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I received this review this morning on

"This story is truly well-written, and I am enjoying it completely! I have never taken the time to write a review before, but I feel compelled to do so now because only a very few readers have given you well-deserved feedback.

Originally, I was disappointed that this work was not a Claire and Jamie canon love story but this has turned out to be a refreshing change of pace. Thanks for this effort and I will be following you in the future."

Kind of sheds light on why I might (among other reasons) not have so many reviews on my Outlander story. I did write the story I wanted to write. I found I did not care for Claire's character and Jamie can be overbearing at times, so I made my own characters and fit them in the story. I also felt that Geillis deserved better than she got, even when she was "revived". I like my Geillie better!

For all of those who think fan fiction means re-writing a story, almost verbatim, is legitimate--it's not. For those of you who believe that to weave a new story into an established story is the right way to do fan ficiton, guess what, you're right!

My "Mummy" story was an original story based on the "Mummy" story. Someone went looking for stories on this site and chose mine asked me to write a story about Howard Carter and the Ring of Atlantis. They liked my story so much they asked me to write a story for their product. I was paid $300 to write a story for them. So remember, there's a better way to write fan ficition and someone might like your story and you might make some money.

I am working on a new story, "The Mummy: The Tomb Robbers Secret." So far Ardeth Bey is the only character I've brought in but my use some of the others if it works. To those who tried to read it and gave up due to the downloading errors, I've fixed it. It did take some doing. Thank you to those who've read it so far. Hope you enjoy and there is more coming!

News Flash: I added more characters from "The Mummy" as I believe I inadvertently opened a door to it. Evelyn and Rick are now an important part of the story. I don't know what I intended originally, I don't thank I saw a way to, at first, with the original direction the story was taking. And I've added two new characters from Ancient Egypt that will play an important part. Stay tuned... (No more spoilers!)

To Love a Borgia is finished and is now "To Love a Borgia: Book One". I needed to end it, but will be writing a second volume entitled: "To Love a Borgia: The Prince," which will have more of Cesare and what happened to him and his final demise. "The Prince," of course, is the book Machiavelli wrote about him.

"To Love a Borgia" is on sale at Amazon/Kindle. I've made a little money on it so far and hope to make at least a little more.

Most of what I write lately is original ficition. Please feel free to check out my stuff on Wattpad. My nom de plume there is martykate1. Please do!

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