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Author has written 28 stories for RWBY, Steven Universe, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Descendants, 2015, Loud House, and Harry Potter.

Age: 26

Occupation: Student

Status: Married

Secondary Occupation: Beta/Critic

Fair Warning: If you are reading this, you might have missed the Poll I usually have posted at the top of my profile. Feel free to be a voice for the voiceless.

PLEASE NOTE: I have approximately five (make that three this year) non-consecutive weeks to get any and all fics I want to write, written, beta'd, and posted. At the end of those I go to school. Anyone who has been in college pursuing higher degrees will tell you that there is nothing 'simple' about college. I want to write. Sometimes I need to write. However, school comes first. In the same way as when I was in the Corps full time and work took me away from my computer, school comes first. I want to provide you guys something to read, but I want to eat, and I want my lovely wife not to divorce me for being a leech. Because of this, I may give a tentative date for publishing and it may sail by. Please be understanding. If you cannot be, please use the handy little button in the upper right.


I am by no means an artist, and I will (many times) use screenshots from the show/book that I am working from. IF YOU SEE YOUR ARTWORK (because I do use google in this day and age) LET ME KNOW! PLEASE! A lot of what I find goes to Pinterest to a random person who is talking about how great the piece they found is. I don't know enough about Pinterest to find where these things come from, but I am more than willing to credit you if you are willing to let me use your art! If you do not want your art associated (in any way) with one of my pieces, please let me know so I can change it!

I am here to poke holes in your plots and point out exactly how many terrible grammar mistakes you make, all while applauding you for originality, laughing at your (good) jokes, and rolling my eyes at cliches. I leave critiques, not reviews. I do my best to find every little thing that could be improved. I try very hard not to troll or flame and I am careful to give advice, not just burn down an author for my own amusement. That said, I speak my mind and should no way be considered the be all end all opinion of your average reader.

I am also a part time beta. I work with a few other authors on this site who (until they bother to tell you about me) shall remain nameless. I'm more than willing to look over a chapter if you want me to. Don't expect an immediate response though; I'm afraid my job keeps me in and out of wifi/data range for months on end.

I do have an AO3 account. Same name, different psudes (plural) though. I keep it for anything raunchy I might decide to write, and keep both sides updated as I can.


Percy Jackson

For anyone who was paying attention, I did have an OC centric PJO fanfiction series I was working on. Was, unfortunately, is the operative word. As of right now the series is dead. While I have enough notes to pawn it out to someone else, I don't see it ever being rewritten or up for adoption any time soon. With the release of the fifth and final book in the HOO series, my muse died due to Riordan's apparent lack of caring for his own characters. PM me if you want a full rant.

The morbidly curious can find it on my AO3. Fair warning, I would not wish reading that on my worst enemy.

Harry Potter

I have a Harry Potter fanfiction that's slowly moving toward completion, with a tentative publish date of "soon" TM. So... maybe sometime before 2035? The premise is a Carmen Sandiego style chase, with our main character (Harry) as a bit of a James Bond. It's going to be full of double entendres, spies, traitors, and Quidditch!
Working Title: Where in the World is Harry Potter?

I also have a one-shot that I need to end.
Like literally, I just need a resolution.
Working title: BAMF Luna.

As for another one...rumors surrounding a Wizards of Waverly Place crossover are mere whispers in the wind and I don't have three chapters already written of a potential fic.

Miraculous Ladybug

Ah yes, Devil May Care. The piece I started writing a while ago.
It's not dead, I promise. It is, however, looking a bit beat up.
I have yet to get a sustained beta for ML (unfortunately) and my work unbeta'd is... horrific to say the least. (Give me someone else's work and I shine. My own not so much.) My RWBY beta is watching the show (ML) now, so I might have a beta again soon, and while she did eventually get her Pharm. D, she is also one of the most brilliant people I know. She may have ended up as the lead pharmacist in a hospital straight out of school, though I obviously won't say for sure to protect her identity. That said, she's somehow even busier than before, and concequently I'm not counting my Akuma before I have the Miraculous.'

I imagine that if/when I release the ML one-shot (Working Title: Guilty Conscience) I've got lazing about my desk, you can expect an update to DMC. Not that that will guarantee consistent updates of course.


For anyone who's been following my work with the Muse, the chase continues.

Thus far she hasn't bothered to give me an ending to any of my longer pieces but has handed me way too many new fics, one of which (Working Title: First Impressions) will almost definitely have more than one chapter. Humor, Nuts and Dolts, and a bit of fun. Good, clean, fun.

There's the mere suggestion of a new crack fic as well, now that "Another RWBY Fic" has been finished and posted. This new piece (Working Title: RWBY Melodies) is not in any way in progress, and may never actually see the light of day. Nor is there any sort of timetable on it. If it is posted, it will be in single, self-contained, chapters.

And, um... well I do have another piece... I know, I know! I should maybe finish the rest I have, please put down the pitchforks and torches! They're burney and pokey and HURT!

