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Hey! I'm slightly obsessed with fanfiction, or almost any kind of fiction. My current favorite universes are PotC, Dirty Dancing, Star Wars, Artemis Fowl, anything involving Johnny Depp, LotR, the list goes ever on and on.

happily dances jumping up and down* I just saw Return of the King! I just saw Return of the King! I just saw Return of the King! Nah! Nah! Nah! Nah! Nah! *grins insanley* *huggles everybody*

Happy New Years everybody! *throws candy to everyone* I just got the PotC soundtrack and the new Dirty Dancing sound track and at least $40. Yipee! *huggles everyone*

I just ordered three Johnny Depp DVD's to help feed my obsession. They are (drumroll please):
Once Upon a Time in Mexico, From Hell, and Sleepy Hollow. Hopefully they shall join my current one DVD JD collection soon (the DVD I have already is Chocolat if anybody wanted to know).

DVD's still haven't arrived and I had to take the English part of the TAKS test. I am so abused (lol).

I just posted a little vingette thingie on FictionPress. If anybody wants to check it out here's the url:
I'd be grateful if anyone would review it for me if they have an account there too or even if they don't. I accept anon. reviews. Just mention who you are on Thanks (I've got first story posted jitters)

Still no movies *pouts*

Movies still haven't showed up *pouts some more*

They're here! Yey! *runs around hugging random people and throwing Mardi Gras beads* I accidentaly ordered the wrong version of From Hell so I'll have to return it but I can still watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Sleepy Hollow. Just in time for the Acadamy Awards weekend too. I've got my fingers crossed that Johnny Depp will get best actor.

Well that was dissappointing. My second choice didn't get it either. but at least RotK won 11 including best picture cI just posted my first FF story. It isn't really a story but I'd love it if you'd take a couple of seconds to look at it and give me any advice you have. You might even be able to help me turn it into a real story.

Three chapters and three reviews. This to me is not a good combination. Jack and my OC refuse to work without more reviews.

Now up to 5 reviews. The characters aren't cooperating but I am antagonizingly slowly writing the fourth chapter. I really need to give them a swift kick in their collective rears. They keep skipping ahead to the second part of the story.

I've recently added something new to my obsession list. I am now a die hard Rocky Horror fan. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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