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Well, what's up? This is Franco Ferrer-San Miguel, and this is my profile. I'm 29 years old (born April 15, 1989). I am the author of Race Against the Clock, which is my actual second fanfic -- though mainly, I'm writing a story called A-Eight, and it's taking my time (and I can't post it here because of the idiosyncratic style I've developed it as: it's in an idiosyncratic script form, as I'm trying to get it developed into a comic) --, but I also like to spend some time reading the stories that are on here. My main interests are:

- singing
- anime
- playing musical instruments
- opening the eyes of the corrupt otakuists
- listening to punk rock
- human rights
- ANARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...among others

I was born in Santurce PR, but I call the US my home for over 15 years. Yeah, I'm a Puertorican. That means I speak Spanish as well. OK, OK; let's make this nicer: while I was living in Puerto Rico, I learned English in the Mid-1990s by watching American shows on TV (Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network included). To simplify: I speak Puertorican Spanish (with bits of other Spanish dialects) and American English; when I write, I always write in British English (how hypocritical I am! -- no, actually, I write in British English [with some uses of US language, like 'cause instead of 'cos -- I never understood that!] because that spelling is far more prettier to my eyes than the American Spelling normally used by the rest of us Puertoricans), but I occasionally write in Mixed Spanish for my translations of my stuff.

Something some of you wouldn't know: I've got ADHD (Adult Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and a Mild Form of Asperger's. If I seem "abrasive" sometimes, it's because of this. However, I'm very sociable (or at least try to be!), unless, of course, you have the intention of harming me or my friends.

I'm also an essayist. I've written several essays (which are now gone, unfortunately, due to MySpace's BULLSHIT decisions) called the Bastardisations of Self, which serve as an inside view of what really goes on in the American otakuism (I did save them from Google Cache, luckily).

As I've mentioned in my interests, one of my interests is Anarchy. I'm an anarchist. As an anarchist, my dislikes are: pimps, blackmailers, misogynists, people who look down on any subculture as subhuman (even otakuism), people who like to act like Big Brother (i.e. watch our every move without impunity), liars, sociopaths, traitors, warmongers, right-wingers, Neoconservatives, Nazis, racists, etc. (My reasons to hate the first 3 I mentioned is a really long story, but it involves what I'm writing right now -- my A-Eight. See "A-eight" section below)

