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I'm not done yet. It's my first time on this site. Enjoy.

Over the hedge: A new home. Chapter 2 The trick on RJ RJ just woke up after sleeping with the others. He stretched for a few minutes, and he rubbed his eyes for a moment. He looked around and no one was in site. RJ: Vern. Hammy. Stella. Lou. Penny. Ozzie. Heather. Kids?

He looked around the log and they are no were in site. He got up and looked around the forest and still they are no were to be see.

RJ: VERN! Where are you? Its not like you are going to do the heist with out me.

Then he heard his cell phone ringing. RJ ran to the cell phone by the tree. And answered it.

RJ: Unknown caller? Hmmm. Hello.

Cell phone: Help RJ help! Please help us RJ! Save us!

RJ: My family? Where are you?

Cell phone: Hi RJ.

RJ’s face turned into anger.

RJ: Vincent?

Vincent on Cell phone: He he he. This is quite the family you’ve got here. Especially the female possum, ha ha ha.

RJ: Don’t you hurt them!

Vincent on Cell phone: You know what to do RJ.

RJ: (Gulps) All right. Im coming. Ill be there in 5 hours.

Vincent on Cell phone: Make it 4.

RJ: It takes 5 hours to get to you’re cave!

Vincint on Cell phone: RUN FAST NOW! (Hangs up)

RJ takes a big sigh as he hung up the Cell phone. He putted his golf bag on. In his gulf bag is a gulf club, a fishing rod, a picture of his family and a boomerang. He started to run in the direction of the cave.

RJ: How did Vincint find us? And how did my family got into this condition? Don’t worry guys Im coming.

RJ ran as fast as he culled to Vincent’s cave. In about 3 hours and 56 minutes he got there. He got out his fishing rod and swung the end of the string to the top of the cave. He spun it up and started going up. He finally got there and ran strait into the cave.



He ran to the back of the cave to find his family. Once when he got to the back his family was no were in sight.

RJ: Vern! Guys were are you?

Vincint: Ha ha ha ha ha. Hello RJ.

RJ turns around to see Vincint the brown bear just standing there in front of him smiling.

RJ: Where’s my family?

Vincint shows RJ a tape recorder that has his family’s voices on it. RJ gasped and started to shake.

RJ: T-t-they were n-n-n-never h-here?

Vincint shook his head yes and crushed to tape recorder. RJ steps back while looking at Vincint. He started to step back slowly. He culled not get his eyes off of Vincint’s. Vincint walks towards RJ. RJ ties to keep his cool by chuckling.

RJ: He he he. Nice one Vincint very nice. Tell me how did you do it?

Vincint just stairs at him with a grin.

RJ: Come on while were still young!

Vincint growls at him.

RJ: NO! I am not afraid of you anymore! (Gets his gulf club) and I am not doing to be destroyed with out fi- (Vincint punches RJ in the face)

RJ goes flying and hits the back wall. With so much force RJ is in 1 inch of the wall. He opens his eyes slowly. He saw Vincint coming towards him. RJ culled barely speak.

RJ: Ok that was one of you’re best punch.

Vincint: Why thank you RJ. (He lets out his claws)

RJ begins to whimper in pain.

RJ: How could Iv been so stupid?

Vincint puts his claws on RJ’s stomach. RJ starts to cry with tears.

Vincint: You’re right (Wipes away the tears) you are stupid. (Cuting his stomach. RJ lets out a big cry) and a crybaby at that one!

He gets out a digital camera and press the recording button.

Vincint: I can’t wait until you’re family watches this. I won’t kill them just you. I want them to see you suffer, I want them to see you cry in pain.

RJ: You can’t do this! Please Vincint just hear me out…


RJ: Neth-


RJ could not make up his mind. He did not want to die. With a little gulp he answered his question.

RJ: Fast and p-painless.

Vincint: No I think slowly and painfully will do.

RJ: But you just said that I can chose!

Vincint: Let’s not talk about the past shall we?

Vincint grabs RJ by the tail and slams him on the ground. RJ tries so heard not to scream, but it is heard not to. Vincint squeezes RJ’s head a bit harder with his paws.

Vincint: SCREAM!

RJ: Wait! Can I at least say something to my family? Please?

Vincint: All right, shoot.

RJ takes a big sigh and starts to talk to the camera.

RJ: If you are watching this I am already gone away. (Sighs) I love you all and I wish that I had more time but I don’t, so I just want to say…OW!

