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Name: Nope. Not Happening. (Unless, you follow COYOTE on Twitter!!!

Age: 1999 (Use this)

Favorite Video Game Series: Take a wild guess.

Main OC: Coyote, Timothy, Napoleon (Pokémon)

Favorite Bands: Foo Fighters (Uhhh, Sonic Highways bruh), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Weezer, Incubus, Imagine Dragons, Blink-182, Rise Against

Favorite Sport: Basketball (Clippers Bro)

Writing Style: I get straight to the point. If you want something full of description, I am not the guy for you. Emotional stuff I can do, but I'm still working on it. I describe a little bit, but not as much as some may want. I write about 1,000 words or more for each chapter.

Top 5 Video Games of All Time:

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

3. Starfox 64

4. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

5. Destiny [SF Assault got booted down to 6 :(]

Favorite movies: The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Avengers, Inception, Pacific Rim, Iron Man 2, 21 Jump Street, X-Men: First Class, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Interstellar (freaking acid trip bruh)

PS4 Gamertag: thebeast_037 (you can find me playing Destiny or NBA2K15!!!)

Youtube: pokemaster111000 (Old), the beast_037 (Main)


Well it looks like Star Fox may be on hold for now. I've decided to start my own Pokémon fanfic, There and Back Again, and I have the biggest drive to complete that story as of now. But, the good news is that I'm back! Basketball season is over and now I have much more free time. I can finally say that I will be able to create chapters much more often, maybe 1-3 per week or so. I hope I can make a name for myself in the much more active Pokémon fanfiction universe and get some reviews for my story!

As for my Star Fox stories, they may not return until May or June when Summer Vacation begins and I'll have a butt load of time to write if I so please. I am not done with Star Fox, I'm just taking a break for a little change of scenery that will hopefully reignite my passion for Star Fox fanfiction. I hope the readers of my stories can understand!


I currently live in the state of California and I am a Sophomore in High School. I play Basketball, and love to watch it. I think that it was the greatest sport ever created. Besides that, I'm a pretty boring person. I hate parties, I like to be alone (not all the time!), and I can't stand stupid questions, especially when people want to know every detail of what I'm explaining. It pisses me off to no end. But, I am a nerd in a way. I get straight A's with the occasional B, but I'm not bragging or anything. I write Fanfiction for Starfox right now as you can see (Albeit not very often).

How I got into the Starfox franchise? Well, this may sound funny, but I didn't start until late 2010. The first game I ever played was Star Fox 64 3D for the 3DS. I wasn't exactly hooked however though. It was until I looked up other games on Youtube and discovered the other titles. I knew that Star Fox 64 existed don't get me wrong, but I had never played the original. When I saw Star Fox Adventures for the first time I was shocked by the difference, but the only thing I saw was the final boss (Yeah I like to be spoiled). The game shocked me by the graphics change and I wanted more. So, I looked more, and before long, I discovered Krystal, that blue vixen. Man, after that, I was hooked. Something about her made me want more. I have no idea why to this day why I have this strange attachment to her. I looked further and found Star Fox: Assault. It was funny when I actually loved the ground combat. To this day, have no idea why people bagged on that game so much. I think it's because I didn't grow up with Star Fox 64's rail combat. I grew up with Call of Duty and Halo, where ground combat thrives. I live in the FPS era, and I think that's why I don't hate it as much as most.

How did Pokémon make its way into my life? It began at about 4th grade when I got my first ever game, Pokémon Pearl for the DS. I absolutely loved that game. The idea of catching monsters and training them to become more powerful just got my little brain going. I remember catching Palkia for the first time (in a master ball of course lol) and that was about the greatest thing I had ever done. I had trained my Infernape to level 93, which is what it is today and I still have it on Alpha Sapphire I believe. But the game that I see as the best I've ever played was Pokémon Soulsilver. That game maybe changed my life and hooked me on to Pokémon that still exists today and will stay that way hopefully forever. Pokémon is still popular in High School, which is funny to me. Before long I had all of the games since Pokémon Pearl, beaten all of them, and become a master at type advantages. You could ask me what any type was weak and strong against and I could tell you (except Fairy, still working on that one) and that's when I knew I was a true fan. Now, I find my self watching the Sinnoh Anime which was the one I watched back in the day. Watching it got my fanfiction gears turning and I decided it was time to bring my pastime into my fanfic universe.