My last one shot is an AU idea my beta Aer gave me. For anyone who hasn't read her Robin/Raven fics, what are you doing reading this? Go find her on AO3 and see what real writing is! After giving me a piece of hers to beta (which she then posted) I found myself desiring to write a Team RWBY Secret Agent AU, (Working Title: Certainty of Death, Small Chance of Success) Gen, Action, maybe some Humor, no planned romance (but who knows with my muse...ugh). Please feel free to blame the beta.

My larger projects keep getting bigger and bigger, and I'm afraid there's not much to say on the first one without giving away a hefty plot point or six. My Beta's favorite (Working Title: That's me in the Corner; That's me in the Spotlight) is...bigger than it was supposed to be. Much bigger.

Spotlight is still in progress. There's been a minor hiccup with the muse having a bit of a schizophrenic episode over what she wants to happen, but I'm sure she'll straighten herself out any day now...

Any. Day. Now.

As for Rumors of a fic with the Working Title: Buttercup, there are no substance to them and no one should expect any sort of Princess Bride/RWBY crossovers under any circumstances.

Much less two slightly different ones.


Working Title: Sunset has officially ended, but while the fic is nearing completion, the story of The Huntress Queen is only beginning.

Sunset was originally going to be a single stand alone piece, and then Yang had a mental breakdown, the author got curious, the world expanded, and the whole darn thing went crazy The next thing I knew I had eight assorted fics in progress telling a story that spans over a half-decade; and is still going. As of right now, I have two complete works (Working Titles: Dawn and Daybreak) as well as a couple spin-offs that wouldn't get out of my head. The spin-offs will be posted after their fics are completed and posted in their entirety, while the full story (unlike the Four Corners series) will not begin to be published until the first half of the series is complete at least.

My next sequential project in The Huntress Queen series (Working Title: Two Huntresses and a Baby) is in its infancy and will take some time to get built up, never mind polished to the point I like. After that, the next fic (Working Title: Shakespeare) will have to be complete before the Sunset can be posted for reading.

The next half is in pre-production, with the next three fics after Sunset (Working Titles: Dusk, Twilight, and Midnight) holding little more than a few notes and a couple scenes.

Fair Warning, The Huntress Queen series will feature Freezerburn, an approach I haven't seen with Blake, and Ruby actually doing the job she signed up for.

The Four Corners Four Keystones series is (after nearly two years of working on it less than I'd like) back on Hiatus. If you're reading this befor I've finished uploading The Foil, Don't Worry! The Foil is in fact complete, and will be posted in it's entirety before the end of August 2023! You have my word. Working Title: The Day Without the Sun is in slow progress, (though not in any meaningful way) and will be posted (upon completion) eventually. I have one in between that I need to get writing, but as there is no ink on the paper, there is also no working title yet. Hopefully it will take less than three years for me to finish though! There are only two spin-offs (directly) that will be posted after the entire series is complete.

Please don't ask me why I write spin-off's faster than the main story. I still don't know.

For anyone curious about The Foil's epilogue, it will be posted when the next fic is ready to go- though please be aware that the story itself will always be complete before I post an epilogue.

RosarioVampire, Madoka crossover.

This is my lazy project; I have a little under 7.5k words written. This probably won't be out for many years- if I'm honest, not until I retire.

Written works:


As the muse survives, so I work.

Cooking, Cookies, and Crescent Rose- Beta was cooking things... the muse grabbed some words and ran. Ergo I wrote it.

Cougar- Who doesn't love a good 'morning after' fic? Blake and Ruby are far too much fun to play off each other; Ergo I wrote it.

Emotion In Motion- An excuse to ship Blake with everybody. No idea why it was in my head, but it wouldn't let me sleep until it was on paper; Ergo I wrote it.

Endure the Darkness- A few people asked about Weiss and Yang during the events of Choose Your Nightmares. This is their story, as demanded by my muse; Ergo I wrote it.

Forget About The Dime- Genkiafan is an awesome author. Please read their stuff. It inspired me; Ergo I wrote it.

Faded Rose Petals- In Memorial of Gunnery Sergeant P. USMC.

Faithful Friend- My muse left this idea in my head when I wasn't looking. Ergo I wrote it

Family- Characters are very ooc, and if the story seems contrived, you should know it's not. I just needed to work through some things, and writing this has given me some closure IRL. I apologize, but this was a bit serious for me.

I'm Cooking- It popped into my head. It wouldn't leave. Erego I wrote it.

Illusions of Sleep- A much darker piece than Nightmares, the muse kept adding to it, and changing characters. It resembles a ladybug match. I don't know why. It certainly isn't meant as one. I liked the idea of Ruby helping her teammates. Ergo I wrote it.

Just another RWBY Fic- Ever since I read Multiverse by Bobmin I wanted to write my own crack fic. It's terrible, Ergo I wrote it.