Vincint scratches his head.

Vincint: Go-ahead RJ cry.

RJ: (Crying) And I r-really love you V-Vern. Y-you are like b-brother to me. And you r-r-really are my brother and I…OW! Vincint!

Vincint: Say that you hate them.

RJ: What?

Vincint growls at RJ.

Vincint: Say it!

RJ: I-I-I-I c-cant.

Vincint putts the camera on a rock and maid the camera facing them. He slams RJ on the ground and presses his claws on his stomach. RJ cries in pain.

Vincint: Say it!

RJ: V-V-Vincint please don’t make me say something bad to the kids.

Vincint gives RJ another scratch on the stomach. RJ whimpers as he held on to his claws.

RJ: (Whispers) I hate you.

Vincint: Louder!


RJ starts sobbing continually. Tears came down his face like waterfalls. Vincint felt a little pity on RJ. So Vincint was done scratching him. He putts his paw on RJ’s stomach.

Vincint: Now since you have suffered. (Putts his claw on his neck) any last words?

RJ could not believe that he is going to die. He looks down at the streets and sees headlights. Which gave him an idea.

RJ: Actually I have 2.

RJ sticks out his claws and pokes Vincint’s hand. Vincint roars in pain. Because of the pain on his hand he releases RJ. RJ runs as fast as he culled to the street. Vincint turns and noticed RJ running away. But comparing to RJ’s small height he is able to dodge Vincint from grabbing him. RJ starts to laugh.


Vincint became angrier. RJ is finally in the road.

RJ: I hope this works.

Vincint’s left hand grabbed RJ’s right hand and his right paw is on RJ’s left arm. Vincint starts pulling him.


Vincint: What are you’re two words?

RJ culled feel his bones being cracked. RJ looks to the right and sees headlights coming. He starts to smile.

RJ: Head lights.

Vincint turns to the right and sees two headlights coming. Vincint covers his face and was ready for impact. The lights pass them. But it was no truck it was two motor cycles passing by.

Vincint and RJ: Awkward.

Bike rider 1: What was that?

Bike rider 2: A wooden bear, dude.

Bike rider 1: What did I say calling me dude?

Bike rider 2: Oops! Im sorry that is called you dude. Oops! Im sorry that I called you dude again dude. Oops! Im sorry that I called you dude again and again, dude. Oops! Im sorry that I…

Bike rider 1: DUDE NO MORE!

Bike rider 2: HYPOCRITE!

They both rode away while arguing. Vincint slowly turns to RJ with a grin. RJ smiles at Vincint and chuckles nervously.

RJ: He he he he. What are the odds of us thinking that those motor bikes are a truck? Ow!

Vincint: Im not laughing, RJ. But I do want to see you cry again. Now CRY!

RJ starts to cry in pain as Vincint starts to pull him apart.

Just then another headlights came by. Vincint saw the headlights. He slams RJ on the ground and puts his foot on his head and starts to squish it.

Vincint: Let me guess this one is a couple of motor bikes? Ooh Im scared!

When the headlights got closer they heard a honking noise.

RJ: (Chuckling) Do motor bikes make that sound? Ha ha.

Who ever is in the truck was sleeping while driving. Vincint could not move. RJ closed his eyes tightly. He thought that the truck is gong to hit them both. But it drove over RJ and hit Vincint instead. RJ opened his eyes and crawled on the road and into the bushes to hide. A guy in an orange suite came out of the truck. It is the Verminator!

RJ: (Thinking) Verminator! I thought that he was in jail for a long time. Somebody must have bailed him out. But who?

RJ tried to keep quiet as he culled. The Verminator walked to the front of his truck and saw Vincint on the front, dropping his jaw.

The Verminator: Well if it isn’t a bear.

He went to the back and got out his wheeling table and strapped Vincint on the table and rolled him to the back and putted him in the back.

RJ: (Whispering) and that is why you don’t mess with a raccoon.

The Verminator sniffed his nose and turned to the direction that RJ hid in. RJ lied down on his back to hide. He putted his hands on his head and shut his eyes tightly.

The Verminator: I know that you are out there and I just want o say thanks for helping me get this bear. But that dose not mean that I will not get you are you’re family. I know where you live. And I will find you and you’re precious family to! (Whispers) Raccoon.

When RJ heard that he gasped in fear and started to whimper.

The Verminator: You’ve got one day to find a new home. Because I am coming for you! HA HA HA HA! Besides, you’re little home forest will be mine! HE HE HE HE HA HA HA HA! MOWAH HA HA HA HA! OK no more. So ya! Remember one day!

