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Hello, I'm Rosekeet, author of quite a few fanfics. I am a big anime and Harry Potter fan. Most of my more recent work is all Harry Potter fics and the majority of my older work is anime, specifically Cardcaptor Sakura (if you go WAY BACK its Cardcaptors because I had only seen the dub). I've been writing fanfiction for about 4 or 5 years now. My first fic was "The Test," a rather horrible Cardcaptors fic. I suggest you stay far, far away from it. I could remove it but its fun to see how I've improved and just for posterity's sake, eh? Some of my favorite anime'manga are: CCS (of course), Marmalade Boy, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kodocha, and EscaFlowne. I enjoy reading a lot, and Harry Potter is, of course, my one true love. I sail the Good Ship (Ron/Hermione) and enjoy writing romantic one-shots and the like. I haven't written for a while and am following a new policy of finishing a fic before I start posting it. I have a few in the works.

One and the Same/Both Sides Now (title subject to change): After a nasty fight in potions class Hermione and Ron wake up to find they have switched bodies. Ron is having difficulty wearing a skirt and Hermione can't play Quidditch to save her life. Can they successfully pull-off playing each other? Will Harry figure it out and go nutters? How will they be able to change back? What will they do if they can't? Exams are comming up and Hermione worries about grades and Ron about the Quidditch final, plus to top it off, Malfoy is looking for revenge... Romantic hijinks and gender-bender comedy ensues as ourfavorite couple discover that there is more to each other than they thought, and that maybe the answers they've been looking for aren't so far away.

Almost Lucky: In an A.U. Hermione never went to Hogwarts and is now a successful prosecutor. Though she inhabits a swanky London appartment and is a respected lawyer inthe firm (Biggelow and Mort, Attorneys atLaw)her life has been spirling downwards. She hasn't had a good case in years; her father has just past away leaving her practically realative-less and a house full of junk and dormant memories; she has recently broken up with her fiancee because he ran off with her secretary. Ron's like is in a bit of a rut too. His girlfriend dumped him; he lost his job and had to move into an appartment in the dodgy end of Muggle London. Lonely and depressed, Ron turns to the Muggle "help wanted" ads and, miraculously finds a position he could fill-- secretary. The relationship between Ron and Hermione is slow to bloom. He's an out-of-work loser and she's a nasty control freak. It isn't until they meet accidentally outside of work that they begin to understand each other and find that they're more alike than they realized, that hearts can mend with time, and that maybe what they've been looking for has been under their noses all along.

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She reviews
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