not always true, it is a great way to see how things work, and it makes a more interesting story than I could ever think of.

I've played video games since I was three years old and I will not be stopping any time soon. It is easier to list the systems I own because the sheer size of games I have played is very very long. Nes, N64, GC, Wii, Wii U, Gameboy Color, Advanced, DS, 3DS. PS 1, PS 2, Xbox, and PC. I also am a big baseball fan. So despite the large time I've spent in front of a screen, I am very active when it comes to sports. I was captain of my high school team, and a big Angel's fan. I have a very unhealthy obsession of the sport just like Fire Emblem Awakening.

If you want to know more than please feel free to PM me. I enjoy talking to other people because I get to share someone's experience of life that I have not had a chance to see.

Writing for success and fun.

Hello everyone. This section is intended for people interested on developing their writing skills, or seeking tips in the middle of their writing process. I'll be sharing some of my experiences writing and some of the common problems I faced starting out. If you ever feel like you have a question or something you can add then please drop me a PM so I can add it to the list.

#1 How to get started into the writing process

Before even putting your ideas to paper, there are two big things that will determine how successful you will be in writing, and how committed you are to your project. One of the most critical things you have to ask yourself before anything else is why do you want to write? This answer can vary greatly, but it ultimately defines and shapes your writing experience. For me, Awakening and FE 7 left a major impact on me. More so than any other games in my life and it became an obsession of mine. I genuinely liked these games and to this day I still have very fond memories of them. It is because I have such a great passion for these games that I am still here two and a half years later.

The second question you have to ask yourself is, what is your definition of success? This is what defines your will power to press forward when you don't want to write. Is it fame, favorites, follows, or glory? If so, then chances are you won't be around for long. Especially if you expect a quick success story. While everyone has a different view on what success is, keep in mind that this is your biggest motivator when you are feeling a case of writer's block. Also beware the consequences of using numbers like reviews count or favorites per chapter as a measure of your success. Because if you do not reach the mark, you will find your motivation drop significantly. Ultimately, you want to think about this question very carefully, because if you have any intentions of creating a multi-chapter story, then you are going to need to find some long term motivation to draw upon. So ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish, and how realistic are your goals?

#2 Mistakes.

Trust me, you are going to make mistakes. A lot of them. Be it plot points not connecting, bad pacing, poor grammar, or just a bland narrative. As a writer I have experienced all of these, sometimes all at once, and it was incredibly frustrating for me because I wanted my story to flow naturally. Yet, there is a lot to learn, and unfortunately many of it is through trial and error. It is very much a learning process, and if you are lucky you will get a few nice people in the review section to help you out during the trialing stages of your writing. The best thing you can do is keep an open mind, and be prepared to work at improving. One of the things I did to improve was write one-shots with a specific goal in mind. In some of my one-shots my goal was to practice dialogue, and in others it was description. Radiant Owain being a perfect example of me trying to capture attention to detail

It takes a lot of time an effort. There is no easy solution, rather you adapt to feedback you get and ask yourself the hard questions. You might also want to look at other writers and see the structure they use. Don't copy them, but look at multiple stories and see that it is easier to read a small paragraph of 6-8 lines then it is a 1000 word full block of text (You'd be surprised how often this happens). Or that maybe you don't need to state that you do not own the franchise ... No matter what you choose to do, know that the more you ask yourself about your writing, the more you think critically to solve the potential problems in your way.

#3 Characters.

With writing, it is difficult to find that balance between a quality character or a running gag character that has a few known traits, who always reminds people of his traits. Especially in video games, characters don't get a lot of screen time, so they have to stress their eccentric qualities more than normal to stand out. So it can be easy to fall into the tendency to make one of the more pronounced qualities they have become the main theme of their entire character. But that doesn't translate well when you try to show more depth to them. The more complex a character is, the more you have to take into account. Chrom would spare someone under condition A, but not under condition B, and his actions would be entirely different under condition C. It's that depth that makes characters memorable, but at the same time it is much more difficult to show that depth, especially for new writers. When you are out of ideas, then you fall back to their default stereotype.

So remember, we as humans are complex creatures. We do not know the script or the plot ahead of time, and our actions are defined by our core inner beliefs and the context of the situation. If you believe you have to violate a character's key moral code to explain a plot point, then the chances are your character is now just there for exposition. If a character is forced to turn a blind eye, or intentionally ignore something because it makes the scene easier to explain, then realize that the quality and integrity behind that character is lost.

For instance, let's say I want to write a very emotional scene. It involves a character struggling because he is very self conscious about himself. In order to show this, I have his friends, who are never mean to him, suddenly become mean to him... This is bad. Unless you truly have a legitimate reason for his friend suddenly becoming jerks, then you are just going through the motions. Rather, ask yourself why his friends are being mean? Does it make sense for them to be mean? How much emphasis are you placing on poor timing and "bad luck." Because as a writer you should be aware that there is no such thing as "luck" when it comes to plot points. Rarely should it ever be used as an excuse to progress the plot either. And most importantly, never make supporting characters insensitive, just for convenience. Because like your main protagonist, (good) supporting character have complex thoughts and emotions as well. They are not there just to be there. Rather, they also hold many values and moral codes that define who they are.

(Work in progress)

It doesn't matter if 1 person or 500 people read my stories. What matters is that I have the opportunity to improve someones day. Because if I could make someone smile for just a second, or make someone laugh. Then my job is complete.

As always my friend. Whether it be dawn or dusk. Have a wonderful day.

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Every time he looks at them, he sees happiness stolen. Every time she looks at them, she sees an opportunity she never took. But neither want to hurt their best friend or the person they hold most dear. When all one has is a broken heart and a person to relate to, do feelings grow or does a future child grow in a broken family. Rated T for usual T stuff. AvatarxCordelia
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Through the Ages reviews
The shepherds fought through a world that their children would thankfully never have to see. Friendships were made, many couples were formed, and a curious five-year-old Lucina got to hear all her parents heroic deeds with great delight. Little did she know that her own story was about to begin with a mysterious new guest.
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Sometimes life has its own little pleasant surprises. Moments that are not always remembered, but leave a lasting legacy even when they are never told. It is these moments that make life so special, and they prove to be a light when things otherwise might seem dark. For Robin and Lucina especially, they try to capture as many of them as they can, with Morgan not far behind.
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Besieged by war, famine, and decay, a once strong merchant kingdom collapsed in on itself after Validar let the country's old wounds rot and fester. In the aftermath of the king's death, its citizens faced the reality that there would be no hero destined to save them. No prophecy, royal heir, or tactician would be there to help. Only a fool.
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