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Three times in one year. This is practically becoming a habit!

Okay. So NaNoWriMo is done. No, I did not win, unless you count the words from various papers, scholarships, and honor projects. I am currently waiting on my Women's Lit professor to post final grades. She's my last unknown. Will I sweep this semester?

So I've posted Dominance Games which is the Avengers headcanon featuring a thieving Natasha (pre-AoU because remember that I haven't seen it yet). That moves it from the Works-in-Progress portion of my list to the Completed section...unless I give into the plot bunnies that Lore gave me when he pointed out that it would be a wonderful lead-in to a longer Black Hulk fic. We had ideas for the other Avengers (and friends) playing the different games to establish their place in the pecking order. (Steve and Thor running laps; Clint just blowing Natasha's theft off but being ridiculously protective of a particular cereal bowl because Nat got it for him; Tony arm-wrestling Clint while they exchange trash-talk; Clint booby-trapping the ventilation system; Bruce avoiding it all, citing the Other Guy; Stories of Natasha's other thefts among SHIELD, particularly a certain bowler and trench)

I still have hopes of finishing or making concentrated efforts on Schrodinger's Effect. I need to get it finished before I can get much further into Through Feline Eyes. I have the last scene written...because I am cruel and heartless and shouldn't be trusted with characters.

I'm never going to give up writing, so there's really no need to worry if I go long stretches between updates. I'm not dead.

By the way, that's supposed to be a coffee mug by my signature (a left bracket underscore capital P) but the site keeps deleting the bracket. I'm trying a different way of making the mug. I'm also trying to uniform by scene break line to include the new mug.

~Magi LP

Why do I take so long between posts?

I'm not one to share sob stories on my profile, but the reason that I haven't been really set up to write is because I was--and still am--under a great deal of stress. 2011 saw a great increase in what I call my "swirly thoughts" periods--which is a symptom of my Bipolar Disorder. This led to stress at my data entry job, stress that only compounded the problem. In mid-summer 2012, I was terminated due to inability to maintain job minimums. I've been fighting with Social Security for approval of my disability claim. Meanwhile, I have lost my car, my house, and the integrity of my family has been assaulted by having to split up for housing.

For those not aware, the USA is currently experiencing an economic downturn which makes jobs more scarce and the demands made by employers more exacting. When you have fifty people applying for a position, would you prefer an applicant that needs accommodation over one that does not? I don't fault them for their right to choose who to employ, but I enjoyed my work for the Department of Homeland Security. It certainly gave me more of an appreciation for the lucky fluke of being born an American over being born in other parts of the world.

Being homeless has made it difficult to write, especially in a more coherent fashion. I get a scene here or a conversation there for a story. My goal is to finish an existing story by the end of the year (same as last year), but I keep failing to keep my B.I.C. schedule. At this point, I would be happy with simply being able keep a consistent schedule. School helps with the consistent schedule part, but not the "free" time for writing.

I am working on producing copy, but things are going slower than I would like. I'm having difficulties producing the prose and shake ups with my beta reader are not helping. I have since replaced my last beta reader (my now-ex-husband Alex) but the appointment is something new. I actually am dealing with two now. Tinaalsgirl from Tumblr is my technical beta--she's great at catching those pesky tense disagreements and misused words. Loredian Lightsgrace is my new content beta. He is the lucky bum who gets to listen to me babble about my stories as I struggle to work out sticky plot points. The catch is I have to physically be in the same place as him, which is dependent on gas prices, school, and doctor appointments. I would prefer to have Alex still on the team, as we worked well together, but for the foreseeable future, that is not going to happen.

Hope this answered your question, and thank you for sticking with me through this.

- Magi LP

Status Update (12/2015): I'm still homeless, officially, but I'm staying with my mother which is always tenuous; my disability is still pending, but now it's going to federal court; my health was improving up until I was attacked by Alex, which caused mobility problems and a skew of legal issues--which have now been sorted; I am still in school--in fact, I am now an officer for Phi Theta Kappa, which does very little to encourage me to write fiction; and Alex married our ex-girlfriend not even two months after it was officially over between us.

Permanent Notes: I need to warn all my readers now that writing fanfiction is my hobby, my sideline. I tend to focus more on my originals and my crafts than writing. But I do take requests and plot bunnies for one-shots. You can ask for a small story if you want.

4-28-2012 Cloud, beloved familiar, you have returned to the Wheel and the arms of the All-Mother. We celebrate your life of faithful service to your family as a companion and partner. Your passing has left a wound upon our hearts that only faith, love, and time can heal. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again, oh furball of my heart. You are missed by your family.

3-19-2013--Welcome, Jonathan Quincy, to our beloved family. May the Goddess shower blessings upon you! May Bast watch over you, Her child. You are my furry son.

3-14/15-2015--Welcome to the team, Loredian Lightsgrace and Tinaalsgirl! Go team go!

3-17-2015--Union with Alex officially over.

5-14-2015--Alex marries Luna.

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Adultfanfiction: I am no longer posting on this site, and I am in the process of pulling everything down from it.