The Verminator drove away to were ever he is going. RJ stood up and looked depressed he started to shake.

RJ: One d-day?

He limps to the direction to where the hedge is. All thou he is in so much pain it is taking him longer to get home.

Over the hedge: A new home

Chapter 3

Pain and comfort

RJ finally got to the hedge. He went right through it and fell on the ground because he is very tired and weak. He saw Vern and the others watching TV. Vern turns around to see RJ lying on the floor with many wounds.

Vern: RJ!

Vern ran to RJ and helped him up. The others came and helped him get up to.

Stella: What happened?

RJ: I was simply taking a hike in the mountains and fell and hurt myself. He he. Funny story actually. Right?

Vern and the others helped RJ get to his chair and maid him lie down.

RJ: Ow ow ow! Careful, Im really beaten up.

Vern: BEATEN UP! You said that you just slipped and fell off a mountain?

RJ: Uh…

Stella: Well!

RJ: So I did. What I meant was is that I got beaten by trees as I fell.

Vern noticed that there are 5 little scars on his head. RJ is covering his stomach with his arms so the rest of his family culled not see them. Vern grinned at RJ.

Vern: Are those scars on you’re head?

RJ: NO! Of chorus not!

Stella lifts up her tail.

Stella: Well?

RJ could not think of another lie so he told the truth.

RJ: OK! OK! Just put the tail down Stella.

Stella putted her tail down. They all listened of what RJ has to say.

RJ: I went to see Vincent at Vincent’s cave because I heard you guys on my phone screaming for help. But once when I got to Vincent’s cave you guys weren’t there.

Ozzie: Of chorus not.

RJ: Anyway it was a tape recorder of you’re voices. I fell right into his trap.

Stella: And let me guess he gave you a whooping?

RJ: Ya.

Vern: I like that story better then the other one.

RJ: why?

Vern: because it’s true.

RJ: You got a good point Vern.

Vern: Do they hurt? You’re scars?

RJ looks up at his scars.

RJ: Not very much.

Hammy touches one of the scars on RJ’s head. RJ lifts up his arms.

RJ: Ow! Hammy!

When RJ lifts up his arms they saw his scratch marks on his stomach. They all gasped.

Penny: Jeepers that’s got to hurt.

Lou: Super duperly hurt.

Vern quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped to around RJ’s stomach.

RJ: AH! What did I say about taking it easy?

Vern: Sorry, but that looks in pretty bad shape.

Heather held on to RJ’s right arm to comfort him.

RJ: Careful. My right arm seems to be broken.

Vern: (Sighs) Here we go again. How many times do I have to tell you the arm is not broken? Just swollen.

RJ: Vincint tried to rip me apart. That would explain the cracking bone I heard.

The three little porcupines had two X-ray and brought it over to RJ’s arms.

Vern: Where did you get that?

Buky: We got it for are birthday remember?

Vern: Oh ya.

RJ: So how do they look?

Vern looks at the X-ray that is scanning his arm and left arm.

Vern: Well…


Vern: both you’re arm is out of place. Not broken, if only we can put the arms right back in its sockets and then we culled…

RJ: Or we can call the animal vet and take me to the vet.

Vern nodes his head.

Vern: (Saying this obnoxiously) Ok. lets do that. Lets just call the animal vet and tell them were we are! Ha ha! First of all humans don’t understand animals.

RJ: Ok lets call them.

Vern: I was being obnoxious.

RJ: You’re always obnoxious, amphibian.

Vern: Rep-ti-le! For the 10th time!

Hammy: 20!

RJ and Vern look at Hammy.

RJ and Vern: Hue?

Hammy: You said reptile 20 times.

RJ: You’re a good counter Hamilton.

Hammy blushes.

Hammy: Aw shucks.

Vern: Any way. We have to put those arms back in its socket. Or you will never use them again.

RJ: Good so do we have any numb shots?

Vern: Um no.


Vern: Calm down RJ. It will only take a second. Don’t worry.

RJ starts to cry but he is trying to hold it in. So they can think that he is brave.

RJ: If we do this then there will be a cracking sound. And that will cause some serous pain!

Vern puts his right hand on RJ’s shoulder.

RJ: I-I-I-I…

Vern: Its ok let it out. You don’t have to be brave.