I mentioned that like to play musical instruments. Here's a list of the instruments I play:
- Electric guitar (So far I've got 5: an ESP EC-50 [with a destroyed truss rod head, but still electronically functioning!] , (as of 7/26/2017) a Gibson SGJ [9 years before, I lost an SG, and the luthier refused to repair it, so I had to wait 9 years until I could buy a new one, which I did; I missed playing the SG!] , (as of 5/3/2019) an Ibanez ASR70 (which I bought primarily for Psychedelic Rock stuff/Jazz stuff, and also because Epiphone don't make Casinos [which the ASR70 clones] which join at the 19th fret [save for the Casino Coupé, though with an ES-339 body that's smaller than a normal archtop's] /bigger horns to compensate and give better access for where the fret joins [actually the ASR70 joins at the 17th fret, but has better access to the upper frets, the 19th-22nd] ; all these reasons make the ASR70 a Casino Killer! Plus I changed strings to flatwounds [as I've done with my other two guitars, and it sings better, primarily because the rounds my guitar came with were of a lower gauge and went too deep into the nut, which caused buzzing problems in some strings, especially the G-string, which buzzed a hell of a lot [especially while I practised "Charioteer" by Earth, an excellent song to practise drones and fingerstyle picking, and I was considering changing the nut as well, but the flats [D'addario 11-50, same as my SG, and opposed to my EC-50, which has 10s] solved the problem! [Which makes changing the nut moot, at least temporarily] ), a Lotus Les Paul copy and a Danelectro U2 reissue [these two have the pickups no longer functioning, but I don't have the money at the moment to send 'em to the repair shoppe]. As to why I play electric guitars: I love the sound of an acoustic guitar, but they bring hell to my fingers, so I play electric guitars instead, but then again, I rather like the sounds of an electric guitar, since it's so versatile! Currently, I've bought 2 pedals, a Digitech Whammy V and an Electro-Harmonix Superego Synth Engine -- ostensibly to mimic bagpipes à la Mike Oldfield and/or Stuart Adamson and to recreate "With Or Without You", and I also run the guitar to Logic Pro! [Without counting the Crybaby wah I bought back when I was first starting.] )
- recorders/fipple flutes (Don't judge me! Anyhoo, I've got 3 recorders: a Gill soprano [which is a bitch to play nowadays!] , and a Yamaha YRA-28BIII [perfect for some Irish stuff, and stuff like the part in "Deep Forest/Fukai Mori" and early Os Mutantes stuff, and some other stuff]. The Gill has now been replaced [as of 11/4/2016] by a Peripole Angel Soprano Halo recorder, which is a two-piece recorder! A Joy to play, 'cause the bell doesn't fall off anymore!)
- A Greek El Cheapo (meaning counterfeit but playable) tetráchordo (four-course) bouzouki, which is a fucking joy to play (There are 2 kinds of bouzoukia: the tríchordo (three course), the instrument of choice for rebetiko, and tetráchordo, mainly used for Greek pop music or Irish music [depending on where you live, the Greek tetráchordo is tuned to the top 4 strings of a 12-string guitar (i.e. in 4 doubled courses), and the Irish tetráchordo (or ceithre téada basúcaí in Irish) is tuned like a mandolin - GDAD or ADAD, low to high]). I got it because of several stuff: one was the score to Suspiria (which had 2 [probably 3] bouzouki-based riffs on it: "Suspiria", "Sighs", and [possibly] "Black Forest"), Mike Oldfield's use of it on Ommadawn and Amarok, and the aforementioned rebetiko songs and Irish music (stuff like Planxty [with Dónal Lunny and Andy Irvine] , Declan Masterson, and Alec Finn). I'm considering adding an Irish tetráchordo bouzouki/ceithre téada basúcaí to my instruments - stay tuned for updates!
- A Korg MS2000 synthesiser (A great synthesiser! I can even play the Suspiria theme on it, as well as the bassline in Autobahn)
- A Hohner Organa 30 Model 348 electric reed organ -- my first harmonium! I kept trying to find a proper harmonium that wasn't an Hindustani harmonium, y'know the ones the Hindus pump with their hands rather than their feet, but this one, an electrically fan-blown harmonium, was a chance buy, so I bought it on eBay with a new account I made, thanks to good advice from Edgar Rodriguez, an old acquaintance of mine, and I'm not even regretting this buy!!!! I have written a few parts for the Harmonium, especially several parts in the Electronic Tone-Poem A-Eight, plus, I've mastered "Vaka", "Nearer My God To Thee", "Shockheaded Peter", "C'est Fini", "No Cars Go", "La Guerre est Finie", "Music for a Found Harmonium" (the quintessential harmonium piece!), "Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram" (the bhajan Gandhi and his followers sang and played), "The Teutonic Camp (Peregrinus Expectavi)" and a few others.
- A crappy K-Tone Violin Bass copy (it looks like the Höfner that Paul McCartney plays), which has finally been replaced by...
- An Epiphone Viola, which I bought for Christmas! It has a better bridge, the neck is better glued... I love playing this bass! The two remaining strings of the K-Tone have been absorbed into this bass, as have the tuners from it too! The Tuners from the Epiphone just couldn't take either stretching or me putting it in fifths, like Georgie Born! I plan on getting higher quality tuners soon for either of the basses though! (However, I've since changed the strings to flatwounds, like McCartney does too [albeit at a higher gauge than he plays, and the two strings, plus one I temporarily put on my bass -- all of 'em roundwounds -- will be used as spares.)
- A musical saw (Primarily for stuff like the main theme from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
- An Agnatone El Cheapo Mandolin which I can't play, which has finally been replaced by...
- A Fender MandoStrat 8, which I received today (4/4/2014)! (I bought this mandolin because of FM's work with the electric mandolin. This mandolin is a joy to play! I've learned some of FM's music on it [as well as Nash the Slash's stuff] . Definitely a keeper!)
- Bodhrán (an Irish frame drum). I mainly got this because of Mike Oldfield's uses of it on Ommadawn and Amarok (Tyrying to figure out those "bodhrán shoes"! I finally did so, though.)
- A mismatched tabla set bought at Ten Thousand Villages (the bayan [bass drum] in the set is made of clay instead of metal), but it still gets the job done
- Mellotron, Chamberlin, and Orchestron samples (I can't afford a real Mellotron - an early sampler which used tapes - so I use samples instead)
- Software synths: Arturia Minimoog V, Arturia Moog Modular V, Arturia ARP 2600V, Arturia Oberheim SEM V, Arturia Matrix-12 V, Arturia CS-80V, Arturia Prophet V2, Arturia Jupiter 8V, Arturia Synclavier V, Arturia Vox V, Arturia Farfisa V, Minimonsta, M-Tron, Oddity, Dexed, Full Bucket 3100/3300, Full Bucket Mono/Fury, Korg's official synth emulations, XILS 3 (emulates EMS VCS3/Synthi-A), OB-Xd, V-Sampler and/or Logic Pro EXS24 (for samples)
- A Korg electribe sampler (the lower-case in this is deliberate!), which I'm using as a drum machine; I've loaded samples from the 3 Linns (LM-1, LinnDrum, and 9000), the Oberheim DMX/DX, the E-mu Drumulator (in its standard stock bank and the Rock Drums used by Cocteau Twins and others), the Roland TR-707, and the Sequential Circuits DrumTraks (AKA Chromeo's drum machine). I've so far recreated "777-9311", "Maman a tort", "Playgirl", "When Doves Cry", "Giant" (That song alone was responsible for making me attempt to find Linn LM-1 samples!), "Perfect", "I've Been Waitin' For Tomorrow (All Of My Life)", and several others, as well as composing my own sequences.

