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"A best friend will be the person who will bail you out from jail. A good friend is the person sitting in the cell next to you saying 'Hell, that was fun!"

I am another Aussie girl (yes... we are out there)! But I'm not usual Aussie girl.. why... well, i don't know why, I'm just not. We got a new girl to our class (yes, for those who care I go to an all girls school in Sydney - now you just have to guess which - It's on the North Shore, that narrows it down... a bit...) and comes from England and yesterday it was 30 degrees celcius which is like 90 degrees for the people who go by the other system, and she said that it was her hottest day ever.

And we haven't even hit SPRING - she'll die when it comes to summer! (WORD OF WARNING: Those of you thinking of visiting Australia, come in Winter (June, July, August) Cause otherwise you'll get to hot! (plus there is a drought which means that there is less restrictions in Winter)

Well, do you like my rambling? That's all for now..