RJ starts to whimper and then he starts to cry and then he starts sobbing. Vern held on to RJ’s head to comfort him even more. He patted his head. The others were watching and waiting for an answer. Hammy starts to whimper.

Vern: Its all right. Tell me of what you’re afraid of.

RJ: The truth is (Sniff) that I a-am afraid of p-p-pain. (Sniff)

The others start to cry even Vern.

RJ: I-I-Iv never (Sniff) b-been so s-scared I-I-in my l-life.

Hammy: This is too sad. Poor RJ.

RJ: H-he (Sniff) scratched deep in my fur. He (Sniff) c-clawed m-my head. (Sniff) H-h-h-he tricked me. I j-j-j-just want him to leave m-m-me alone (Sniff).

Vern: (Sniff) is that why you don’t want to do this?

RJ nodes his head yes.

Vern: RJ (Sniff) you’ve faced him alone and had pain alone. But now you don’t have to face pain alone. We are here for you. We will comfort you as we fix you’re arms.

RJ looks up at Vern.

Vern: We will comfort you. What do you say?

RJ takes a deep breath and nodes his head yes.

Vern: Ok lets do this. Penny and Lou you hold his shoulders. Ozzie you hold his right arm. Heather you hold his left arm. Stella take the kids and Hammy some were ells.

Every body did what Vern told them to.

The triplets: But we want to stay.

Penny: Kids do what uncle Vern tells you.

The triplets: But mom…

RJ: Kids. Ill be fine. Go with Stella and Hammy.

The kids and Hammy followed Stella to the big screen TV.

Vern: OK (Sighs) lets do this.

Everybody is nevus to do this. Even RJ. RJ: Im s-scared. I have never done this before. Vern: Me neither. But I am willing to try. (Sigh) Ok on the count of three Ozzie and Heather, you two push the arms back in its socket.

Heather: But Vern what is it doesn’t work?

Vern: No! But we have got to try.

Ozzie: Are you ready RJ?

RJ: (Shutting his eyes) Uh hue.

Vern: Ok into positions. (Sigh) one…

Penny and Lou held on to RJ’s shoulders tightly.

Vern: Two…

Ozzie and Heather are ready to push the arms back. RJ closed his eyes tightly then ever before.

Vern: Three!

They all held their breath. Ozzie and Heather pushed the arms back to its place. RJ’s arms creaked a little. RJ screamed in pain for only a couple of seconds. Ozzie fainted when he heard the scream.

RJ: AH! (Gasping then panting)

Vern hugged RJ and patted his back as RJ started to cry.

Vern: Its ok. Im here just let the pain flow out of you. Breathe in breath out. Let the pain go.

The others just stood in front of RJ.

Heather: Come on.

Ozzie: You can do it.

Penny hugged Lou and Lou is comforting her.

Penny: The poor dear.

Lou: He can do it.

RJ continued panting heavenly.

RJ: They hurt, Vern. Ow. They really hurt.

Vern: We are family. We stick together. Were here for you. So let the pain go out.

The kids can hear RJ panting so can Stella and Hammy.

Quillo: Come uncle RJ.

Buky: You can do it.

Spike: Come on!

Hammy: Think of cookies. It always makes me feel better.

Finally RJ stops panting and breathes normally.

RJ: It’s gone. The pain is gone.

Everybody cheered and all ran to RJ. RJ fell strait to sleep.

Vern: Easy guys he’s still recovering. So let him sleep.

About 2 hours latter RJ wakes up and he sees a letter on his lap. He picks it up and starts to read it.

To: RJ

Form: Your family

Dear RJ we love you so much. We know that you hear that a lot, but that’s the point. If you hear it a lot you will know. Even thou you used us to get back an angry bear, we would have never met you. You help us provide food. Lots of food, even thou it is dangerous, but you are the type of a raccoon that is full of adventure what will we do without you? But don’t answer that. You will do anything to protect this family, even if you are in danger, but you don’t have to do it alone. Anyway get well soon RJ, Love you’re family.

PS: (Buky) why dose the K word a silent sound on the word know?

PS: (Hammy) when will it rain cookies?

RJ chuckles with a tear coming down his face. And so they all fell asleep. But RJ culled not seep because his family would only have one day in the woods. What can he do?

Over the hedge: A new home

Chapter 3 The danger hiest

Vern woke up and saw that RJ is no were near site again.

Vern: RJ! Were are you?

Vern ran to the spot were RJ was sleeping. Then he looked around the forest.

RJ: Relax Vern. Im here.

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