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Author has written 3 stories for Warriors, Inheritance Cycle, and Hobbit.

Hi, Nim here! I love fantasy and I enjoy writing fan fiction for a number of different books and series, primarily Inheritance Cycle and Warriors, although I branch out on occasion. I particularly like to write crossovers, although if you've read IC and Warriors, you know that it would be silly to write a crossover of the two. I can just imagine it: Brambleclaw the Rider! And then you get your Rider name, which ends in -scale, -wing, or -fire...yeah, that'll happen!

As you can tell, I also like to go on wild tangents, but surprisingly, only in nonfiction stuff. Usually. Yay, tangents!

Yeah, you probably think I'm crazy by now. And you'd be right. I have a certificate! (I actually don't, but I want one.)

About me-

I'm the sort of person who buys a $50 sword on eBay just because she doesn't have one, then wears said sword on weekends for no particular reason. I'm also the sort of person who wants her yearbook picture to feature her in elf ears, thinks it's de-evolution to go from cloaks to jackets, and will shout "NO CAPES!" whenever she can get away with it. And enjoys talking about herself in third person.
Hi, Nim here! I'm obsessed with fantasy!

Resident of: Du Weldenvarden, but spends summers in Mirkwood

Gender: What do you think?

Clan: ShadowClan/Dragon Riders

Hair Color: Bright. Fracking. Green.

Eye Color: One violet, one turquoise (has the Grace of procrastination, copy and paste if you get the reference)

Good At: Making things up to put on profiles

Not Good At: Pretty much everything else (especially speaking French).

Quotes I like-

"We're insane but not alone..." - Live to Rise by Soundgarden

"For the sky was hollow and the world was round." - Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

"Knowing is independent of being. I did not know you existed before you bumbled in here and ruined my nap. Yet that doesn't mean you weren't real before you woke me." -Solembum, from Eragon by Christopher Paolini

" No, no, you don't understand. If I prove toads don't exist, then this is a frog and never was a toad. Therefore, the toad you see now doesn't exist." -Angela, from Eragon by Christopher Paolini

"This army." - Aragorn, from RotK movie version

"Here come chunks ofOH MY GOD!!!" - Person Watching a Whale Explode and Filming It


A brief word on cats:
Not only do they have the power of teleportation1, they can also control your mind. It's very subtle, so you never notice it taking effect unless you're watching for it. Signs can be desire to stroke the cat, feed it tuna, or clean up its messes. The rumbling "purring" noise they make is not a sign of pleasure as most people believe-- it's just to make you more relaxed susceptible to their control. For the most part, their mind control is harmless, but WATCH OUT for it if you have just gotten a cat and/or are inexperienced with resisting their control. You may find yourself deeply enthralled and then that's all for you.
People who are entirely impervious to cat mind control often don't realize it. When a cat turns its mental rays on them, they immediately become suspicious, untrusting, and even openly hostile towards the cat but often don't know why. This is the brain's way of rebelling against the attempted mind control and a measure of protection against it. The cat may react similarly to the person and this creates a bond of mutual loathing.

1Tell me you've never suspected this. Tell me in the Ancient Language.

...Wow. Tangents.

All of this was about me and fan fiction. Yup.

Atra du evarínya ono varda.

- Nim

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