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Author has written 38 stories for Metal Gear, Castlevania, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Evil Within.

General Info: Hello my name is Aa-chan and I want to welcome you to my ff.net page. I have been writing fanfiction for over a decade. The majority of my stories are about Metal Gear, but I have also written stuff for Resident Evil, The Evil Within, Castlevania, and one Silent Hill story. Some of my works are finished, some are not and more than likely never will be, but I do try hard to finish all of my works even if it takes years to do so (Love's Sorrow I'm looking in your direction!). But I hope you enjoy my works and if not, please enjoy all the other author's on Fanfiction.net.

Story Updates:

New Stuff: 7/9/2017 Hi guys. I broke one of my promises. After writing Final Meeting, I promised that I would put rules in place so I don't have a messy story that published. I distinctly remember saying I would take 24 hours to finish a story and then spend the next day editing and then post it, but did I do that with my last story? Noooooo! Crazy little me was hell bent on publishing before I left for Las Vegas last week and what happened? I had a good story that was messy. So I have gone over it with a fine tooth comb (I think I may have some errors in there still, but not sure) and I fixed some of the more egregious errors. I know, I know, I really should be better at this, but hey, when I get excited for something I've written, all common sense flies out the window. But I will try to keep my overzealousness to a minimum next time. Please give the my retooled version of A Sober Celebration a chance, because I think it is one of my best works.

Enjoy and until next time!

Old Stuff:

6/28/2017 Hi guys. As many of you know I am a pretty huge fan of the horror game The Evil Within and in hearing news of an upcoming sequel has gotten me super excited. The story this time around seems like it's going to be a fanfiction author's dream, I can't wait. Well apparently never a truer statement has ever come from my mouth, because this new Evil Within story takes place in 2015, which is after the first game and before the second. I hope you enjoy it, because I poured a lot of my heart and soul into it. Oh and another thing, this story is pretty bleak (all the Evil Within stories I write are, with the exception of my little self indulgent Christmas story, that had a pretty happy ending). I had to pull from some pretty dark places to write this bad boy and it has me in a pretty dark place, so I have to take some time to rebuild from this one. Thankfully I'll be going away for the weekend, so hopefully that will help.

Enjoy and until next time!

6/9/2017 Hi guys. So after a lot of back and forth, I decided to post Insomnia, which is my new Metal Gear Solid fanfiction set within MGS3's timeline. Well... Sorta... It's within the Metal Gear Solid 3 timeline according to the game, not any of the additional games that came out following Snake Eater's release. But either way, I hope you all enjoy it. Honestly this was to be my final fanfiction of the Metal Gear series, however, I recently saw a work of fanart that made me want to write either a true alternative universe story or make it a dream sequence. I'll have to see what happens when I start writing.

Enjoy and until next time!

6/6/2017 Hi guys. I recently started a new Metal Gear Solid 3 fanfiction focusing on The Boss/ The Joy and The Sorrow. I really like this story, but my problem is it doesn't fall within the cannon of the Metal Gear series. What happened was, I stopped paying attention to anything about the cannon of Metal Gear following my disappointment with Metal Gear Solid 4. When I did a basic look up of The Boss and The Sorrow I saw there were things added following the release of Metal Gear Solid 3. And I suppose I could just go ahead and force my story to follow the cannon, but I really don't want to do that. And when I say "I really don't want to do that" I mean I am grossly opposed to doing that.

So herein lies my dilemma. Do I finish and post this story as it is? Or do I try to work within the confines of the cannon?

Help me out, because I am at a loss...

7/4/2016 Hi guys. Ok, I have promised myself to put a system in place before I publish stories to prevent having to delete and re-upload stories. So here's how it's going to work from now on. I'll write, give myself until the next day to look over what I wrote, do some editing and then post. Man, would I ever kill for and editor so I don't have to do this nonsense by myself, but what can you do? Tis the price you pay in the wonderful world of fanfiction writing. But anyway...

As you can tell, I re-uploaded The Final Meeting. I spruced up a lot of things and (hopefully) there shouldn't be really awful errors in it, maybe a few minor glitches, but nothing like it previously was. I really did my best to go over everything with a fine tooth comb and I hope you enjoy this better written version.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. And I do apologize for all the craziness. Until next time!

7/3/2016 Hi guys. I took down The Final Meeting. I need to put a system in place where I don't try to write, proofread, and post in the same 60 minute span, because that had a LOT of errors in it, which I fixed, but I still don't think I caught them all even after I updated the story (proofreading is really hard and it's really something you should have an extra pair of eyes for). However... If you are trying to access that story and you cannot, I am in the middle of trying to re-post the updated version, but the FF.net system may not have realized that I deleted the old version as of 5 minutes ago. I may have to do some additional wrangling such as renaming the story all together, I'm not sure, but I will try to have it up in a bit. I do apologize for the inconvenience and I'll try to have the new version up shortly.

6/29/2016 A just posted up a new Metal Gear Solid 3 story called The Final Meeting. I started this awhile back, but I woke up thinking about it, so I broke it out and said to myself, "Why the hell didn't you finish this?!" So I took some time today to do just that. This is probably one of the last stories for Metal Gear I will ever write. I have one more story in me, that I've been holding onto for YEARS, but I just can't quite flush that one out yet. Maybe someday I'll get it together and finish and post it, but for now, it's in the archive.

Oh and I did do a little more work on Changing of the Guard. Someone sent me the nicest review, encouraging me to continue so I'm going to do my best to get that finished just for them. I have a pretty good idea where I want that to go now, it's just a matter of writing it down. Admittedly, writing stories hasn't been easy these days because I started doing weekly fanfiction challenges to myself in the form of writing articles for The Krimson Post (on Twitter/ Wordpress), so the stories have taken a major back-burner to that. But I think both can co-exist in my head... Or can they??? I don't know? Either way...

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Until next time!

4/22/2016 I just posted a story I started awhile ago. It's called Changing of the Guard and it's about Chief Irons going on vacation and leaving Captain Wesker in charge of the entire Raccoon City Police force. While the premise is interesting, I'm not sure where to take it, but it started out so nicely, that I just had to post it. I have to think of what to do with it. I'm sorry about posting a half finished story though.

1/27/2016 It's pretty late and I have a lot of driving to do early in the morning, so I'm going to keep this short. New Evil Within story just went up. It's about Myra, (Sebastian's wife) and her memories before her life with Mobius. I hope you like it. It's well past my bedtime, so until next time!

Author's Notes: Since there is a rule here about having no author's notes, I have placed mine on my Livejournal page. Each time I finish a story, I write the notes there.

The Whistleblower: aachannoichi.livejournal.com/567298.html

Crime and Punishment: aachannoichi.livejournal.com/519835.html

The Uncomfortable Conversation: aachannoichi.livejournal.com/516693.html

Wesker's Conquest- Part 1: aachannoichi.livejournal.com/516172.html and Part 2: aachannoichi.livejournal.com/516592.html

Love's Sorrow (which is actually unfinished much like that story was for 5 years): aachannoichi.livejournal.com/326937.html

Contact Info:

Would you like to get to know me a little better? Well that sounded creepy didn't it? Well anyway, here's some of my contact info if you're interested.

email: aachannoichi@yahoo.com

Facebook: I do have a FB, but I don't want to hand out the link, just PM me for it if you are interested.

LJ (and yeah I still use LJ semi-regularly): aachannoichi.livejournal.com

I very recently copped out and got a Twitter Account too (good gravy): twitter.com/Aachanichiban

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