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hello my names Amber,Ambera,Jellybean,Bambie,Amby,DQ(DRAMA QUEEN),and many other things. you may call me anyone of these

As of latly i have had a huge thing for The Phantom of The Opera, Inuyasha, and Labyrinth. I have also been writing my own fanfics for The Phantom of The Opera,Inuyasha,and some very very mix matched storys with HP charecters my own inuyasha like charecters and Phantom of The Opera charecters . I try to stay true to the origanl charecters personalistys but like everyone i slip up sometimes. I also hope to oneday have my storys eather on this site or another like it.most of my storys are more into the mature content area but some are E rated for...the most part.i also have a love for drawing and like to sit down and draw on my free time,sometimes ill draw charecters from books or movies i even draw up my own charecters and use them in my storys. in my free time i also like to write poems i dont write them often and when i do i just write but i always seem to have a picture that gose with them their very good or atleast that what my friends and family say.i sent in 2 of them but i wont know if the publishers like them for a long while. as hobbies i like to collect things from stupid littel memory trinkets to very meaningful gifts some could even call me a pack rat and to be honest its true i am.

my fav parings are:
Erik/Christine Daae
plus many mix parings

some of my more favored movies are:
French Kiss
SecondHand Lions
5th Eliment
Inuyasha the movie 1&2 (i dont know if i like the other ones becasue i havnt seen them yet)
The Bride
Harry Potter 1, 2 & 3
Queen of The Damned
Van Helsing
and my most favored movie is ...
The Phantom of The Opera

there is many more but i cant think of their names right now

some of my fav books are:
The Girls He Adored
Crimson Moon
Star Dust
Daughters of The Moon
Maximum Ride:The Angel Experiment
Harry Potter 1,2,3,4,&5 (and maybe 6 but im not sure yet ill have to read it)

I am also fond of manga books and have a very nice collection of them
i have almost all the inuyasha books in english plus a inuyasha art gallery book
some ranma1/2
xXxcothic (i think thats what its called ill have to cheak later)
princess ai
and some others ill have to look at them becasue i cant seem to remember all their titels

well now that im done with my profile goodbye and have a very nice day and if i missed somthing youd like to know about me in my profile, which i highly dought, you can always contact me by email or instent message good bye and happy reading

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