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March 23, 2011:Convergence updated

Update: March 6, 2011

Against my better judgement, I started writing again.(Ack, I'm going to fail this sem. I have no time, but I'm a bad student and I prefer daydreaming :P) Sadly, not a sequel, but rather another plot altogether. In all honesty, I have to re-read Forked Road. It's been a long time and much of the details have escaped me. (It was sitting on my hard drive for a couple of months, waiting for an edit. Until I decided that I shouldn't make you wait for a long time. I didn't have time to edit, so I posted it up raw)

I don't know if I should post it. I know I'd get reprimanded again by many flamers about my short and un-betaed chapters. I'll get a beta for this. Currently, I've written two chaps and they're a little less than 2000 words combined. I guess I should write more imagery, but I'm not very good at that; actually I don't know how to. It's something I have to work on. Isn't it more fun to think of settings on your own? Yes, yes, I'll stop with the excuses. ^_^ I think the reason why I can't write settings, is that I usually skip them when reading ~.~ I like imagining them on my own.

What is it about? Well, the keywords so far would be: wrong boy-who-lived(sort of: Harry has no siblings and Neville isn't the bwl), Voldie's apprentice, fallen angels,

Setting: After fifth year.

What do you think, should I post it eventually?

Updated: Feb 18, 2011

It's finally done!!

Yes, I know there were some useless points... or that it sounded like two stories. I told you, it was a monster that overcame me too. Think of a zombie writing a story and you'll get me. Mischa still being engaged with Emrys was something I couldn't close in a semi-epilogue. Sorry, I can't just kill her off so callously. Elemental powers being useless: They would have been useful, had I continued the story. See the original plan, was one very long story. But, my muse died... I still need to gather the bone of her father, the blood of her...No I'm not doing a rebirth ritual anytime soon.

^_^! I love your reviews. Just remember that I like happy endings. If it goes against what I've shown, then there must be a reason.

I am a 3rd year Engineering Student. It's about Human Factors, Operations Research and Information Systems. I've only just gone back to writing a lot. Sorry if my English is bad. I've spent the last two years dealing mostly with, well, numbers. ^_^v (That's supposed to be a sweatdrop).

I'm very interested in Healthcare and Emergency Management.

I'm addicted to HP fanfictions so much that I haven't read the 7th book.

I like Founder'sHeir Harry, SuperHarry, RoyalHarry, Elvish/VampireHarry, Harry goes to another school...

I like stories that focus on Harry having a new found family in his friends or in an actual new found family.

I can't live without music (I'm dying since I can't find my phone's earphones and so I spend 2 hours music-less-ly commuting everyday.)

J'ai étudié le français l'an dernier, mais j'ai déjà tout oublié. C'est terrible et décevant. Je vais étudier le français à nouveau après cette année.

Cette année, J'étudie le Italianne.

Je veux parler cinq langues bien avant de mourir.

Je veux vivre dans cinq pays pour au moins un an.

Tous ont été traduites à l'aide de Google Translate. Je reconnais, mais je ne me souviens pas.

Io sono una studentessa in Toronto. Mi chiamo Mia. Molto piacere!

Forked Road

Complete! Sequel...erm... There's supposed to be a sequel but, no time, no brainspace, no muse.

Weekly challenge (I hope to upload a chapter[or more] a week)

Royal Harry story that involves elves, TeacherHarry, Healer Harry, Founder'sHeir and Harry goes to another school

Yup. I'm already confused.

I like writing it though.

My favorite part is the part with the elves.

As the writer, I feel like Harry. He has to juggle all these things that I'm putting on him. I have to juggle them as well. I have to keep them in my head and not forget about them.

I apologize for putting in details that don't end up being important. They're important for that moment, but not for anything else.

Ahem, apparently I'm a sadist. Looking back at the story, maybe I am a sadist. But I'm writing from Harry's perspective(well, sort of), so does that mean I'm a masochist?

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reviewing!

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