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IF you do have ANYTHING to ask me, personally, or about the story or just a comment, PLEASE SEND IT TO MY TUMBLR PAGE AS AN ASK OR MESSAGE. I would LOVE to answer questions or respond to comments, I want to fill that page up with them! Fanart too! You can do it as an anonymous viewer too! THANK YOU! I mean you can do it here too, but it would be nice to fill my dashboard with it since I started the story there.

If you wanna check out the tumblr page for Bedbones, please look for bedbonesunderbed . tumblr

The Storys are under my nav in chapter list, also any fanart, asks and the summery is placed there.

Questions comments concerns puns flirts, leave em below or on my tumblr.

Thanks guys :) Memes are my inspiration (also music...)

For those of you interested in my current, BedBones story, I want to give you a brief outline of whats going on like I did on my tumblr...sorta.

Basically BedBones is a story about Frisk as they tumble into the underground by accident after reaching for a pencil from under their bed.

A large magical land filled with monsters live in the underground that watch over the children of the surface, making sure they grow up strong without them knowing of the monsters existence.

Sans is Frisk's guardian monster and has been watching over them for a few years now, when suddenly Frisk decided to plop down for a visit.

In an unfortunate turn of events Frisk finds them self wandering around aimlessly in the labyrinth of the underground without their guardian.

[I plan on continuing this story to the end. Its a long one and has yet to reach the major climax. I have so many ideas for it, I want to make sure I stretch them properly over the course of writing it without too many bumps. I DO PLAN, on answering the basic questions of the underbed au, such as, how did sans get his job, what is Frisks life like, whos good, bad, how the entire system of who gets what kid works, who is in charge of various duty's ect ect. I ALSO plan on bringing SUSPENSE DRAMA and all that jazz into the mix. YOU WILL GET THAT FUZZY BED AU FEELING THAT YOU WANT! I just like to start stories off with lots of drama, but we will get to the cozy feels shortly. Please stay tuned and enjoy the ride. Thanks.


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BedBones (Undertale Au) reviews
Frisk drops their pencil under their bed while writing a letter to Santa. At an attempt to find the pencil, Frisk crawls beneath their bed in hopes of retrieving it however they find themselves plummeting into a rather large hole on top of an unsuspecting skeleton. (Doesn't follow the set story or map of undertale, but does contain similarities) Drama Darkness and Cute stuff.
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The Family of Undertale together to enjoy the human tradition of Thanks Giving. Just a quickie and happy story for those who need it :) Enjoy!
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