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"Walks to microphone and clears throat"...Attenion all! Thank you for coming to my profile page. Our first order of business is to discuss things in my profile page and clear up any issues that there may be (cuz some people don't know what their doing). So, if there are any problems with anything, tell me now.

Height: 5'5''
Eyes: Brown (glasses for Nearsightedness)
Hair: Dark Brown (sometimes with light brown and Red highlights in the sun)
Age: 18
Gender: o+
B-day: Dec 1 (At 11:05 am)
Personality: On the brink of insanity from lack of cheese cake.

Likes: Eating, Sleep, Breathing, looking at cats, petting cats, when the cat jumps into the bed and to wake me up in the morning, Pookie and Smokey (pet cats), when the main character of one of VOID99's story is in pain (555 in Price of Perfection), sad endings in love story when the girl dies (like in Moulin Rouge and Daredevil), the name "Gizmo" for a really small poodle, when my computer works, when I play my favorite PS2 games, Devenus (author of Omega)

Dislikes- When I forget to do the first three things on my "likes" list, when cats fight and kill each other, when 555 of VOID99's story is happy, when My grandmother says I'm too skinny, when my room is a mess, annoying things, brussle sprouts, the smell of brussle sprouts, hamsters (or anything in the rat family, including bunnies), VOID99, burnt burgers and hot dogs, when the computer doesn't work, Devenus (author of Omega)

Fav movies
Anything with Jim Carrey in it
Anything made by Quinton Tarrintino (not sure if that's how you spell his name)
Anything made by Kevin Smith
Shrek (1 and 2)
Lilo and Stitch
The Ring (the American one was scarier, but the Japanese version made more sense)
The Never Ending story.
The First Wives Club

Fav PS2 Games
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XI (my name is Keyla and I'm on the Asura server, say hi)
Kingdom Hearts

Fav Quotes
(The room is entirely pink)
"Geez it looks like a Flamingo Threw up in here." ~ Bett Mittler (Beaches)

"Fish are friends, not food" ~ Bruce (Finding Nemo)

"The world is quiet here" ~ Lemony Snicket (The series of Unfortunate Events)

"Everytime I close the door on reality, it comes threw the window." (I have no idea where this quote came from, but I love it to death.)

"Light at the end of the tunnel- Unfortunately unavailible." Lemony Snicket (The Series of unfortunate Events)

"Gooz Fraba." ~ The Doctor from anger management. (Sorry I forgot his name)

Fav Online Comics and Online Cartoons
Neurotically Yours (featuring our lord and Master, Foamy the Squirrle and my Fav character, Pilz-E)
As Vana'diel Truns
Salad Fingers
VG Cats (I think that's the name of it)
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (This os not and Online Comic but it still kicks a hell of a lot of ass)

Fav Fanfiction Characters
Omega- A being of Near perfection that kills many of Stitch's Cousins. He is the main character in Devenus's story Omega. (He's is soo bad ass.)
Exerpiment 552 (Kolobos)- Evil Creature of Hell created by author VOID99 and featured in his various stories (on a peronal note,I hope VOID's experiment 552 catches experiment 555 and tortures him for the rest of eternity...That would make me smile...*smiles*)
Exeperiment 627 (Sakura)- This lovely female creature was created by an author who keeps changing her name. Sakura is one of the main characters in the story Experiment 627.

Fav Authors
(His one and only story drives into the mind of a being that was created to be perfect and on a mission to do one thing. To Kill his target, and kill anyone that stood in his way. Devenus is a good author and a wonderful boyfriend, but I'm still pissed that he put up his stories before me. I hate you Dev!!!)

(His stories are dark and evil and really get your blood pumping. I recommend VOID's stories only if you are not pregnant, don't have back problems, and don't have a history of heart conditions)

(She doesn't have any stories up yet, but I'm sure they'll be a smash. Sis, I believe in you.)

Wolfamaroq or Greenpurity
(I may not say it often enough but her stories are sweet as sugar and just make you feel good inside while we live in the sad world of today that's run by idiots like Bush. PS I'm not voting for him)

Mystical Raven
(This girl took my characters and created an absolutley fabulous story. Her writing style, full of rage and fury, make her combat scenes one of the best I've read. I'm glad she used my characters. I am truley honored)

Mareo and Anime
(Now, this guy I don't know too much about and I have to change this little message in the future. He asked to use my characters and I read the first chapter of his story. Which I liked very much and I'm glad I let him use my characters. I can tell it's going to be a great fic)

Ok...welcome to the end...Our final issue to discuss, is my stories. Well there they are...down there...*Points the the bottom of the screen*...I think the summaries are very accurate and if you like them then awesome...if you don't then I say poo on you and don't read my story... There are plenty of other authors on that you can read...

Buhbye everyone

(This prophile was brought to you by the friendly people at the local Psychiatric Facility.)

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