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7 March update: I'm done. It's been fun, but this does simply not fit into what I want for the future. I will leave everything here as-is, to not inconvenience anyone, but after typing this message I will be logging out for the final time.


Q: When is Nora's Needs chapter 2 coming out?

A: Happy now?

Q: Who is the gayest of them all?

A: Weiss "Schnugglemuffin" Schnee

Is this where I talk about myself? Screw that, you people don't care about my life story, you're just here for the fics. So here's all you need to know.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here represent the views of everyone ever.

1. I only pretend to have shame.

2. I have no set schedule on when I write and/or release stories.

3. I write as ideas come to me. These ideas have ranged from K-M, and are often romantic in nature.

4. Expect all fics to be based on RWBY.

5. I will not write OCs, drastic AU, or god forbid, an SI. Stories will be kept within canon excluding minor alterations to make the story plausible.

6. I welcome criticism in your reviews. I like the "this made my panties wet" reviews as much as the next guy, but they don't really help me improve.

7. If you want to link to my work on some other site, go for it. Just don't claim that it was done by anyone other than myself, or I'll fucking find you.

8. Guest reviews are a pain in the ass to respond to, so if you actually want me to respond you're gonna have to nut up and make an account.


I'm feeling the need to address this after getting asked to do a lot of stuff in reviews. Here's my response:

I take some of them into consideration. The ones I immediately disregard are usually because of one reason: it's not a pairing I want/care to write about. Sorry, but I'm a little too invested in White Rose and Bumblebee to pair those 4 off with anyone else, including someone from the other pair (IE I won't write Blake/Weiss). In general, I prefer to keep the focus on lesbian pairings because I have more fun with them. Not that there's anything wrong with het, but I simply don't care about any of the male characters enough to want to write about them. I like to believe that there will one day be a lesbian romance (hopefully White Rose) in the show itself, and I want to do my part in promoting that side of the fandom.

That got a little off topic. Bottom line, if your request lines up with something I'm cool with, I'll see what I can do.

Summary of my stories

I would move these summaries to the fics themselves, but I'd rather not inflate their wordcount. The thoughts here represent what I was thinking while writing it, thoughts pertaining to the plot content of the fic are usually in the fic itself.

Blake's Little Secret

Originally named "Beauty and the Beast", but changed because me and an author that wanted to use that title fought to the death, and I lost. This story is spawned from /u/, where someone requested a fic about Yang discovering Blake's nature as part-animal or whatever. My original (joke) response to that was a 4-line dialogue between the characters, and I had no initial intention to expand upon it until a couple of people responded that they really liked it. So I sat down for half an hour and wrote it. It's no masterpiece but it was entertaining enough to write. For whoever is interested, this was the original script:

"Yang... I have to tell you something."
"What? That's you're an animal? ...In bed? Hahaha!"
"Fuck you, Yang."

Chapter 2: its creation is pretty much the same story as the first. Gotten a few requests to write a true lemon for this. I don't oppose the idea, but I'd have to give it a lot of thought because lemons are hard to do right, and if I did write one it would probably be pretty rough and wild sex, which I'm not sure if I could really do it justice. My guilty pleasure is writing these short little teases, because sometimes leaving the sex to the imagination of the reader is better than posting your own version of it.

Chapter 3: I didn't have any ideas then I remembered Yang has a motorcycle. I totally had ideas to make this chapter a full lemon (including forest sex!) but nope. When I said "it's all in the tease" I meant it. Does that mean I might one day go all the way? Maybe. Maybe not. Until then, if that day even comes, let this just serve as a small taste to whet your pervy little appetites.

Chapter 4: Totally forgot about this, writing this about a week and a half after posting that chapter. Then again, most of the story behind this is in the A/N.

Chapter 5: Was gonna be smut but I liked it too much. Wow, I've done Nora/Pyrrha smut but not Bumblebee. That's... interesting.

Cold as Ice

I really liked this one. I actually enjoyed writing this a lot more than the rather dirty stuff I've done. Who knew writing accurate characters would be so fun? Anyway, this entire fic spawned from one line: the part where Blake talks about love. I built the story around that one line of Blake putting Weiss in her place, which I think definitely fits with both girls' canon personalities. Weiss does have a heart after all, not that I ever had any doubt. Blake is the calm arbiter. Ruby is... well, Ruby. She didn't have much of a role in this one, while at the same time having the biggest role.

Chapter 2: You could call this a kind of indirect sequel to chapter 1. It's in the same universe and makes a couple mentions to content in chapter 1, at least. I'm kind of on the fence about this one, quality-wise. It's the only thing I've really done where romance doesn't take the center stage, which made it a bit harder to write. Oh well, what's done is done. Anyway, it's spawned from my simple idea of Weiss standing up to her dad. Originally it was going to be written like it was the conclusion of some story-not-yet-told where team RWBY is assaulting the Schnee manor to confront her father, but that would just be a little too convoluted, plus people would probably ask for the whole story which I would be just too damn lazy to come up with and write. This way was much easier, and it let me use the setting that had already been established in chapter 1.

Chapter 3: Not much to say. Strangely, this is more Bumblebee than White Rose. Also a lot of puns and jokes in this one, see if you can catch them all.

Chapter 4: Where to start? I guess I drew inspiration from the show when it brought up the whole Vytal festival and combat tournament bit. Weiss needed time away from it all, and that pretty much handed me the excuse. This was originally going to have an alternate ending, but it turned out my original intention simply didn't line up very well with what I wanted to do. It would have ended up at the same place, but the alternate ending was really over-the-top and would have been a little too fan-servicey for my tastes. What it all comes down to is that I primarily write stories for myself, but I do like to add in elements that the fanbase has cravings for. Speaking of cravings, keep an eye out for the next chapter. It's gonna be... something, that's for sure.

