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Author has written 3 stories for X-overs, TV X-overs, and Robocop.

(I order the updates from the bottom upwards towards the middle of my bio sheet, near the sign-out of the bio/profile page. That's where I place more recent news.)

Hello again. Because I usually have very little time on the 'Net, therefore am apologizing for the fact that I've not updated for quite a while. (Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has read my stuff, including "The Swordfight".)

I hear that my RoboCop / Highlander crossover "The Swordfight" has a few people who like to read it. Thanks for the compliments -- am flattered. I wonder if some day I could write a sequel to "The Swordfight" ... ?

March 25th, 2008 -- sorry for this very long hiatus, not that I have any readers. Hoping to begin publishing a new fanfic.

By the way, while I Do intend to eventually go wild with Crossovers (Including Crossing-over Classic BatB with Third-Season BatB using some sort of Time-Travel AND-OR Multiple-Universe Premise -- and that might include some rather unlikely Crossovers.

Update:WednesdaySeptember29,2004--I decided to remove the story "The Day That Tien And Yamucha Killed Each Other" because I felt that it was derivative. I wrote it, and learned that it too much resembles a previously existing fanfic that I happen to like a lot. (One of those little five-minutes-or-less fanfics, good to read when I'm impatient and in need of a snack, etcetera.) I took down my story because it was not original enough. Yet as sympathetic as I am to people who love Yamucha and Tien a lot (I sort-of like them, too) the fact is, I also like writing (and/or reading) short stories in which they manage to get themselves killed. I hope that BOTH love-Yamucha-and-Tien and Kill-Yamucha-and-Tien fanfic traditions should be thoroughly formed, established, and thrive as fanfic traditions. (_)

Update:MondayApril12,2004--I am trying to rework and refine the short story, "Lemons Are Yellow And Sour". Meanwhile, I am thinking of writing a sequel to it. (I say this, if anyone is curious as to what happened to LAYAS. Now you know why I took it down.) (_) and/or (T_T)

Update:SaturdayMarch27,2004--I have completed writing a BatB/anime short story, and then I will get back to writing other projects, including the Fifth chapter to "Once Upon A Time In The City Of South City", and eventually more short stories. My apologies upon the fact that OUATITCOSC is very slow in its developing, each new chapter arriving like a new DefLeppard album, or like Halley's Comet! (Here, grinning sheepishly)

Update,between the Feb14 and Mar27--If you visit my website, please email me and let me know. I would like some suggestions on how to best spruce up my website, and I am still in the learning process of how to design and decorate a website. (~_) (wink!)

Update:SaturdayFeb14,2004--This Valentine's Day I have decided to do something special for the love of fanfiction, especially Crossover fanfiction. I have taken down "Once Upon A Time In The City Of South City" in order to work out a few bugs. I intend to put it up again in a week or two. And the new edition will have brief author's notes, so reading the Crossover story will not be Too wierd for the reader; but I will be sparing of the A/N, because if I give away too much information, I might spoil the surprise.

Update:FridayFeb13/SaturdayFeb14,2004--I have decided to come out of the RepublicPicturesBatB-versus-DisneyB'N'B-Closet: I happen to like them Both. (Yes, I know that is probably breaking several cultural rules.) For a long while, I was in denial about this, afraid that loyalty to one might threaten loyalty to the other; but I learned the truth, that while the Vincent-and-Catherine Saga has only a second-cousin-second-removed-family resemblance to the Belle-and-PrinceBeast Tradition, those two stories are actually very compatible, or at least they won't compete or clash so greatly. I have had the pleasure, recently, of reading some D-B'N'B fanfics, and they were good reading. This I say, even though I fear that Vincent and Catherine might feel jealous, and if they lived outside of fiction, I know they actually would not be (very) jealous. Some D-B'N'B fanfic authors seem to write with sensitivity and imagination that reminds me of Republic Pictures' Vincent-and-Catherine BatB. I cannot knock D-B'N'B, now that I have tried it. Those fanfic authors have impressed me. Yet, I wonder what the best V/C-BatB-D-B'N'B Crossover might be--I think it probably has something to do with Narcissa the voodoo priestess using too much of her magical powers and...and the rest is fanfic potential.

Sincerely, CrossoverPeaceEnvoy AKA "DSDS" or "DetroitStreetsDragonSister"

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