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Location:Right behind you.

Perminent Residence: The tree across the street.

Gender: WHERE'S THE DAMN MIDOL!? I'll kill someone if I don't get answers, NOW! (My initals should be PMS!)

Reason for pen name: My first YuGiOh card was a Cyber Falcon, and I love falcons, especially watching them fly around. The sama is because it means 'master' and my element is wind (Yay, geminis!), which falcons use to fly.

Religion: Don't have one. I'm optimistic and pessimistic about it all. People seem to enjoy using god as an excuse for everything, and many religions have diffent 'idols', I guess, so to say that it's your 'idol', God, Muhammad, Zeus, whatever, is gonna be there in heaven, and the others aren't real, is wrong, so, I'll have a religion when I die and see what happens.

Favorite colors: Electric blue, blood red, black, really bright yellow, jade green, rust orange, brown-gold.

Favorite vehicle: I.Want.A.FERARRI!!!!!!!!!!! A yellow one!

Occupation: I've heard of those...nope, don't got one.

Favorite animals: FALCONS! And green tree boas, and Rick, the woodpecker that lives in the neighbor's yard.(I named him myself!)

My animals: I've got eight, but my favorite is Piccolo, the almighty goldfish! -bows down to calico goldfish who is now confused- ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY PICCOLO-SAMA!

Something stupid: I would like to give a shout-out to Rick, Piccolo, my OCs: Raptor, Libra, Hueso, Sangre, and Aniku. I'd also like to give a shout-out to the Blue Racer that I nearly stepped on in my backyard. Rock on!^_^ Why r u reading my profile? Oh, well. My fave shows r
Wolf's Rain
YuYu Hakusho
Cowboy Bebop
G Gundam
Fear Factor

"If a sign says 'no shirt, no shoes, no service, it must be okay to not wear pants." - Grizzly-sama (my bro)

"Get out of the way, stupid blue car guy!"- Kuwabara

"Hmmmm...How *do* you spell IQ?" - Me!

"Eyeballs are circles and circles are pretty, circles are yummy like black sour grapeys..." -Ed (Cowboy Bebop movie)

"'Down with Duel Masters,' they will cry from the streets, and I shall lead them all." -Me

"You have the most remarkable luck, care to go up against another demon?"
"No! That's it for me! I'm done!" -Hiei and Kuwabara

"May I never see your face again." -Hiei

"If you keep cleaning that, you'll be able to see your reflection. Well, I couldn't because, you know, the whole vampire thing." -Angel

"I don't know what you are anymore."
"I'm a vampire, look it up." -Cordelia and Angel.

"I'm a warrior! Not a variety of flower!" -Vegeta

"WHAT! Bulma, and Vegeta, MARRIED!?" -Goku

"Look, I found Nemo!" -Me, pointing at Piccolo

"But I don't wanna watch Slutty the Campfire Payer!" -Me

"It's sad when you know more about wordart then your own Computers teacher." -Me

"Caffeine may be your friend, but it's my *best* friend!" -Me

"Why do people walk all over the floor? Tile has feelings, too!" -Me

"I'm not about to die for the sake of you worthless humans!" -Hiei

"I heard you were headstrong, Urameshi, that's just a nicer way to sat you're stupid." -Asato Kido (drools)

"Nobody's taken over my turf." -Asato Kido

"I hate humans, but I despise tourists even more." -Hiei (ah, don't we all?)

"So tell me, how does it feel to be in a constant haze of stupidity?" -Hiei

It's too bad I don't carry around a lock of his hair." -Kurama talking about Hiei

"I've got a fun game to play, I'll throw my yo-yos and you try to stay alive!" -Rinku

"You've memorized 17,000 questions and answers?! That's a lot of game-play man! No wonder you never answer your phone." -Yanagisawa Mitsunari (drools over strangely addictive psychic)

"Why are you wearing glasses?"
"I was, um, reading."
"Reading? I didn't know you could read. *shrugs*" -Malfoy and 'Goyle/Harry'

"Hairy Pothead and the Sorcerer's Stoned, eh? Yeah, sounds like something I won't read." -Me (before I read a bunch of Anime-HP xovers, still haven't read an HP book)

Favorite movies!!!!

Lion King 1,2, and 1 1/2
Cowboy Bebop
Jurassic Park I,II, and III
Scary Movie 3
Godzilla (The newer one)
Trunks: Mysterious Youth
Finding Nemo
The whole DBGT dvd collection!
Catch Me If You Can (I could do that, too)
Bardock, Father of Goku
Trunks(Can't remember the rest of the title) -_-
Panic Room
Secret Window (gasp, there's a secret window in the panic room!)
The thirty minutes I saw of the first Harry Potter movie
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Highwaymen (AWESOME MOVIE!)

Favorite guy characters!_ HIEI!!!!! (YYH)
Kuwabara! (yes, I like Kuwabara, he's cool in an odd way)
Yanagisawa Mitsunari!!!!
Asato Kido!!!!
Hagiri 'Sniper' Kaname!!!!
Mitari 'Sea Man' Kiyoshi!!!!

Kenshin!!! (it's not hard to figure out, baka)
Sanosuke Sagara!!!! (Rurouni Kenshin)

Sesshoumaru!!!! (InuYasha)

Tsume!!!! (Wolf's Rain)

Malik!!!! (YuGiOh)
Yami Malik!!!!
Bakura Ryou!!!!
Yami Bakura!!!!
SETO KAIBA!!!!!! $_$

Spike!!!! (Cowboy Bebop)
Ein!!!! (I'm weird...)

Fave girl anime characters

Koto (YYH)
Juri (YYH)
Yukina (YYH)
Kikyo (InuYasha) -I am one of the rare people who like Kikyo more than Kagome, barely-
Kagome (InuYasha)
Blue (Wolf's Rain)
Ishizu (YuGiOh)
AN: I hate Tea' and Serenity, don't ask why. Tea' can take her friendship junk and use it to shove herself and Serenity's blind stupid self off a cliff.


I LOVE MY OCS!!!!!!!!

Raptor- Half velociraptor demon, half vampire, black and white spiked hair with a bang of opposite colors in front of each eye, (white on left, black on right) white colored eyes with slitted pupils, blind in the day and in bright light, tattoo of a velociraptor straight across his chest, acts like a punk

Hueso- Komodo Dragon demon, LONG steel-blue hair that stops just above his knees, grey eyes with slitted pupils, long whip-like tail, has a minion(bonus!), used to eat people, acts scarily calm one second then rips someone's throat out the next. (bipolar, I guess)

Libra- Hueso's minion, but almost as strong, scorpion demon, long black and red pointed hair that is right above his waist, red eyes with slitted pupils, wears a bunch of red and black, long scorpion tail, can turn into a king scorpion (big scorpion breed), acts pretty neutral and calm, very loyal.

Sanguinario AKA Sangre- Name's spanish for bloodthirsty and blood for nickname, half phoenix demon and half vampire, Raptor's sire, short platinum silver hair, orange eyes, japanese symbol for fire tatooed on his back, somewhat Russian accent, can't die because vampires turn into ashes and phoenixes rise from the ashes, last of all phoenix demons, hates humans, is psychotically calm.

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