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About Me

For those of you interested, my name is Kayleigh, but you can all call me Kaylz on account of the fact that I hate my name in its entirety. Yes, I was named after the Marillion song, for shame. I was born in 1987, two years after the song came out, so who knows. I guess my mother just really loved that shit and it stuck with her for a while, you know? Only not so much these days. She has recently confessed that she's grown out of it. Damn annoying that I can't grow out of my name of course. I'm stuck with this sorry assed burden for the rest of my life now. So, Kaylz it is please and thank you.

If you hadn't worked it out by now, I am twenty two years old. I haven't updated this profile since I was eighteen apparently, so I figure that's four years since I last updated anything to FanFiction.net. I'm amazed I ever did to be honest, I was rather ill fated when it came to writing to begin with. Really not my forte at all. Although, having spent a few years role playing across the vast internet on a number of different forums, I like to think I've honed my skill in literature and that I've grabbed a few skills here and there. I'm not an incredible writer and I don't claim to be so incredibly fantastic that everyone should read my shit, but I do enjoy writing, and I enjoy talking to people who enjoy reading what I enjoy writing. I am not interested in anyone who has anything derogatory to say. If you think my stories are complete crap, then you'll kindly keep that opinion to yourself and joke about my lame tales with your friends. If you do have something constructive to say, then by all means throw it my way and I'll take it into consideration. I'm not so stuck up my own ass that I can't take a little advice from time to time. In fact I quite like advice, I believe it's what helps people to recognise their faults and to better their skills.

Currently Working On

Ok, so what am I currently working on? Well there's a question.

My first plan is to get back into writing again and to start enjoying it. The whole RP thing hasn't really been doing it for me lately and I'm just not getting the satisfaction out of creating characters only to watch them die very slowly. So my aim is start writing one chapter stories, shorts if you will. I have recently acquired myself a list of one hundred words, and what I plan to do with those words is to use them as the main themes in the stories I'll be writing. Confused? You should be. Let me explain. The first word on my list of 100 is 'Yes', so the object would be to construct a short tale using 'Yes' somewhere in it. It could be the main theme, it could just be something that someone says or it could be used recurringly throughout the entire thing. Who knows, I haven't decided yet. The rules are pretty simple. I can do them in whatever order I see fit, I can use any genre/verse in which to tell my story and I can take as long as I like. I guess those aren't really rules per se. The only real rule is that the story has to mention the word you're using.

You can find the list below, and eventually I plan to bold all of the words I've completed. I did try to do this once before, but rather than writing I was drawing and submitting to DeviantArt. I believe I managed to do number eighty, Candy, before I got bored and gave up. I have drawn other stuff since then of course, but I gave up on this list thing. I do prefer writing to drawing though, so who knows, maybe I'll be able to keep my enthusiasm up somehow and actually plough through a couple words a week or so.

I guess this means I can't really keep you up to date on which words I'm working on, because I honestly have no idea as of yet what to start with, so. Just stay tuned I guess.

The 100 Word List

1. Yes
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Insanity
6. Misfortune
7. Smile
8. Silence
9. Blood
11. Grey
12. Vacation
13. Fortitude
14. Cat
15. Sorrow
16. Happiness
17. Flowers
18. Night
19. Stars
20. Eyes
21. Family
22. Illusion
23. Dying
24. Dreams
25. Two Roads
26. Creation
27. Childhood
28. Stripes
29. Tower
30. Waiting
31. Sacrifice
32. Rejection
33. Fairytale
34. Magic
35. Traps
36. Horror
37. Hero
38. Annoyance
39. 67
40. Obsession
41. I Can’t
42. Are You Challenging Me?
43. Mirror
44. Broken Pieces
45. Test
46. Drink
47. Words
48. Pen And Paper
49. Can You Hear Me?
50. Heal
51. Spiral
52. Seeing Red
53. Food
54. Pain
55. Through The Fire
56. Triangle
57. Drowning
58. All That I Have
59. Give Up
60. Last Hope
61. Advertisement
62. Safety First
63. Puzzle
64. Relaxation
65. Frogs And Princes
66. Lipstick
67. Misfit
68. Mafia
69. Naked
70. Lucky Star
71. Think
72. Toxic
73. Sister
74. Kiss
75. Village Idiot
76. Sparks
77. Clocks
78. Yellow
79. Words
80. Candy
81. Bear
82. Angel
83. Humdrum
84. Black And Blue
85. Sorry
86. Inflate My Ego
87. Children
88. Creep
89. Colour-blind
90. Dirty
91. Spin
92. Sense Of Humour
93. Unlovable
94. Hero
95. Kangaroo
96. Together
97. Violet
98. Faerie
99. Twilight
100. Razzle Dazzle