Favourite music (this is almost from memory, and it has some acts that weren't originally in the list, but since MySpace [CUNTS!] and changed their sites, this is as good as I can go with the list [I've since recently found the actual list! I'll upload the image with it as soon as possible] ) :
Human League, Mediawolf (a band I actually wanted to work with -- 2 of my buddies/schoolmates were in that band), Rod Argent, Malice Mizer, Rammstein, The Beatles, Terry J. Sanks (another buddy/schoolmate of mine - a rapper), ABN (Belgian rap group), Osdorp Posse, Niggaz With Attitude/NWA, The Virus, Sex Pistols, Public Image Ltd., The Unseen, The Moody Blues, The Chieftains/Ceoltoíri Chualann/Seán Ó Riada, Manfred Mann (with or without the Earth Band), Manólis Chiótis, Márkos Vamvakáris, Vassílis Tsitsánis, Poll, Vangélis, Nana Mouskouri, Da Arabic MCs (DAM), Marshall Mathers (Eminem), Nasir "Nas" Jones, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Linkin Park, DMX, ACDC, Los Cuates de Sinaloa (a narcocorrido group), Big Rat, Tech N9ne, Gary Numan, Nena (Gabrielle Kerner), Mecano, Pizzicato Five (early), Jean-Marc Cerrone ("Supernature, Supernature..."), Goin' Through ("Kaliméra Elláda, sou milai o NiVo!"), Mari Hamada, Rush, Sublime, Kraftwerk, Los Abandoned, Enrique Bunbury, Juan Esteban "Juanes" Aristizabal, Kinto Sol, Molotov, Falco, Wendy Carlos, Popol Vuh (German band), Tangerine Dream, Do As Infinity, TM Network, Jorge Drexler, Off Course, Clannad, Goblin, Heart, Ha-Ash, The Who, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Public Enemy, Coldplay, GWAR, Plasmatics, Mike Oldfield, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Propaghandi, Devo, Aqua (Yes, the Danish pop group - don't judge me!) Ravi Shankar, Susumu Hirasawa, Lucio Dalla, some early reggaeton stuff (before it got all technoey), Fabolous, Lit, Sevendust, 311, Eurythmics, Jethro Tull, Little T (Tim Fite) and One Track Mike, Visage, Genesis (Particularly the Peter Gabriel/Steve Hackett eras), The Clash, Beirut, Mother Mother, Sarah Slean, Frank Zappa, FM (Canadian prog-rock band), Peter Gabriel (Mr. Genesis himself!), Wretched, Ganymed (MUSIC TAKES US HIGHER!), Modest Mouse, Raimundo Fagner (early stuff), the La Bionda Brothers, Daft Punk, Roxy Music, Carlos Santana, Secret Machines, Mikis Theodorakis, System of a Down, Tool, Van Der Graaf Generator, Rick Wakeman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Creed, Adema, Jimi Hendrix, Os Mutantes, Neu!, U2, Berlin, Cypress Hill, Air, The Postal Service, Muse, King Crimson, Dethklok (Brendon Small), Anasthesia (little known Norwegian crossover black metal band), Iron Maiden, Blondie, Accept, The Doors, Deep Purple, Can, Kittie, P.O.D., Korn, Queen, Bloc Party, Nirvana, Green Day, The Ramones, The Minutemen, Kaka DeLuxe, Paraíso, La Unión, Bernardo Bonezzi/Los Zombies, Patti Smith, Wire, Krzysztof Penderecki, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Den Haag Connection, Appa, Mohammed Sheb (Mo$heb), Ferdi Baba (both of us, amazingly, share the same birthday!), Aoife ní Fhearraigh, Joy Division/New Order, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Busta Rhymes, Violent Femmes, Coil, The Offspring, Blink-182 (early stuff - up to 2005), Simple Plan, New Found Glory, NOFX, Rancid, In-Grid, Dead Kennedys, Arcade Fire, Iconz, 50 Cent (although he's sometimes arrogant -- "I'm like God to You Niggaz" much?), Metric, Simon & Garfunkel, Amon Düül II, Brian Dewan, Franz Ferdinand, Lene Lovich, Sum 41, The Strokes, Soundgarden, The Cranberries, Sunforest, Black Flag, The Stranglers/Jean-Jacques Burnel, Planxty, Paul Giovanni (guy who composed the score to the 1973 version of The Wicker Man), Sagrado Coração da Terra/Marcus Vianna, Sepultura, Alpha Team (of "Speed" fame), Frankie Goes to Hollywood, ABC, The Cambridge Buskers/Classic Buskers, Oh! My Blackbird, Kaoru Ishibashi, Geinô Yamashiro-gumi (affectionately called by me as "The Geinohs"), Hellogoodbye, Ludacris, Inti-Illimani, Jean-Michel Jarre, Ladytron, Superior/Su Goodacre (of "Polaroid Millennium" fame), New Radicals, Billy Joel, Bob Marley, Ice-T/Body Count, Biosphere, Ice Cube, Andre "Dr. Dre" Young, Bananarama, Ben Folds, Archive, Akwid, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Crooked Stilo, Cake, The Casualties, Alec R. Costandinos, Imiskoumbria, Midnight Oil, The Police, Weezer, Neon Indian, Wavves (these last two I heard of because of an Hey Arnold! fanfic which used to be here called "Gimme Brains, Blonde Boy" -- does anyone have a copy of this fanfic? please send me a copy! I'm stuck without knowing what happened on the 12th chapter --, and I liked them since 8-31/9-1 of this year), Alice in Chains; Lasse Helner & Mathilde Bondo, Space, Dearly Beheaded, Nujabes, The The, Donovan Leitch, Japan, Soft Cell, Art of Noise, The Sundays, Jamiroquai, Mylène Farmer, Jonathan Richman, Scientist, Grateful Dead, Jacob Jeffries, Madlib, Charanjit Singh, Laid Back (them of "White Horse" fame), Oppenheimer Analysis, Chambao, Ella Yenich "Lorde" O'Connor, XTC, The Waitresses, Anohni, Röyksopp, The Used, I Signori Della Galassia, John Martyn, Nick Drake, Crass, Yumi (Arai) Matsutoya, Her's, Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares/Bulgarian State Radio Women's Choir
... and anyone else I forgot to mention

