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Author has written 3 stories for D N Angel, and Fire Emblem.

I like writing because it gets things off my chest. I write down many scenes in my head with random people, these scenes are written on paper, and there are times when those scenes make their way into a story. I write my stories about how I feel, a part of me are always in my fanfics, and the same goes for other authors.
I usually put a lot of my information on these pages because I like to learn a lot about people if I'm interested in them, and so, just because I feel that way, I did the same thing for myself.

NOTE: I LOOK BACK TO THE DNANGEL FICS THAT I'VE DONE AND I'M LIKE "WOW, THESE ARE HORRIBLE. :D;" BUT I DON'T FEEL LIKE TAKING THEM DOWN BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE (AS SEEN BY THE REVIEWS) THAT LIKE THEM STILL. :3 (I hope I didn't burn your eyes by typing in all caps ... that's always hard to read.) ... buuuut yeah, those DNAngel fics have been made when I first started writing fanfics. I guess it's always that way as time goes by, being embarassed by your old works. LOL

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April 24, 2008
I have no idea how long it will take until I am back in my mood to write. It's been a while since I've had the inspiration to do anything. (insert sigh here). I still plan on finishing the FE fic .. I just need to think about the plot a little more .. when I have the time to.

January 20, 2008
First of all: Yay for the new year!
Second of all: I apologize to the many people who have been waiting for these next chapters of my Fire Emblem fic! There's just many other things that I've been interested in from keeping me from finishing/working on it.
Third of all: Being in college meaning reading a lot... me being a procrastinator meaning I don't feel like doing anything...

October 6, 2006
Hey guys! I think some of you already noticed this, but I changed my username again to suki-megane. Eyedonno was just a name that I made up when I couldn't think of anything. Now, my username shows you what kind... um... fettish I have. haha. I've been working on A Trickle of Time. Please don't think that I haven't been working on it. Usually when I forget about something for a long period of time, I just start back up again when I get an inspiration. But I have a lot of writer's block that I only have less than half of the whole story down right now. Don't worry, I WILL get this story done!

My Profile:

Birthdate:Aquarius, Year of the snake(Do the math if ya wanna learn how old I am.)
Where I live currently:California
Nationality: Mostly Filipina (practically about 99.5), and part Italian(Don't know how that got there.)
Anime: There are a lot that I can mention. I've been watching anime for a while. I like many genres.
Favorite Manga: Same as the anime list. I just don't feel like updating all the time on my anime/manga list.
Favorite Video games:I love RPGs - The Final Fantasy Series, Dark Cloud 1 and 2, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, Fire Emblem, Star Ocean, Legend of Dragoon... There's also Soul Calibur III, The Legend of Zelda series, Super Smash Bros. Melee... and a lot of other games that I can't remember.
Somethings else about me:
I'm somewhat of a procrastinator. So that means that I don't update a lot. Don't expect there to be a new chapter every week or every other week. The only time that I'll do that is if I don't have anything special to do or anything like that.
2) I'm not really disturbed by yaoi. My friends who are REAAAALLLLLLLY into yaoi always disturb me with explicit yaoi. But I know, that deep down inside, they're trying to convert me to be like them. Maybe it will happen, but that might take a long, long time. I've read some yaoi books like Eerie Queerie, Fake, and Legal Drug (don't know if it's a yaoi but it kinda feels like one); and I was okay with them.

My fics have a lot of typos I know, but eventually I'll fix them. ...EVENTUALLY (or not)

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