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Poll: Stargate takes place in 1994. Even though SG-1 began in 1997 they claimed it was only one year after the events of Stargate. There are several options for Gate Builders. Keep in mind these won't affect the story for a while yet. Vote Now!
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Author has written 4 stories for Stargate: SG-1, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Lord of the Rings.

Name: Baroness De Brussyere
Location: Seattle, WA

General Disclaimer: Anything you recognize was either borrowed from or inspired by someone else's work. I make no money in writing these.

Notice: I'm finding it difficult to get motivated. I've decided to drop Gate Builders as it is now, and maybe rework it at a later date. I might try one of my other plot bunnies in the mean time.

Plot bunnies/Challenges: (Feel free to take on any of these ideas and run with them, but let me know so I can read them.)

Harry Potter and the Gate Builders Series
Series following Harry through the events of the books but showing him as less of a wimp and tying Hogwarts and magic itself to the Stargate fandom. Later the story will tie into SG-1. Harry will not become a regular member of SG-1 but he will be involved in the events of the series.

Harry Potter: Squib
Harry's name has been on Hogwarts' invitation list since he was born. One small problem: He can't use any magic. How will he fake his way through 7 years of magical education without being able to use a wand?

Harry Potter and the Others
Probably only one story but maybe a trilogy. I have not decided where in the timeline this will fit but it will be a x-over between Harry Potter and the Night Watch series. The Russian novels, not the Terry Pratchett book.

Harry Potter and the Vampire Slayer
There are many fics where Buffy and/or the Scoobies go to Hogwarts to help with the war against Voldemort after his resurrection or something along those lines. It never escapes my attention that BTVS started in 1997 and that by the end of season 1 Harry would be graduating/defeating Voldemort already. I'm more inclined to believe Harry would go help them after he's done than the other way around.

Harry Potter and the Vampire Slayer's Wicca Friend
I've read several fics where Buffy is Harry's long lost sister, and a couple where Willow is instead. I don't know why more stories don't pair Harry with Willow. I'm not sure if I'd go the sister or pairing route but I want more HarryxWillow interaction.

The Pure Blood Traitor
Regulus Black is a character with very little known information. I want more of him. I don't know if he will be brought back to life or if it will just be a story from his perspective until his death but either way he will be a major character.

The Farlander
An adaptation of the events of the HP books but taking place in Middle Earth. This is intended to be one epic quest as opposed to seven different books and pits Harry, last heir to the throne of Gryffindor, and his companions against the Dark Lord of Slytherin, Voldemort, and the guardians of his seven horcruxes.

Star Wars Episode 3.5 and Onward
3 facts. Galen Marek is the most ridiculously overpowered yet underdeveloped character in Star Wars, Luke wasted a large portion of his life on Tatooine, and Mara Jade is awesome. This story goes into more detail with Galen Marek, includes Mara Jade, and gets Luke away from Tatooine before he is an adult.

Stargate: SG-1's Quest For Alien Technology
SG-1 always ends up losing or giving up alien technology, or not thinking of using previously acquired alien technology when it could be useful. Not this time. Starting from the beginning.

Stargate SG-4
SG-4 is rarely mentioned in Stargate but they are always mentioned as a diplomatic or research team. In this story, during a time of crisis the window for their IDC gets locked out and the SGC is unable to investigate. They must travel from one world to the next searching for some other way back home. On their journey they encounter Ancient technology that may mean victory for whichever side possesses it. The problem is they aren't the only ones interested.

USS Stargate
In the year 2063, Zefram Cochrane flew the first man-made space-faring vessel equipped with a Warp Drive, garnering the attention of the Asgard race. It's the year 2150. The BC-304 starship USS Stargate is the first ship built capable of Warp 5 speed. The Stargate and its crew set out on a mission to explore space beyond what is known to man. Captain George Hammond as its commanding officer, with Commander O'Neill as 2nd in command, Lieutenant Commander Kawalsky as security and tactical chief. Lieutenant Carter as chief science officer, Dr Daniel Jackson as ship counselor and consultant, Walter Harriman as transporter chief, Siler as chief engineer, and chief medical officer Dr Janet Fraiser. Though their mission is a peaceful one they soon find themselves entangled with a not so peaceful race known as the Goa'uld. With the death of Kawalsky at the hand of the enemy, their new ally Teal'c takes up his position as security and tactical chief thanks to his knowledge of enemy tactics. (Basically the Stargate adventures with Star Trek history and technology.)