Favourite films (again, done from memory, but these also happen to be in my bookcase meant for DVDs; this isn't a top faves list):
Spoorloos (pronounced phonetically as "SPOHR-LOHS"; better known as "The Vanishing"); Das Boot (Pronounced phonetically as "DAHS BOHT"!); Suspiria; The Wicker Man (1973 version); Disturbing Behaviour, Mad Max I; Casino, Clerks.; The first two films of the Terminator saga; One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest; The Boondock Saints; The Aviator; A Clockwork Orange; The Shining; Dr. Strangelove; Bonnie and Clyde; Shaun of the Dead; GoodFellas; the Godfather saga; Black Sunday; Reservoir Dogs; Pulp Fiction; the Kill Bill saga; If... (I consider that to be the Holy Grail of Anarchism!); Les Diaboligues; Le Corbeau; Tenebre; Aguirre, Der Zorn Gottes (Aguirre, the Wrath of God), Stroszek, (La Femme) Nikita; The Hindenburg; The Wizard of Oz; The Cassandra Crossing; A Beautiful Mind; The Graduate; A Streetcar Named Desire; The Untouchables; American Beauty; Casper; Bronenosets (Battleship) Potyomkin; Scarface; Fatal Attraction; Misery, Psycho; The Birds; Vertigo; Children of a Lesser God, Insomnia (1997 version - this is how I first heard of Anasthesia), Z; Traffic; Throne of Blood/Spider's Web Castle; Ran; several of Bruce Lee's films; The Poseidon Adventure, Lifeforce; the 1999 version of The Ring; the 2002 version of The Grudge; Hotel Rwanda; Jumanji; Gandhi; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (the 1955 version - the only version I saw complete); the Ivan the Terrible saga (its 2 only films - I curse the fact that the 3rd was never made!); Alexander Nevsky (the 1995 restoration); Fantasia; Early Disney stuff, before its demise; Atlantis: The Lost Empire; (Escape to) Victory; Jean de Florette; Jubilee; Solyaris/Solaris; the 2004 adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera; The Bourne Supremacy; Running Time; Persona, Ingmar Bergman's (last name pronounced "Berryman") adaptation of The Magic Flute (Trollflöjten); The Crucible; Peeping Tom; The Passion of Joan of Arc; The Devils (of Loudun); Lisztomania; The Doors; Pink Floyd The Wall; Deliverance; Wall Street; the 1984 adaptation of Nineteen Eighty-Four; Audition; the Killing Fist saga (more commonly known as the Street Fighter saga - I dunno why); Signs; The Sixth Sense; Six Women for the Murderer (Blood and Black Lace), Mujeres al borde de un ataque de "nervios"; Tacones Lejanos (more commonly known as High Heels, much to Álmodovar's chagrin!); Los Amantes de Tetuán/Amantes (Lovers); Volcano; Dante's Peak; St. Helens; Akira; Saint Clara/Clara Hakedosha (film that introduced me to Anarchy as a concept); Coma; Perfect Blue, Interstella 5555; Blade Runner; Metropolis (both 1927 and 2001 films); Who Framed Roger Rabbit; The Battle of Algiers; Sunset Boulevard; Fight Club; The Third Man; DOA (1988 version); Dellamorte Dellamore; The Rock; The Saint; several of the James Bond films; The Nightmare Before Christmas; The Longest Day; Tora Tora Tora; Come and See; Night of the Living Dead; La Caduta Degli Dei (The Damned); The Baby-Sitter's Club (don't judge me!); Up in Smoke; Alice in Wonderland (particularly the 1951 version, but I do like the 2010 version, even though the '51 is my personal favourite); the Friday series; the Dr. Phibes series; Black Jack; Distrik Nege/District 9; Independence Day; Hook, Les Lèvres Rouges/Daughters of Darkness; Trances

...among others

Favourite TV series (this isn't a top faves list):
- Anime:
Red Baron (rare 1994 anime which is underappreciated; you can search for it on YouTube or on , where a project is underway to bring the ultimate version of the series using Japanese inserts and dual Spanish/Japanese Audio [it never received an English dub]); Neon Genesis Evangelion; Cowboy Bebop; most of the Gundam series (with the exception of Seed, 00, and Unicorn -- all three of which I didn't see much of the episodes); Outlaw Star, Bible Black (even though it's not on TV), the Dragon Ball saga (mostly Japanese or the Spanish Dub [anything that keeps the original music!, unless an alternate English dub with the original music is done -- I can't stand Funimation!); Strawberry Marshmallow; Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (known here as Ronin Warriors); the three shows which comprised Robotech (although I only saw some of Macross and Mospeada); Gatchaman/G-Force; Haunted Junction; Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex; Tekkaman Blade II (again, not on actual TV); Angel Sanctuary (again, not on actual TV); Nadia of the Mysterious Seas/The Secret of Blue Water; Interplanetary Psalm Eureka 7; AnoHana; Bleach (even though it's trés populaire!); The Big-O; GoLion; Goshogun; Saint Seiya ... among others
- Normal western animation (yes, cartoons and anime are the same thing!):
Hey Arnold! (just recently [for the 2nd time] rediscovered this series); Futurama; Family Guy (my YouTube channel's handle comes from an actual joke done here!); Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends; Fairly OddParents; the Once Upon a Time metaverse (great French series); the Dick Bruna Cartoons (particularly the ones done during early '90s-Early 2000s); Archibald the Koala; Early Aqua Teen Hunger Force (right up to season 4 -- before the constant title changes); Sealab 2020... among others
- Normal TV:
The original House of Cards trilogy, Quatermass and the Pit... and others I've forgotten to mention