DeviantArt: I am no longer really using this site. I have pulled my original fiction off of it as part of the terms for their publication through Kindle Direct Publishing. The poems may also end up pulled down for the same purpose.



Warning: All of my stories are currently being reviewed for content, typos, and writing errors. This profile is included in that update.

In Progress Off Site

Through the Gate: A HP/FMA crossover story of some length. It tells the story of a select group of individuals from Armestris finding their way to Earth and their journey to find a way home. Compliant with all of FMA, including COS. Compliant with HP through the last chapter of DH, but not the epilogue.

Letters to the Past (A Working Title): A HP story of indeterminable length. Harry sends a package of letters back in time to himself. What changes will occur from his meddling? AU, but will definitely contain spoils for all the books as Harry grows. File status: lost pending recovery.

Necessities of Life (A Working Title): A HP story of indeterminable length. Hogwarts is offering a new program similar to the muggle idea of fake babies. How will this affect the lives of the students and teachers involved? AU after OotP. Sixth Year is Where Lightning Struck. May contain Character Plot Spoilers from HBP and DH. Currently rated somewhere between "T" and "M" due to subject matter.

Knots (A Working Title): A HP story of short to medium length which is a sequel to my finished story Weaving Lives. This story will cover the years between Hermione informing Severus that she is pregnant until the twins leave for Hogwarts. Character Plot Spoilers from HBP and DH while major plot will be ignored.

The Trial of Albus Dumbledore: After his death, Albus Dumbledore must face the weighing of his heart to determine what the fate of his afterlife will be. Completely Canon look at perhaps one of the most controversial characters from the series. Currently will be rated "T" for language and subject matter.

Protection (Micro-series within Shades of the Past): They were a circle bound by ties of affection and magic. When faced with a prophecy which brings their youngest members to the attention of a Dark Lord, they each react in their own ways, but always to protect. It will consist of (at current count) five perspectives: Lily, Alice, Sirius, James, and Frank. These stories current placement will be within the story Shades of the Past. Lily's part is already up and is called Circle of Runes.

--Curve of the Sigil: Alice always believed that faith could do anything--she never doubted that strength. And that strength was there the night that the Lestranges attacked her family, as it had always been.

--Line of Ogham: Sirius was a Black. Anything worth protecting was worth protecting to the best of one's ability. What better defense was there than a good offense?

In Progress On Site

Schrodinger's Effect: Luna makes a decision that will effect the entire world as we know it. Can she achieve her goals? Starts off Canon until the Epilogue. After Luna goes back? Canon is merely a guideline...

Through Feline Eyes (A Working Title): Madam Pomfrey has only ever failed a student once: when she could not turn Hermione Granger back into her human self. Now the Ministry has declared that Hermione is no better than a house elf and is going to auction her off. What will become of her now that she is listed under the header of "magical creature"? What is humanity anyway? AU after part of Chamber of Secrets and will be rated "M" due to content demanding maturity from readers. Will explore the darker aspects of humanity.

Random Ideas that May Eventual Become Stories

Harry Potter watches an American movie that gives him an hare-brained idea to summon a particular poltergeist by the name of Beatlejuice. Suddenly those who have done wrong to Harry find themselves bursting into random songs. Could this chaos be the power the Dark Lord knows not?

What if the Hogwarts nobodies--the sidekicks--learned just how important they are? Their very existence couldn't have been as vital to the outcome of the war as those of the Chosen One...could it?

Through a mysterious ritual dug out of a book from the Restricted Section, done only out of sheer desperation, Harry Potter becomes the originator for a fifth House at Hogwarts: the Xander House, for those who serve and protect. The Sorting Hat knows what is needed, a Sorting of those who wish to change or didn't fit before--of course the professors get their own dose of the fun! With the business of the Tournament in full swing already, how much chaos can the Headmaster take before he begins to transfigure people into lemon drops?

"Magic is real." This was the thought that suddenly hit a muggleborn fifth year. Her pureblood friend didn't understand why it had taken her four and a half years to figure it. Then she started pulling out D&D books and demanding to know why she couldn't do the spells from these books. That was only the beginning.

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Harry Potter and the Invincible TechnoMage by Clell65619 reviews
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 33 - Words: 198,688 - Reviews: 1915 - Favs: 2,350 - Follows: 2,874 - Updated: 12/24/2015 - Published: 8/10/2014 - [Harry P., Voldemort] Tom R. Jr.
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it takes an ocean not to break by sparklylulz reviews
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Drama/Horror - Chapters: 15 - Words: 71,758 - Reviews: 118 - Favs: 81 - Follows: 59 - Updated: 10/23/2012 - Published: 12/7/2003 - Albus D., Severus S.
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Harry was told by everyone that his scar was a curse scar. If everyone believes it, then it must be true...right?
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"Balance me, my friends. Protect me, I beg you. The world must have her Avatar."
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"Remember, remember, the fifth of November..."
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When lightning strikes, it forever changes the thing it hits. No one know this better than Harry Potter. AU Sixth Year One shot
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Summery inside. Warning Character Death. Recently Edited to go more along with HBP.
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A foolish course of action is sometimes the right one. Not A Romance.
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