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Pyro Dragon and Ice Lynx, here; making joint creations that we will glady put up all de time!

To flamers of The Terrible Two, from Ice Lynx



Holy Shit, you people really don't like Lynx do ya? Nor do you have a sense f humour it seems.

Alright, note one; the sentenials are NOT going to destroy my character

Note Two; This is a humor fic, huuuuullO? it's not seroius.

Note Three; I really get pissed off when ppl call my characters Mary Sues, because thier fave X Men characters are also Mary sues. Please, am I the only one who understands that?

And why the hell is everyone mad at Lynx? She's a damn character just like EVERY OTHER PERSON IN EVERY OTHER FIC and I know that more people than not actually like reading stories where something is going on besides the overly-used formula story the Xmen are in trouble oh my god they're about to die when some lucky thing happens and they ALWAYS catch the bad guy and the bad guy dies and the good guys win and everyone is happy and skips through medows of flowers singing lalala.

Please, I get flames for every single story I write that that doesn't happen.

NEWS FLASH you ppl are really ticking me off, and as Pyro's creator, I don't get this ticked off that easily. I have a character, and if you can't respect her or me or my story than go bite yourselves on the ankle and die, there are way too many critics as it is without snot-nosed kids judging work that other ppl have taken the time and care to put up for ppl who actually HAVE a sense of humor.

if anyone wants to be an ass about this you can express your opinion to me in an e-mail, which you can find here-

I think that's all have to say right now, other than how would you like it if I totally went after YOUR characters when you've worked to write? Writing well isn't easy, and firmatting, spelling, all of that is even harder. maybe you ppl sould show a little respect.

That's all I have to say right now, thank you for your time .

-Ice Lynx (Individual Account - Ice lynx)

And for no reason, I'm gonna put up my best quote (this is mine).

"We're not people, we're teenagers." -Ice Lynx (Individual Account - Pyrodragon78)

Wow, it looks like IceLynx has expressed her feelings.

I think it is real low of all you ppl to come and just diss Lynx's character, so what if she goes around being crazy and attacking people for now reason for godsakes shes a teenager with powers! What do u think shes gonna do sit around and watch teletubbies!? I dont think so! I mean c'mon lets get real here ppl.
and before you diss it read the WHOLE story not just the first chapter, it will make more sense as u go on.

Newayz, here are some random qoutes!

"Just because you followed us home from the zoo does NOT mean you can talk to us."

"Here in the big city when you change infront of a window, your not just amusin the sheep."

"I think its that point in time in our friendship, when you need to realize... we dont have one."

"Keep staring.. I might do a trick."

"You ugly people are nice and all, but ya gotta go."

"Jeez would you stop callin ur self stupid... ur gonna ruin it for everyone else."

"Hey that wasn't funny your grounded till menopause!"
"Whos Yours or mine?"
"Your fathers"

"What ever happened to ghandi?'
"Oh didn't you hear, he married that little orphan, anne. They're hoping for a kid with eyes"

"Well if you were a tornado would u want to come to this house?"

"Oh its so exciting around here. Will dad get his last cup of coffee?"
"Will mom get off the sofa by noon?"
"Will you kids get the hell outta my house!?"

"Check his pulse"
"He's dead"
"Check again!"
"He's dead, I know how to count to zero!"

"We fed him once and he kept comin back"

"Go get darlene"
"Oh its nice to know we have an intercom"

During a hurricane*
"Hey i gotta go to my friends house and tell her im not coming"
"Oh wait until her house flys by ours, than you can tell her

"I'd like to visit reality, but I wouldn't want to live there"

"School gives you knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. I am learning how to be corrupt."

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