Characters I would love to date if they're available (now, before anyone gets a cow reading this section: they are ficticious characters! They do not exist! That aside, some of them will share spots, not because of them being the same character, but rather because they tied for the spot. Also, they should be in their late teens-early 20s. This also doubles as a favourite female characters list. Without further ado):
- Asuka Langley Sôryû (Evangelion)/Helga Geraldine Pataki (Hey Arnold!) [Good reason they share the top position - they're each other's equivalents!]
- Jessica (Zeshika) Albert (Irish: Seasaidh ní Ailbhe) (Dragon Quest VIII)
- Naruko Anjô and Meiko Honma (Ano Hana)
- Yui Aihara and Yuna Ichinose (the Onamaid series)
- Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion)
- Eleanor ("Erina") Mercer (Honey Blonde)
- Orihime Inoue/Rangiku Matsumoto/Yoruichi Shihôin (Bleach - the third one is due to one of my tastes in girls: I like girls with dark skin; don't judge me!)
- Jessica Krupnick (The Roger Rabbit metaverse)
- Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell metaverse)
- a few of the characters in Bible Black (in spite of the fact that 2 of them are really fucking evil)
- Melfina (Outlaw Star)
- Rei Ayanami (Evangelion)
- Rain Mikamura (G Gundam)
- Ai Amano (Video Girl Ai)
- Hikari Horaki (Evangelion)
- Ritsuko Akagi (Evangelion) [Honestly - maniacal fake blondes aren't my thing, but I'd still go with her]
- Grandis Granva (Nadia of the Mysterious Seas/The Secret of Blue Water)
- Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy VII - in spite of being trés populaire)
- Astarte [adult body!] (Tokyo Red Hood)
- Hanako Hasegawa (Haunted Junction)
- Meryl (Metal Gear Solid/Policenauts)
- Nami (One Piece; let's be honest: shows that is either too popular (ironically including Bleach, even though 3 of the girls of that show are amongst the top 10!), has too many episodes or runs too long I don't consider. She may have a bangin' body, but her series is running too long. Find an end, and then we'll talk!)
- Tsunade Senju (Naruto; same reason)
- any of the girls from the original Tenchi metaverse (ditto)
- Nadia l'Arvall (Nadia of the Mysterious Seas/The Secref of Blue Water) [There's a reason why she's this low on the list - it's not because she's simply the least favourite, but more because of her US voice actress, Megan Nicole Bauman-Shideler. I had a misunderstanding with her, but as a result, me and Meg are not speaking. As a result, I no longer watch The Secret of Blue Water, except in some cases -- I now watch it [if at all] to marvel at how Meg had changed from the girl who was proud of her work in the show, to a girl who quickly stops speaking if any one thing is said about her career.)

Favourite pairings (this isn't a top faves list; it's the ones that come to the top of my head) :
- Canon pairings:
Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Sôryû (from Neon Genesis Evangelion); Arnold Phillip Shortman and Helga Geraldine Pataki (from Hey Arnold!); Naruko Anjô and Jinta Yadomi (from AnoHana); Jessica Albert and Eito/Hero (from Dragon Quest VIII); Eleanor "Erina" Mercer and Masaki Yumioka (from Honey Blonde); Tifa Lockheart and Cloud Strife (from Final Fantasy VII); Nadia l'Arvall and Jean-Roque Raltique (from Nadia of the Mysterious Seas/The Secret of Blue Water) Ai Amano and Yôta Moteuchi (from Video Girl Ai)
- Non-canon (or alternate canon pairings):
From Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji Ikari and any of the following: Misato Katsuragi (There were hints of that) or Rei Ayanami (ditto, but the problems with Rei, somewhat ironically, kinda negate this relationship somewhat); Jinta Yadomi and Meiko Honma (from AnoHana)


If any of you has watched Evangelion, you'd also be familiarised with the thousands upon thousands of Rule-34 images that have flooded the world; these include dôjinshi (fan-comics). The original A-Series (the "A" standing for "Asuka") is one of those dôjinshi that have become part of the élan.

For those who don't know the plot, here's a summary I made for the preface of A-eight:

"...the plot of the A-Series is quite simple-yet-complex: A prostitution ring running out of the EVA-pilots' school has kidnapped Shinji. Why, you ask? To pervert poor Asuka so they could use her as just another whore. This perversion is slowly taking place throughout 5 comics. But WHY does she continue to submit to this perversion, you ask? So she could get Shinji back, as she has a kinda crush on him (why shouldn't she?). Anyhoo, this perversion comes to a head on the 6th comic, where the whole ring have sex with her, forcing Shinji to watch while Hikari (here, depicted as one of the ring's collaborators/victims), in turn rapes him while he watches a purposely-deaf-and-blind (as in headphones and glasses) Asuka have sex with the ring. By the end of the comic, the leader of the ring (posing as a teacher in the comics; I gave him the name "Sôichiro Sôma", as Izurumi never gave that character a name) has an unexpected surprise for her: Shinji has been in the room the whole time. By this point, if you had a hope of seeing Shinji and Asuka freed, you're sorely mistaken, as in the last comic (there were only 7 comics made), the perversion is much more full-blown. Nearing the end of the comic, a now-emotionally reduced Shinji pathetically wanks to the sight of his friend being whored out. Unfortunately, he is caught by Sôma and is taken to the room she is in. The two are left alone for a 60-minute session during which they can do anything they like. Unfortunately, the comic ends in a down note with the two kids apologising to each other."

