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Hey! ^_^ glad to see you're here! BY THE WAY im changing my pen name from cHiCkx0fxdArKnEsS to Mistaken Otaku.

My name is Saissei, and I am chinese/vietnamese. ^_^ yes im mixed... My age is 13 and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. ^_^V lol I go to Hyde Park Middle School and im in the magnet program. But you probably dont care at all about that do you eh?

if u wanna c me go to findapix.com and look for kAwAiIxAzNxcHiCk [but i aint forcin ya]You can also Instant Message me, if you want, [though i highly doubt] at sAs_Go0_mYuH but remove the underscores and replace them with spaces instead. I HAVE other screen names but this is the one i use most often... trust me if i were to give you a list of ALL my screen names there would be like 10 of them for you down here instead of one. hehe. Or if IM's aren't for you then e-mail me at kAwAiILiLAzNGrL@yahoo.com for whatever reason you may have... though i can't really think of one right now but oh well. ~shrugs~

[GONG SOUNDS] this is the part where i show my praise to all of the writer's out there that have way better writing skills than I. [no special order] Mostly to:
~*~ Volpone
~*~ JDFielding
~*~ Disturbedvixen
~*~ deppfan1016

current fanfictions:
so far i've only got 2 chapteres down for this story... but i have the plot thought out so its not on a account of me not being able to think what the next chapter will be... its on account me being lazy. -_-;;

i like this story... i just haven't gotten around to finishing. cuz yea, you guessed it! I AM A LAZY-@$$!

i think im gonna change this story- just a bit- cuz i dont want it to be about christmas... or maybe it should be? why dont you guys help me think of what season it should be set in? i am so lazy... AND talking WAY too much huh? yup.

i didnt think it was going anywhere so i deleted it... that and the fact that... there was NO PLOT thought out for it at all... -_-;; ~sigh~

this one is a co-written fanfiction with my friend. the story is under HER pen name: Hirei-chan. GO READ IT! PLEASE!!! @_@

Card Captor Sakura
Yu Yu Hakusho
Rurouni Kenshin
Fushigi Yuugi
Love Hina
Furi Kuri [FLCL]
G Gundam
Gundam Seed
Witch Hunter Robin
Rave Master
Detective Conan/Case Closed

Kenshin/Kaoru[i think i spelled it wrong...]

[like you guys would actually CARE about THAT stuff right? right...

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Thief! by Volpone reviews
Someone has replaced Youko Kurama as the top thief in Makai? And meanwhile, a new student at Kurama's school seems hell bent on not noticing him. Not that he cares... Right? AU, Kurama and Botan.
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Kenshin is called away from the Kamiya dojo on another errand for the government and suggests Kaoru stay with Misao. As a favor Kaoru tries to find out about Aoshi's feelings for her friend, not knowing that SHE was the one that melted his heart. AK
Rurouni Kenshin - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 22 - Words: 73,132 - Reviews: 757 - Favs: 339 - Follows: 90 - Updated: 6/30/2006 - Published: 8/3/2004 - [Aoshi, Kaoru] - Complete
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My Assassin, My Dark Angel by Disturbedvixen reviews
(YoukoxBotan) After being enslaved by a Makai Yakuza for several years, Botan escapes. Youko is hired to kill her. Instead of killing her quickly, he decides to play with her mind a bit, but there's a problem: is it possible that he's falling for her?
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Mates by Of Memories Past reviews
Forced together and stuck in a permanent relationship lacking the love that it should have, Inuyasha and Kagome have to break down the emotional barriers and learn to love each other. But their love will be tested as time goes on. Is love strong enough?
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Foxgloves by Volpone reviews
Finis, epilogue up! Youko was never killed, therefore he never went to the human universe, never became Shuichi Minamino, and never learned to love. Now a ferry girl has become the object of his obsession and he'll do anything to sink his claws into her..
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While You Were Sleeping by Angel de la musica reviews
Based on the movie.Kagome falls in love with a man she saves from getting hit by a bus, even though she's never met him.His family thinks she's his fiance, but while he's in a coma, she starts fall in love with his brother...
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Memoirs of a Soul by Kiki Smythe reviews
After the completion of the Shikon jewel, Rin dies of a fall while Sesshomaru is away. Guilt ridden, he searches for the next four hundred for her reincarnate. On accident, he finds Kagome.
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Dark: Kagome sees Inuyasha kissing Kikyou, and so begins to hurt herself to make her feel better. IY/Kagome. Don't read if you don't like this sort of thing.
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Kagome's Poem reviews
a bit of humor and some mystery and maybe a little bit of horror - the group is bored while sitting around the campfire so trying to lighten things up Kagome shares something but it might lead to more than she'd hoped for...
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Chapter 6 is now posted! Koaru's been keepin secrets from everyone. Wen dey find out, Kenshin is somewhat heartbroken and decides to leave. What will Koaru do?
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ok Chapter 3 is up! Christams is coming and there are surprises awaiting them. I know that x-mas is already over and it's 2004 already but i just gotta finish it!
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