Well today I'm still single, even though crushes come and go for me. Besides that, I have many friends and am not a loner.

I am a History nut, and I am intrigued by the success of different rulers and countries in the Middle/Renaissance ages. I am a Grammar Nazi when it comes to writing stories, but I don't mind texts and messages. Well, that's all you need to know about me!


It would hopefully be directed by Christopher Nolan or J.J. Abrams. Music kind of like the score of Star Wars or Tron Legacy.

If it were Will of a Single Man, my dream cast could be:

Fox- Chris Evans, Falco- Will Arnett (still debating this one), Slippy- Jack Black (OMG Perfect), Krystal- IDK (any ideas?), Coyote- Robert Downey Jr. (leaning towards him, but still debating), Ashley- Jennifer Lawrence (Idk what you think, I might be a bit biased here), James McCloud- Kevin Spacey (ohhh spoilers!), Wolf- Samuel L. Jackson (no debate whatsoever), Randorn- Ben Kingsley, Phantom- IDK (that's not exactly up to me), Peppy- Jeff Bridges

Let me know what your dream cast is! I think mine is pretty good, but I'm not so sure about Falco, and I need suggestions for Krystal. For Ashley? Why would I be biased? Well, you get the drift (am I right?). I think Wolf and Samuel L. Jackson is absolute genius, as well as Slippy and Jack Black. Coyote and Robert Downey Jr. may not be the best because Coyote is a younger guy, so I may need to find someone younger maybe. Fox would be a great Captain America, just sayin'.


Name: Coyote/Saber (No Last Name)

Species: Coyote (Duh)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Starfox Team Member

Theme Song: "Worth Dying For", Rise Against


Fox- Friend

Falco- Best Friend

Slippy- Doesn't Care For

Peppy- Has Respect For

Krystal- Sister

Justin- Friend

Wolf- Interesting Person

Ashley- Love Interest

Leon- Annoying as Hell

Panther- Pervert He Will Kill With His Bare Hands

Marcus- The future is here

Timothy- In WAY over his head

Name: Justin Kitsu (Razorblade88)

Species: Three-Tailed Fox

Gender: Male

Occupation: Starfox Team Member


Coyote- Friend

Fox- Friend

Falco- Some Dude

Slippy- Doesn't Care For

Peppy- Some Old Hare

Krystal- Hates Because She is Cerinian

Wolf- Hasn't Met

Ashley- Rival

Leon- Hasn't Met

Panther- Hates

Name: Ashley

Species: Yellow Fox

Gender: Female

Occupation: Starfox Team Member


Coyote- Has a Thing For

Fox- Annoying

Falco- Beat The HELL Out of Him on Titania...LOL

Slippy- Ehhhh...

Peppy- Respect For

Krystal- Friend

Justin- Rival

Wolf- Hasn't Met

Leon- Hasn't Met

Panther- Pervert

Marcus- Too much like his annoying father

Timothy- The freaking Messiah

(Mark, Steven, and Rick I consider to be MINOR characters [And dead :(] so no bio)

Name: Timothy

Species: Yellow Coyote

Gender: Male

Occupation: Starfox Team Member

Theme Song: "Dangerous", Big Data (feat. Joywave)


Marcus- Annoying

Drew- Meh...

Falco- Badass

Fox- Needs to f*k off

Krystal- Needs to mind her own damn business

Ashley- Total wimp

Coyote- Thinks he's king of the world

Slippy- More toads? Really?

Dash- Considers an Ally

Peppy- Who?


There and Back Again (Pokémon) (Main focus as of now)

Star Fox: Mein Fuhrer (Returning maybe never)

Will of a Single Man (REMASTER)(Returning May-June 2015)

Starfox The Next Generation: Liberation (Returning May-June 2015)

Training Day: Project LCEF (This will probably be deleted)


Starfox The Next Generation: Rise and Fall

Starfox The Next Generation: First Contact

The Harbinger's Demise (Deleted)

Starfox: LCEF

Starfox: The Reformation

Starfox: Rise (Cancelled)

Will of a Single Man (My best by far. I suggest you check it out if you haven't already)


Nothing Left to Lose (Sequel to The Next Generation Trilogy)

Starfox Origins: Coyote

Well, that's it. Thanks for reading!

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