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Accepting Applications: Status: Closed for the moment. Stand by.

Deliver Thy Children-An X-Men: Evolution Second Generation (and SYOC) Fic.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cYxFW_g8Q8 (First theme song. Or outro song still working on it)

1. ) Absolutely, positively no Mary-Sues, Gary Stus, or Self-Inserts allowed. EVER!: This is the number one rule to all rules. No freaky perfect Mary-Sues. Mary Sues/Gary Stus are putrid, foul creatures that are associated with over-the-top character features, such as exotic hair and eye colors, mystical or superhuman powers greater than those of the other characters, exotic pets, possessions or origins, or an unusually tragic past. Also everybody likes her and stuff, she/he/Batman can defeat Magento with one single punch and hack into a Pentagon's supercomputer in 3 seconds, with his or her eyes closed, blindfolded with no skills. Basically, they are ridiculously perfect people. Which we don't want.

So, long story short, no all perfect, all powerful, all singing Mary Sues. They make me want to strangle somebody.

2.) No characters that are relatives, sons or daughters, or anybody related to the Canon Characters. EVER!: Besides, they'll probably be a bunch of interfics that will allow that. (Even though it's supposed to be illegal. ;))

3.) Two per customer (Three if you're crazy): You can submit two characters at a time. Why? I'm asking you guys for a lot! I figure it's fair to take it easy on you. You guys probably be burnt out after writing the first character. That and I said so. Two only. Unless, if you're a masochist, feel free to throw in three. But mostly it's two by two, hands of blue. Or in other words, two per customer. While you're at it...

4.) PM only! And PM only!: After you're finish with your character, PM through my Inbox. PM only. No E-Mail. PM only. And, to be sure it's your character and you've read the rules, put "Negative, I am a meat popsicle." Why? Because what I'm doing is technically illegal and I can't use the review boards for applications. I mean I COULD do it but I don't want to risk that. That way, the roster will be a surprise and everybody will be on their toes. Well, on your toes. Well, not to me and my beta-readers. We'll be the only ones reading it and being wowed by your awesomeness of your awesome character. There we go. Moving along now.

5.) "It's just an application for the new X-Men. Aren't you going to include the bad guys?": Yeah. About that. There's a reason why I only wanted the new Xavier Students only. So I can focus on them and developed them. Basically, the first few chapters are dedicated to you guys and your characters. There will be antagonists. Some of them would show up in the story, but they'll be in the background mostly. As to which villains are going to show up, let me tell you what kind villains would be showing up; One returning team that everybody knows of, with a brand new leader! And, one brand new team that would give the X-Men a couple of headaches and a dead boy one or two, and two of the good guys becoming bad guys. And, it's possible another bad guy team will show up. Want a hint? Rhymes with Wellfare Chub.

Who WON'T be in this fic: Magento's Acolytes (That's been done over like a burnt steak to tell you the honest truth), Mister Sinister, or Apocalypse. Magento may appear, but he may be or may be a non-factor. I might change my mind on that though. But for now, let's the focus on the ones we got right now, kay? Also, if you want to go ahead do a bad guy for me, just PM me for details. The kids do NEED some practice after all...

6.) "Hare doing the Executive Meddling Thing": If you hand me your character, I might need to tweak them a bit. It would mainly be their codename and costumes, that sort of thing. That's the most I'm going to do. I'm not going to do anything major like change their personality or anything. Just the small things. But, nine times out of ten, I won't do it. I just want to throw that out there. I'll be sure to ask you guys first if I want to make changes.

7.) To make sure we're on the same page and you've read the rules, put "Negative, I am a meat popsicle." in your PM. That way, I know you read the rules and I know it's your character. And, it's A "The Fifth Element" reference. The Fifth Element is a cool movie. Check it out!

8.) Since I know this is a awfully long application, I don't have a set deadline. Take all the time you need. I'll close the application if I get all the characters I need. As for the characters I need...

9.) "The lucky number is...": Seven! Eight! I'm looking for five students for the Xavier Students. I'll expand the ranks later in the story, but for right now, I'm going to focus on seven students. If your character didn't show up, well, there's a small possibility that he or she the might wind up in the fic as a background character. Who knows, they might become the sixth ranger. Or seventh. Or Eighth. Or Ninth. Or even fucking tenth ranger! Shutting up now.

