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I CHANGED MY NAME AGAIN! From Heidi Of The Woodland Era to HeidiGCGD to Heidikins05.

Thursday, 29th of December

I converted my Pegasus one-shot into a chaptered story! The first chapter is up and ready to go, so please read and review!

About Me:
Name: Heidi
Age: 15
Country: Australia
Likes Writing About: Yu-Gi-Oh at the mo, and used to like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but I'm over them.

About Yu-Gi-Oh and Me:
I like: Yami Bakura, Ryou Bakura, Yami Marik, Malik, Kaiba, Duke, Tristan, Joey and Yugi are alright, and Pegasus is so gay it's funny.
Don't Like: Mai, Tea, Serenity, THE GRANDPA, Yami (he destroys Marik and Bakura, loser).

Music: Just have to put this in here. I LOVE Greenday, Marilyn Manson, Mandy Kane, Placebo, Scissor Sisters, The Used, and J-Pop

Shows: YuGiOh,Gundam SEED (drools), FullMetal Alchemist,Drawn Together, SpongeBob SquarePants, John Safran's Music Jamboree, John Safran VS God, Pizza, I Am Not An Animal, Spicks and Specks, The Glasshouse...

HoTT with a capital double T: Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes, Billie Joe Armstrong, Hamish Blake, Brian Molko...

Fave Writers On Fanfiction: There's too many, but look at my favourite authors and favourite stories lists, the people on there are really good writers. I will however give a shoutout to HerSweetness and The Ramen Ninja - funny girls :D

That's it from me, catch ya on the flipside!

Well, in order to kick start Robyn's trend (and it will be a trend, dammit!) here is a moment of geographical stupidity between me and my friend Robyn, who is in bold.

Quirky Quotes!

... i wish i knew what America looks like on a map O.o

O_O You mean you don't?

no. T_T


i see something labelled "Canada" with Los Angeles and Chicago at the bottom...

XD That's us.

oh, you're attatched to Canada?

Also for HerSweetness - a stupid one-shot she dared me to write about the grossest yaoi pairing she could think of at the time. The pairing will be revealed in the story. Here we go!

Marik and Bakura were bored and decided to go to the Kame Game Shop and pull Yami's hair for fun. And then they would shag him. When they got there, Yami was not behind the counter, Grandpa was.

"Hey Pops, where's Yami-poo?" Marik asked, leaning on the counter.

"Oh, well, I don't know," Grandpa replied in his old codger voice. "But what say I take you boys out back into the kitchen and make you a sausage?"

Marik and Bakura raised eyebrows at each other. "Ohhh... kay..."

So they went into the kitchen and made themselves comfy sitting on the floor. "So where's this sausage Gramps?"

"Why, right... here!" ((CENSORED!))

One hour later

Marik and Bakura left the game shop, rubbing their butts. "Owww!" they whined. "...Let's do that again!"


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