...sounds downright cruel, doesn't it??? Because of those comics, I changed my tune on how I wanted to read anything done by a fan. Before that, I used to think that all that stuff was really far out, but after reading what happened to Asuka in those comics, I decided that it was not my cup of tea. As a result, I, along with some others, have decided that we should stick with stories that have sexual situations, of course, but the key word for these now is consent.

As you can probably guess, I really hated the end of the comic, and I swore that that bastard Izuru Azumi (who goes by the name Izurumi) wouldn't weasel his way out of this, and I started making the outline for this new story, A-eight. It also helps that I was amused with Asuka's antics at first, but with the A-series, I now viewed Asuka [and still do, to this day!] as a tragically misunderstood heroine, and loved her for it. While revelling in this newfound love, I made a comment that Asuka should be respected (which I mistakenly wrote as "The woman"), and I got "stones thrown" by this user called UnknownVet. Another user, Kouchou, gave me an idea:

"To me the groundwork for Shinji and Asuka's rebellion has been laid. Knowing Asuka's temperament, knowing that Shinji believes in her, trusts her, loves her regardless, would be more than enough for her to be so motivated that she kicks the teacher's skull into pieces when he shows up again.

She is a Tsundere after all. What happens to the other students involved? That kinda depends if Major Katsuragi is a member of this universe. Shinji would probably spill the beans to her, and you don't want to get in the way of an angry momma bear."

With these words, I started writing a rough idea template for the story. Both ideas that Kouchou gave me went into the draft, though there were some differences (Spoiler alert):

- The names of the collaborators were switched, and both shared the same end fate (in the new and final story draft, only Izuru Shindô gets his throat cut [as per the original draft, and Mugen Seki's fate is borrowed straight from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest).
- Likewise, Mugen Seki was to accompany Sôma on the descent to hell; in the new draft, it is Izuru Shindô. (In my defence, I got names and people mixed up: when I came up with the alternate first bit, Izuru Shindô was supposed to die like McMurphy; however, reading Repair and Restore [which I'll explain in a few moments] I reversed the characters: Seki dies like Randle McMurphy, and Izuru Shindô accompanies Sôma.)
- The mantra Asuka says after Seki's death is different.
- Originally, it was supposed to be Asuka and Hikari who lured the collaborators (and, ultimately, Sôma himself) to their deaths; however, I changed it for the final draft - Izuru and Seki are lured by Hikari and Shinji dressed as a woman, and Misato lures Sôma; consequently, Asuka and Hikari only go once -- when they try to find Tôji, and find Kimitoshi Araki instead.
- Misato's role. Originally, she was supposed to appear in what is now Act 7b, but increasingly, her role got more and more increased: she then was to first appear in act 5, but then later, I must've read telepathically one of Kouchou's "Suggestions", because I made Misato more involved in the story, and so, Misato first appears in Act 1. And she proves herself to be even more malicious than Asuka. (I mean: burning a guy who tried to attack the three Kids [Asuka, Shinji, and Hikari] alive, shooting Kimitoshi Araki's lifeless corpse [or ordering his execution] -- not even Asuka would do that!)
- Likewise, Tôji's role. In both drafts, he's revealed to be a double agent. However, that information is revealed differently. Tôji was supposed to have appeared in what is now act 9 (Asuka and Hikari having decided to not bother bringing retribution to him) but I expanded his role too, starting from act 4. (And it's also remembered that Tôji was the one who administered beatings to Shinji, so his NERV status is revoked.) Also, as explained, Tôji was to have been left off the list, but now, Asuka adds him to the list, knowing that Tôji would be a roadblock in the path to vengeance (and this is proven right in the climax, act 8).
- During the attack on Hikari, Shinji was to easily convince Asuka that killing Hikari wouldn't serve anything, and Asuka easily spares her. Now, this is not the case. It takes an empty threat from Shinji to get Asuka to talk to Hikari, and Hikari's revelation that Sôma had betrayed her (not in the original draft) finally convinces Asuka to allow Hikari to join her. However, their respective determinations are polar opposites of each other (Asuka is a patient woman, and Hikari wants immediate action), and the two butt heads as a result.
- Sôma's death was supposed to end at his dismemberment. However, when one considers psychological factors in pent-up anger, it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination if Asuka went berserk and took out all her frustration and pent-up rage on Sôma's dying body.

... other than that, the rest of the draft remains exactly as written.

