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K, so I hate it when people bash other people's fics. It's so annoying! And unesserary! I think if you don't like it don't comment! Of course I do think it's ok to say something like, "Ah, not the best but it was ok," or "I didn't really get it," If you HAVE to post your oppinion, just be polite!

About My Fics:

So about my fics, um, I like all my fics! (duh, they're mine lol) Basically I have mostly romance, but in every fic I've ever written they're's at least one thing funny in it. Also, I hate sad endings so you can be assured that all my fics will have a happy ending:) Also, my style is probably differen't from most fics, in differen't fics that I make I might use the same phrases or whatever in another. I don't read much so there might not be a WHOLE lot of description in my fics, just enough for you to get the idea, I hate millions of paragraphs that describe something! I think it's annoying. My stories just get right to the point in each chapter.

~I Struggle With..~

I struggle with, descritions of places, or things, fighting, sometimes romance, making people talk too much, and going over board.

I also struggle with rape (Night Stalker) and try to have VERY LITTLE detail becuase rape is just wrong, and I can't believe people describe that stuff so much in depth! It's horible!


I DO NOT write about sex, yaoi or yuri, unhappy ending stories, or incest.

~Favorite Pairings~

~Inuyasha ~ Kikyo/Inuyasha Sesshoumaru/Rin (Older) Koga/Ayame Miroku/Sango

~Sonic~ Sonic/Amy Shadow/Amy Shadow/Maria Shadow/Blaze Tikal/Knuckles

~Fruits Basket~ Kyo/Torho

~ Shamon King~ Anna/Yoh

~One Piece~ Nami/Luffy Nami/Zoro Usopp/Kaya

~ Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time~ Maria/Fayte Albel/Nel Cliff/Mirage

~ Legend Of Zelda~ Link/Zelda Link/Sheik

~ Kim Possible~ Kim/Ron Shego/Drakken

~ Kingdom Hearts~ Kairi/Sora Kairi/Riku

~ Legend Of The Dragoon~ Dart/Rose Meru/Dart Meru/Lloyd

~Final Fantasy 7~ Aeris/Cloud Vincent/Yuffie

~Final Fantasy 8~ Rinoa/Squall

~Final Fantasy 10~ Tidus/Yuna Tidus/Riku

~Digimon ~ Matt/Sora Sora/Tai T.K/Karii

~Teen Titans~ Raven/Beast Boy Raven/Robin Starfire/Robin Terra/BeastBoy

~Pokemon~ Mewtwo/Mew(female) Ash/Misty Jesse/James

~Danny Phantom~ Danny/Sam



Behind The Mask: I wrote this fic when I was like 12, at first it was mostly funny stuff, cuz' hey I was only 12, then I added romance and stuff, and it became more serous when I came back to it later. It's a pretty good fic, I'll admitt the ending is weak, but I was loosing interest with the Kirby anime because they had taken it off 4Kids. ( 4 stars)

Cat's Don't Dance 2 Maxs' Revenge: I had never seen this movie until one day I spotted it at Wal-Mart I had some money and I didn't know what to buy so I thought, what the heck! After I watched I really liked it! This fic is very funny, probably not the best of the best though since I was just starting fanfics. I have currently lost interest and I am unsure if I will ver finish it. (3 stars)

The Mysterous Winged Hedgehog: I can't recall the orignal name of this, this fic is one of my best, I really don't understand why no one commented after chapter 14. O.O (4 and a half stars)

Hope For A Dying Universe : A better fic, this one is pretty good, but I currently have writers block. (4 stars)

The Star Wars INSANE Talk Show: Brought on by boredom, it's VERY funny but random. It doesn't make sence half the time lol (4 stars)

Maybe Just Maybe He'll Hold Me In His Arms..: Very cute, very Romantic, short though. (4 stars)

So You Think You Can Dance: Brought on by the show. I was sorta bored and had this idea but mostly I wanted to make my sister laugh. :) (4 stars)

Yoda Got Run Over By A Reindeer: My friend Sarah, and I were going through her cell phone late at night when we came across the ring tone for "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" We Had been Talking about Star Wars Earlier so, to make my sister feel better we started to sing randomly, it was pretty funny so we wrote it down and put it on FF. (4 stars)

For Who You Are And Who You Used to Be: This was orignally a song inspired by Inuyasha and Kikyo, that I made up. Later I needed a paper for school so I used this. Then I put it on FF. (My mom thought I was inlove with someone! She was so annoying!) (4 stars)

Is This My Fate? Not too long after I discovered Danny Phantom I saw a movie called, "Cursed" Even though I had it was about werewolves I still got an idea for this fic. In my oppinion I think this is Awsome! (5 stars!)

Ever Blue: It's pretty good, after I so "Kim Possible, So the Drama" I wanted to do a fic. I was inspired after I discovered an anime called, "Mermaid Melody" (3 and half stars)

Falling: I can't remember why I got really into this pairing but after I saw the "One Piece" episode where Nami is sick and Luffy climbs like a mountain to get her a doctor I was like, "Aww." So I knew I just had to write a fic! Idea's kept coming and this turned out to be one of my best fics! ( 5 stars)

Love Suicide: I started watching "One Piece" in japenese, since the dumb 4kids people took it off, and i got really into "One Piece" again and I'm like, "I GOTTA DO ANOTHER LUFFYXNAMI FIC!" I had wanted to do A LuffyXNami fic when I started falling but I never did. I also got Idea's for this after I saw "A Cinderella Story" for the third time" This is a beautiful and very romantic fic (so far) I'm hopeing all be able to continue this streak of cuteness! But if It blows I'll just make it into a One Shot. (5 stars)

Night Stalker: I wanted to do a one shot or short LuffyXNami fic but wasn't sure what to do. Before I fell asleep the one night, I kept thinking about this movie called, "Spring Break, Shark Attack" When I went to sleep I had a really creepy dream (read the fic) and made the fic a almost an exact copy of my dream (only there's less detial then my dream shiver) It was scary 2 becuase I walked past the TV and my was watching "I Love Lucy" and Ricky slipped Lucy some stuff. I was just like..."Ok...freaky..." The best thing about this one is the ending is very cute. Although I did not enjoy having someone "try" and rape Nami. (4 stars)

Obsession: "Obsession" was orignally called, "Danny Phantom Fan" it was inspired by the movie "Swim Fan" but not exactly the same. But if you look hard enough you can see some simularites. (4 stars)

Fics in Progress:

The Star Wars INSANE Talk Show: Chapter? NO IDEA'S AT THIS TIME

Hope For A Dying Universe: Currently WRITERS BLOCK

Cat's Don't Dance 2 Maxs' Revenge: LOST INTEREST

Ever Blue: Chapters? IN PROGRESS


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