The Linchpin- The first of the Four Keystone series. Ruby fell in the prologue, and the world is a poorer place without her. It was the brainchild for the Four Keystone series, Ergo I wrote it.

The Foil- The second of the Four Keystone series. Weiss fell in the prologue, and the world is a different place without her. It was a continuation of the Four Keystone series, Ergo I wrote it.

Mistakes- It popped in my head. I like the two as a couple. Ergo I wrote it.

Patriots- This just...needed to get out of my head. No Apologies.

Prologue: The Final Moments- This is the prologue to all the Four Keystone series. Not required to be read, but it gives some background. It slipped into my head in the middle of 2019, Ergo I wrote it.

Sooooo...- Um, yeah. No real defense here. I blame the muse, she gave it to me while I was working through some other issues (specifically from 'Family'). If you must know it spawned from Family.

Simple Misunderstanding- Because there's nothing like poking fun at soap opera drama. I love laughing (and cringing) at soap operas. Ergo I wrote it.

You Don't Get to Choose Your Nightmares- A rabid plot bunny that spawned from Illusions of Sleep. Ironically I wrote it faster than the one that spawned it.

Steven Universe

I really have no idea how this came to be. I blame the muse.

Price of a Life- I wrote this between the hours of one and five am. PT the next morning was awful. I don't know how it got legible. I praise my Beta(s) for that miracle.

Miraculous Ladybug

If I had a nickle for how often my muse goes to Tahiti without me every time I start working on this...I could probably afford to go with.

Akuma Talk- An overactive imagination with a connection to Freud.

Devil May Care- My large foray into the fandom. 90% written. 25% Beta'd. 30% Posted.

Over My Head- A different take on 'what if Alya got the earrings?"


Betas are wonderful people. They're patient, rude, and helpful. Usually. Until they return your Muse with a different idea then she had before.

Greatest Victory- A one shot that explores the fact that Mal is a freaking half-fae, half-god. Through her mother.

The Loud House

I have not written anything for this. Oh, it's under my works? I suppose... no. Blame the muse, and pray to whatever you do (or don't) believe in that she never takes control like that again.

Silent Halls- A fanfic to immortal starscream's The Lard House which I highly recommend. Not cannon to his work. Just something I wrote in the middle of the night.

Additional Works

Hammer and The Anvil- The catchall for most fics that are older than an ever-changing arbitrary number. I'm going to post it here...eventually. When I find time. is nice, but the ease of adding chapters just...isn't.

Between The Lightning- Ouch. It's on my AO3, and it's every bit as cringe as it sounds.

Summary Suggestions:

The hardest things to write, Summaries are the single most critical thing you will ever do on this site (after, of course, making an account).

Never, ever, write the words "I suck at summaries." If you say you can't write a summary, I am already doubting your ability to write a story. (So even if your summary sucks, publish it with confidence.) Depending on the fic, you may want to consider using a first or second person point of view in the summary. (Yes I said second, yes it is possible.) Settings make for excellent summaries. Describing your setting can help draw readers in. Self-reflection/in- character reflection can be a good summary.

It is your job to make me want to read your fanfics. Making me want to read them before I've even opened them is a good start.

My Fanfiction Notes: What I like when I'm not out being a critic.

I'm a Harmony shipper through not exclusively.

Phinbella is my only OTP.

A good clean crack! fic is my favorite thing in life.


Pet Peeves:

Anonymous Reviews: AO3's ghastly invitation mechanic aside, there is no reason you can't log in here and leave me your thoughts. If you don't have the confidence to sign your name, don't expect me to keep you around. If you absolutely can't create an account, then I'm sorry, most of my stories are probably a bit more mature than you should be reading. As of writing this I'm grandfathering in all anon reviews. After this, I'm deleting it if it's provocative in any manner. Log in, and put your name to your opinion. I'll respect you all the more, keep you around, and respond. Keep in mind though, if it's flat out insulting/trolling I'm not going to waste either of our time.

Flamers: By and large the bane of my existence, flamers and trolls are my biggest annoyances. Being unable to offer advice and suggestions they seem to think that fanfiction is based solely off of how good you write according to their (often narrow-minded) rules, and will often get annoyed because the story they just read didn't match their expectations... even though what they disliked was in the summary. (Or one of the funniest I got, was the entire premise of the fic.) The problem is, when they chase off an author they cut into my reading pool. That is unacceptable. If you don't like a fic, there's a handy little button in the upper left hand corner that will solve your problem.

For now those are my only ones, though I'm sure that as the world turns I'll gain a couple more.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin by The Sinister Man reviews
Harry Potter was Sorted into Slytherin after a crappy childhood. His brother Jim is believed to be the BWL. Think you know this story? Think again. Year Four starts on 9/1/20. NO romantic pairings prior to Fourth Year. Basically good Dumbledore and Weasleys. Limited bashing (mainly of James).
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