However, Kouchou had his own idea for an ending of A-eight. His ideas boil down to these:

- One of the more stupider ones: Tôji is one of the good guys. (It seems to me that Kouchou did not read [or, worse, forgot] A-one, where Tôji can clearly be seen hitting Shinji!) Kensuke is also one of the good guys. [Kensuke did make it into the final draft, however.]
- Hikari is rescued first.
- Rei is used as a lure to stop Seki and Kurotani.
- Misato remains the agent of vengeance. However, by contrast to my A-eight's use of team dynamics, Misato only uses JSSDF for one occasion:
- Sôma's death. "The final confrontation shows Misato and Sôma meeting on a hilltop. She confronts Sôma with the evidence of his running a prostitution ring (and the fact that Seki and Kurotani/Shindô sold him out in exchange for a light sentence. [Sôma] then tries to attack Misato, and they struggle for the gun she has. She manages to kick him in the nuts and dives for where her gun landed after their initial struggle, she turns around to get a bead on him, but he's started to run further into the hills. [Sôma] ends up in a firing zone for the JSSDF. An image would show orders being given to an officer leading an artillery battery. The artillery battery opens fire, as they're conducting a live fire test. You get a shot of the teacher looking into the sky with a wide eyed look of shock." He wanted to imply that Misato was the one who ordered it.
And finally, the more damaging one:
- Asuka remains the damsel in distress! "Play up the romance between Shinji and Asuka. Something along the lines of him telling her to keep faith and to trust him, and that he'll get her out. This would set up continued images, throughout the work, of the teacher trying to sexually break Asuka again, while she remains defiant, knowing that Shinji will try to get her out." During what would be Sôma's death, a split-panel would be used: one for the final confrontation; "on the other hand you'd have Shinji approaching the place where Asuka is being kept. Shinji slowly makes his ways through the building where Asuka is kept. Shinji searches through the building, but only finds a bunch of empty rooms. In the end, Shinji finds Asuka but she's hooded, gagged and heavily restrained. Shinji has removed the gag and hood, but Asuka doesn't seem to be breathing. He shouts out her name."

The dénouement was supposed to take place in the hospital, with Asuka recovering. In the end, both declare their love for each other.

What Kouchou wanted was an ending far more removed than the one I wrote! The ending smacks too similar to the one done a few months later called Repair and Restore.

In this one: An (apparent) old man is given a session with Asuka. Before any of them get down to business, though, the old man puts her to sleep. It is revealed here that the "old man" is none other than a Teenaged JSSDF agent named Kei, and he and other JSSDF soldiers have staged a rescue mission (probably on orders from Gendô and Misato) to rescue Asuka, Hikari, Shinji, and other victims of the ring. The raid goes off as planned. Kurotani (the guy who gave Kei the session) gets killed by Kei during the raid. Sôma (here given the name of Takikawa) fares somewhat better (emphasis on "somewhat"): he is shot in the leg by Kei, and Takikawa takes the rap for all that he did. Asuka wakes up in Kei's car a free girl. They have a discussion on what happened, with Asuka in her usual snarky self. But neither she nor Kei are out of the woods yet. Some Yakuza members, having caught wind about what happened to Asuka and Takikawa (freedom and arrest, respectively), decide to take revenge. However, they do not count on Kei's expertise. The mobsters are killed after a firefight. In the aftermath, Kei, in spite of Asuka's protests, takes her to the hospital. In the hospital, a near disaster: Kei brings Kyôko's death up in light of what happened to Asuka in the A-series, and she immediately gets angry, hitting Kei. The story ends with Asuka on the sure path to recovery, but considering that this story was to take place before Arael, the recovery won't last long...

Essentially, what Kouchou wanted me to do was to write a story similar to this one! I got hurt by it, and tried defending myself, even offering Kouchou to see some films that influenced the story (mainly the well known UK film Matthew Hopkins: Witchfinder General, which has a plot similar to my A-eight). Unfortunately, he did not want to understand the story, and even called me "death-obsessed." "You essentially made it a guro, and it's a very particular niche who cares for that type of stuff."

He also tried to justify some of his choices, by pointing out where I'd "gone wrong":

"Also there's the issue of characterization:
- Misato does fit the: "momma bear who will kill to protect her offspring" role, I mean, she gave her life to get Shinji into Unit 01. And she's shown herself to be crafty as well, what with her undermining Gendo with regards to the Shinji issue. So that does leave the reader guessing, did she or didn't she, and that type of ending is fine if left unanswered.
- Shinji is a spineless wimp at first, which are also characteristics he displays in the A-series. For him to be able to kill, or to participate in the killing of someone, there's a few small window of requirements that need to be hit. And [FFSMNRK89's] story didn't hit those requirements. The argument of mental torture only goes so far, because the NGE series/films show us how Shinji reacts to stuff like that. Having him finding a spine and then slowly growing into the hero role on the other hand, is something which does fit with what we know of his psyche. Heck, the Re-Take series is predicated on that very notion and I'd hardly call that bad writing, would you?
- Asuka. Yes, she has a temper. One strong enough to kill? Maybe, but considering much of her behaviour is simply a smokescreen to hide her emotional and mental fragility. Considering all she went through, considering how the A-series ends, her snapping and going V on them just doesn't seem to fit with the character. Neither the one shown in the cannon material or the hentai series at the heart of this discussion. If, that last volume hadn't occurred, then I could see room for her going Yandere and snap. But with the last volume being what it is, it just doesn't seem to fit.
- And then there's the issue of Hikari, who's as much a victim as Asuka, and who's been under the mental dominion of the teacher for long enough to have Stockholm Syndrome kick in, being treated as if she's no different from the teacher or his goons. Even with the rewrite that [FFSMNRK89] did, she was still left holding the short end of the stick really. As if somehow, her pain and suffering was less than that of Asuka's?"

Obviously he was trying to wipe his ass. During this back and forth, UnknownVet switched sides to me (after I explained my choice of words).