Chapter 5: Oh man, this chapter. No prior planning went into this, and it shows. All I wanted was a virginity conflict. Losing your virginity is awkward. Ruby and Weiss are awkward. That makes for a whole lot of awkward. And let me tell you something about taking hours and hours to write dirty stuff: you're horny the entire time. Being horny for hours on end is a nightmare. Well then get yourself off! No, you see, it doesn't work like that. I believe that to write good dirty content, you have to be horny. Sex is about thinking with your dick/vag, not your brain, and I think that applies to writing about sex too.

Chapter 6: Lewd lewd lewd. It's been a while since I actually wrote this. Forgot my actual thought processes that went with it. I specifically remember coming up with Yang's gag gift. Yang and Weiss butting heads over Ruby is fun. White Rose sex is fun too.

Chapter 7: I dunno, I just had this idea had wrote it in an hour. I like it. Shortest chapter but one of my favorites. I don't usually have favorites.

Chapter 8: This chapter was an odd beast. Half of it was on-the-spot, and a lot more deviated from my original plans. This chapter also told me that my storytelling needs a lot of work. Too bare-bones right now.

Chapter 9: Someone requested a "one person gets hurt and the other takes care of them" scenario. This didn't turn out entirely like that, but I wanted to give it a spin because let's face it, that prompt has been done before by half a dozen different people. Plus, that wasn't all the chapter was about.

It's a Wonderful Life

Ok, where to start. I guess I wrote this as a "the curtains were blue" type of story. I could have made it a lot longer, but a combination of me being lazy and this being a spur-of-the-moment kind of deal it wasn't my main focus. But as for the fic itself, I guess I wanted to deviate from more normal lovey-dovey ideas and create a dystopian point of view. I intentionally left a lot up for the reader to decide, which could be another reason as to why it's so short, but also so that the reader can decide how they want to feel instead of me telling them how to. There are a couple allusions to normal canon (ie the mirror) that I twisted to make them work in my sick little world. In the end, it's just a different interpretation of Weiss' song, and a very sad one at that. Yes, I made myself feel bad writing this. Also worth mentioning is that I did not intend to include any pairings, but put enough in that if you want to see it as a RubyxWeiss you can. In fact, seeing it that way makes it a lot more depressing. Damn. This is also about as far into AU as I will dare to go.

Burn of a Traitor

I was fuming after episode 15 and wrote this like an hour after it was released for sponsors. My biggest fear back then was that Blake's runaway wouldn't be solved in episode 16, but it was so I'm happy now. Plus I no longer perceive monkey boy as an adequate threat to Bumblebee. I'm with Weiss in regards to him, not sure what I want to think about him. Would rather see more RWBY screentime in volume 2 than have him start taking up space.

Chapter 2: I caved and had to give it a happy ending.

Nora's Needs

Suffice it to say that I wrote this one night instead of just going to sleep like I should have.

A Very Weiss Christmas

Not really a lot to say. I asked around for Christmas requests and did what I could with them on short notice. Was nice to just write some honest-to-god fluff, which I noticed I don't actually do all that often.

Big Bad Bed

Unplanned oneshot spawned from random idea. Someone made art of it, and I couldn't be more humbled.

A look into my writing process

All my fics come from small ideas. A couple lines of dialogue, a vague theme, sometimes just a few words. I write all these ideas down on sticky notes that are scattered around my room. These notes represent the entirety of the pre-planning that goes into my writing. Here's what some of them say word-for-word, corresponding to what fic they became:

Locker Room Rendezvous
Naughty and graphic R/W
Ruby grinds

Cold as Ice
Chapter 1: Weiss is the immature one
"God knows what she sses in you, but the poor girl loves you, and you know that you love her too."

Chapter 2: Weiss' father antagonist
Weiss has coming-of-age moment when she and the team encounter/fight him
Weiss is ultimately defiant

Chapter 3: Paparazzi aftermath
Fauna rabbit libido

SECRET FUTURE CHAPTER: "What did I tell you about asking questions you already know the answer to?"

Blake's Little Secret
Chapter 3: Motorcycle (yes, this entire chapter was based off that one word)

Burn of a Traitor
Chapter 2: Effect on teammates
Yang thinks reality is dream
Yang absolutely crushed
"You're in my bed"
Soft, needy, like holding the most precious thing in the world

Thoughts on RWBY pairings - Updated post-volume 1

RubyxWeiss: Forever my OTP.

BlakexYang: I really like this pairing now, their dynamic is great. Or at least, the dynamic that all the fanfics about them has given them. Still annoyed that Yang got shafted in this volume. White Rose will always be my favorite but this takes an easy second place.

WeissxBlake: Sacrilege.

RubyxBlake: I admit, Ladybug is a cute name. It doesn't feel like it would be a very equal relationship, though. Blake's just too far ahead of where Ruby is in life.

RubyxYang: Still have no problems with incest but not seeing it happen for obvious reasons. That Orange Sisters thing on Pixiv is totally hot though.

WeissxYang: How do people ship this? Seriously, they have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever.

NoraxPyrrha: Fucking delicious.

OCxAnyone: I still hate OCs being paired with canon characters and this is not going to change. Please stop making team RWBY your self-insert's harem.

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