To Boldly Go
A Harry Potter/Star Trek/Star Wars crossover. Master of Death, Harry Potter, has learned to touch and manipulate the Force, which he once knew as magic. As the last trained wizard he decides to depart from the Earth and joins a starship set to test a new warp drive that wraps time as well as space, allowing for much faster travel. Due to a malfunction, the crew of scientists and the ageless Harry Potter are warped to a galaxy very far away and far into the past. Thus spawning humanity in a galaxy where there was none, and planting the seeds that would grow into the Jedi and the Sith. (Must use the line "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away")

Harry Potter, Master of Death, has spent centuries watching the Wizarding World mix with, and yet grow further and further away from, the world of Muggles. They use their own brands of technology but consider themselves fundamentally superior due to their ability to weave magic through their machinery. In an effort to save the world from his own people, he takes all the magic in the universe into himself. The phoenixes resist his pull and merge with the wizarding population which slows their aging 10 times over and grants them the power of regeneration. Harry's pull also forces the magical cores in wizards' bodies to solidify as they're drained of magic, and they form a second beating heart inside their chests. Harry then decided stripping them of magic is not enough to save the earth and banishes the wizards to the distant past on a planet in the center of the galaxy. His brutish methods create an alternate universe in which no magic had existed through all of time, and leave a gap in the fabric of reality which would become known as the Untempered Schism.

Harry Potter and the Hunger Games [Complete]
Harry Potter is the son of two Victors. So despite his low chances of being reaped as a 12 year old with one slip in the bowl, he finds himself a tribute in the 69th Hunger Games.

Harry Potter and the Sparks that Flame
After surviving the 69th Hunger Games, Harry strives to build a rebellion against the capitol, and in the process has to sacrifice more of himself than he thought possible.

Interplanetary Hunger Games
I was looking into Battlestar Galactica lore and made the connection between 12 planets and the 12 districts in the Hunger Games. Of course with 13 and the Capitol there are technically 14 but I got around that by going back to the planets' names. In astrology Ophiuchus/Serpentarius is sometimes included as a 13th sign. So, with Caprica acting as the Capitol and adding a 13th planet called Ophion we get our 12 districts. That just leaves 13, which could possibly be Earth, the fabled 13th colony. This story could potentially also include some xover Firefly elements.

As a consequence of become Master of Death, Harry Potter has to come to terms with being unable to die. Meanwhile, Daphne Greengrass must deal with the loss of her magic, the inability to touch any living thing without killing it, and a powerful thirst for blood.

The Quidditch Crush
Katie Bell is only a year ahead of Harry Potter, and they see a lot of each other between playing on the same team, practicing together, and just being in the same House at Hogwarts. I find it strange there wasn't at least some kind of pull between the two. Perhaps they weren't meant to end up together in the end, but I think they'd have tried it out at some point during their years in school. There are far too few KatiexHarry stories.

Mother of the Beast
In 1926, Merope Riddle née Gaunt gives up on life when her husband leaves her alone and pregnant. The magic surrounding the not yet conscious child within her reacts in an effort to save the Slytherin line. In 1998 Harry Potter kills Nagini before surrendering to the Dark Lord Voldemort after having learned of the horcrux within his scar. As he welcomes Voldemort's Avada Kedavera, he sends the same curse in return. Both curses strike their targets at the same time, ending the Slytherin line for good. Harry's world goes dark for an instant before he wakes up, not in King's Cross, but in 1926 London where he finds herself pregnant with the heir of Slytherin.

Stories I'm (kind of) working on:

Gate Builders: I've been chipping away at this one for years. I've scrapped the whole thing and started over at least 3 times now. Now sure I'll ever upload any more of it.

Harry Potter and the Sparks that Flame: Sequel to HPatHG. All progress was lost after a hard drive crash. I might try again some other time.

Eclipsed: I hit a wall with some of the characters. The plot was needing them to do things that felt unnatural to their characters so I'm not sure how to progress with it.

Star Wars Episode 3.5: Had some interesting ideas I'm exploring, but who knows where it'll go. I might post some of it when I have more of it written.

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