Now, let's compare. If you want total sugarcoated stuff, Kouchou's version is great for just that. However, my version of A-eight and Repair and Restore are a bit close to real life, but my version of A-eight, in spite of the supernatural elements, has some more of truth in it, particularly when one takes into account how slaveowners have been known to die, and also taking into account the story of Sara Kruzan. Ultimately, in the end, only a few of Kouchou's ideas were kept: Misato being one of the agents of vengeance, Kensuke appearing in the story. (Ironically, I also kept one important bit: Shinji is supposed to be cowardly, so I made him constantly questioning Asuka's behaviour, trying to be the good conscience. He makes a turnaround in act 4.)

In between arguments, my last computer (a desktop) was crashing constantly, but we managed to save the drive, and put another one. During this intermission, I couldn't go to (which is where the idea originated from), because of my short memory, but I could start writing a new draft. I began to think that maybe a short novella type wouldn't do any good for A-eight, so I decided, to divide it into acts, like an opera. (The opera influence was also present in the Prologue and Epilogue, which is basically a bookend of Asuka narrating the story.) By this point, making a comic was moot, and I decided to make it into a novella, with two different narratives, but with the exact same story. I finished the draft around June 2011, and Work started almost as soon as possible. However, I went through writer's block when my friend, who at first supported me, decided to bow out. I went through a rough patch. In the end, somewhere along the line, I realised I was getting too ambitious for my own good, and decided to scale back on the project, and decided to return to its roots: a comic version. 'Round December of that year, I started work on the script -- I copied the compromise safety version (which contained Asuka introducing the story, and then the narrative meant for the 2nd version), and formatted it into its idiosyncratic script form which I've recently used (since 2008). For this reason (aside from the horror aspect of it), A-eight will not appear here (apparently, this site doesn't allow script type fanfics - the script is meant, however, for the comic version to be made), but it will appear on DeviantArt (not to hate on this site, because it is good!). The writing status so far (not in DA, but in its development): I've gotten some of acts 5, 7a, 7b, and 9; Most of acts 2, 4, and 8; and one whole act: act 1 and the prologue.

People who are my friends/allies (or consider them as friends/allies) [A note: when I call someone my friend (those fanfic authors I've talked with, and some voice actors - Caity Medrek being one example), I call them so because they're a good friend to have; people I consider allies (voice actors and film directors in particular, as well as some politicians and a few designers like Benkyo Tamaoki and Craig Bartlett -- both of which I've never met) people who are kindred spirits and share a philosophy similar to mine; Underlined text are friends, italicised text are allies, text with both are people with aspects of both (and there are people like that!)]
- Caitlynne Medrek (Canadian voice actress)
- Francesca Marie Smith
- Ashley Elizabeth Buccille (aside from being Lila's voice: she definitely has a sense of humour and a sharp mouth -- I think of her as a younger Patti Smith [punkrock musician])
- Alex Livanós
- Craig Bartlett
- Amelia Maria "Mia" DeJesus-Perales/YourEveryDayMia
- Uriel Andres Barajas-Albuquerque (Much love to you! He draws really cool Hey Arnold fanart [under UrielManX7])
- Tara Gandhi-Brown (Writes fanfics here under stargal2636)
- UnknownVet (I don't know his real name)
- Hideaki Anno (in terms of kinship)
- Benkyo Tamaoki (ditto)
- Ken Russell (film director; RIP)
- Megan Nicole Bauman-Shideler (we may have had some ups and downs, but I still view her as my sister (or the sister I never had -- although I do have a sister in real life; I mean in terms of friendship), and I want to make amends with her; she's Nadia's voice actress in The Secret of Blue Water)
- Kensoh Ogawa/Fukudahda
- Virginia Curbelo
- Hugo Fernando Lozano
- Jon Turner
- Sandra Strickland

People who are my enemies (or consider them my enemies) or people who just plain wanna hate me
- Izuru Azumi/Izurumi
- Joyce Ann Sobeck/XTwilightShimmerX
- Anastasia Celeste Pridemore
- Lexi Sias
- Kouchou (real name unknown)
- AiraSora/Ayla Sabinsky (fanfic author)
- Juliette Claire Plimmer/JC Rose (she had the NERVE to block me because I was "getting too political", but just before the Bastard In Chief got elected, the jagette sent me a photo saying that she wouldn't unfriend me because of politics, as that was petty"... Hypocritical bitch!)
- CL Richardson
- anyone having to do with the Bush Family (they ruined the country, they'll be my friends?!)
- anyone who's a right winger or a totalitarian (¡Democracia Si! ¡Dictadura No! -- Yes to Democracy; No to Dictatorship)

If you guys wanna contact me, there are several places to do it:

Email: GloboHaterFerrer@ (the one I use nowadays); SSuqui@ (I still use that one, albeit for complicated reasons...)
Skype: YourEveryDayMia/Mia DeJesus-Perales got me into using a Skype, and she was my first call -- she called me, actually, but still... I used to have a Skype account, but the fuckfaces decided to get rid of the Facebook connection. Nowadays, my Skype account is virtually worthless, so don't bother looking for it. In fact, I'll remove this soon.

Twitter: (Yeah, I'm that desperate! No, actually, Caity Medrek was a moving force behind me getting a Facebook and Twitter, and a Nexopia account as well. Also, my account name is quite simple: "Franco Ferrer-San Miguel" [my name, "Anarchy" [my beliefs, and 1989 [the year I was born] )
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