10.) There's a possibility of Body Bags (Read: Death): Don't act to surprised if heads are literally rolling. It's going to happen, but not right away. Can't have a story without at least somebody having a date without the Grim Reaper. Remember in the cartoon series where people usually get really banged up but they wind up a-okay by the end of the episode? Well, that's pretty much out the window, guys. Death, mutilations, blood, and even the remote possibility that somebody drowning in a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is pretty much in. Again, don't be surprised when somebody gets on the chopping block. Last but not least...

11.) HAVE FUN!!!!

And one last thing, guys. Even though I'm writing this monster, I just want you to know, this actually YOUR story as much as it is my. You got your fingers in the cookie jar. Be proud, good gentleman and gentlewoman. I hope I can do this story justice. Let's do this thing. We're all going to be in this together.

Once again, HAVE FUN!!!!

:Basic Information:



Age: (13 being the youngest and 24 being the oldest. Yes, college aged and have a part time job. Or going to Grad School. Whatever comes to mind. 25 is the max though.)

Theme Music: (A must! There's no negotiation with this one. I love music, so sue me.)

:Physical Appearance (Or what would a Wanted Poster would say):

Body type (Skinny, Muscular, Curvy, Fat, Average,) :
Appearance:(Note: For some, Before and after their mutation for the physically altered mutants. For the ones with Freaky-looking ones, give me a brief of what they look like if they have a Image Inducer on. You don't want to scare everybody off do ya? Also and this is for information's sake and is no way pervy or anything, but if your character is a girl, I must have her cup size. *Gets a couple strange look from everybody* It's for information! Information! Move along!)):

Hair (Color, Style, and Length):
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Distinctive marks:

:Mutant Mumbo Jumbo:

Team Affiliation: ((For right now, the first batch of OCs go the Xavier Institute and become students. But don't worry, it won't stay like that for long. *Evil laughter*))

Reason they joined whichever team:

Uniform: (The new recruits will receive two uniforms. One the basic New Mutants uniform. It can't be altered. Sure it would be altered to support whatever mutation they have, but changing their boots or put a design on it, it's out. They have to earn the right to alter their uniform. Think of it as bootcamp uniform. Don't mind the bits of brains and blood though. Wait. Did I say that out loud? Anyways, once they're upgraded to Junior X-Men, they get a custom costume. Yup. Provided they survive, of course.)

Powers: ((You can have three powers and they MUST be tied into together. However there's ways around the three-part powerset limit. ;) You just have to be a bit creative about it.))

Power weakness and limitations:

How did this persons power manifest and at what age did it happen?:

In which situation would the power be useful?:

Level of control:

Weapons/Equipment: (Let's be real. None of the teachers are actually going to let the kids have high powered rifles and what not. Maybe some melee weapons or some nonlethal firearms invented by Forge but not real guns or bombs. If they do have some weapons, the teachers may will keep them locked up and only let them out during missions. Oh and the equipment part can help them control or conceal it their mutation (Image Inducers) or help them on missions)

Does s/he have a preferred way of defending themselves(With or without power. Not everyone's powers is useful for that. Remember if your power sucks, the teachers are here to help you out with hand-to-hand combat):

:Personal Information (What's on your record?):

Personality: (Include strengths and weaknesses)

Do he or she have any physical/mental problems and if so, what kind of treatment they take?:

Good at:
Bad at:

Special non-mutant talents:

Phobias and fears:
Do they own their own personal transportation? (Cars, Motorcycles, etc.):

General Clothing style: (I need one for cold days and for warmer days though)
Night Clothes:

Dance/Prom: (For the Middle and High School Students only. Anybody over 18 is excluded)
Date Clothes:

Sexual preference:

Parents: (Briefly described them and what they're like)
Siblings:(Briefly described them and what they're like)
Guardians:(Briefly described them and what they're like)

History: (Brief or novel-length. I don't care. As long as I know about who your characters are))


Do you want your character to be team leader of their respective group?:

What do they think of "Xavier's Breakdown", or "Xavier's Whisper"? Do they think Xavier caused it all by himself or something else was controlling him?:

In regards to the event that caused the death of thousands, how do they feel about Charles?:

Anything else you would like to add?:

Do you mind your character getting maimed?:
Do you mind your character getting seriously injured?
Do you mind your character getting killed?:

Do you mind if your character gets a second mutation? :

If so, what is it?:

Do you mind if your character switches sides?:

What do you want to happen to this character?:

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