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Author has written 6 stories for Beyond: Two Souls, and Naruto.

I guess the basics are needed:

Gender: Female

Age: Old enough to have a driver's lincense

About me: Well I have been on this wonderful site for the past seven years, I have seen good things and very bad things on this site but I have enjoyed the site as a whole.

I can't stand harems, period.

I have really gotten into Naruto OC-centric stories lately thus you can guess the direction of my future stories~


6 Naruto Stories

1 Beyond Two Souls

1 Final Fantasy 13


Naruto 1- 60% Multiple Chapters

Naruto 2- 40% Multiple Chapters

Naruto 3- 25% Multiple Chapters

Naruto 4- 5% Multiple Chapters

Naruto 5- 2% Multiple Chapters

Naruto 6- 1% One- Shot

Beyond Two Souls- 5% One- Shot

Final Fantasy 13- 1% One- Shot



My favorite couples are:


Sasuke x Naruto- This has become more of a nostalgia ship then anything else, I used to love it with a burnning passion and this couple was my first OTP. However as time grew on I feel like I am slipping away and caring less and less for actual canon interactions between the boys. Their relationship is less developed then I orignal thought it was in both a friendship and semi-romantic stand point. Compared to Killua and Gon from the HXH series their "friendship" is dull at best. Pikacheeka (a great HashiMada writer, whoever is reading this should really check her out) also opened my eyes in that Naruto in the Shippuuden objectizes Sasuke as a goal instead of person and what Sasuke feels is not important. Which makes shipping them together much harder than during my young innocent years.

Naruto x Hinata- I am glad that became cannon because they do really work well together in a couple standpoint. Hinata is the calm and collected one while Naruto is the rash and slightly stupid one. I am very happy that they were able to have a family together and be happy. All that Hinata went through in the series and how much she loved Naruto, it would have been deeply disappointing for Hinata to end up with Kiba. But the couple I was rooting for ended on top!

Gaara x Naruto- This more of a guilty pleasure ship in that I love Gaara so much but there is nobody within the story that actually has a decent relationship with him outside of his siblings and Naruto therefore I just shipped Gaara and Naruto together. I really wished that Kishimoto could have developed the friendship between Gaara and Naruto more since I feel like Gaara could have become a new "best friend" for Naruto since Sasuke was out of the picture. I with they could have really sat down and had a talk with one another since they both can understand each other's loneliness. As jinchuurikis I feel like they could have a really strong bond since there are few others that know what they are going/ gone through but that was pushed aside for the Sasuke stuff. Kishimoto definitely underused the potential of the jinchuuriki and I say that all the jinchuuriki as a whole could and should have been better developed.

Kakashi x Gai- I think Gai is the only person that Kakashi has left that he can truely call a friend and has been with him since he was a kid. It is possible that out of their friendship feelings of love could grow, it can't be denied that Gai does have a serious side to him and Kakashi could find that alluring. Also the fact that Gai has been with Kakashi through thick and thin and from what I can see Gai is the only person Kakashi really trusts outside of Naruto, Sakura and the Hokage. Their relationship is what Naruto and Sasuke should have been in that they have a friendly rivalry that overtime turns into friendship. I feel that that is what Kishimoto wanted to portray with Naruto and Sasuke but the point the Kishimoto failed at is the time that Naruto and Sasuke spend together. Naruto and Sasuke do not spend a lot of time together as Team 7, it is a year or two at most but within that time span while it was enough for Naruto to form that bond but it is not enough for Sasuke. Naruto was desperate for bonds thus it easy to understand that he will see Sasuke as a brother only after a year or two but Sasuke someone who actively did not want to become closer to another, it would take more time for Sasuke to accept Naruto. That time that Kakashi and Gai had. Kakasi did not want bonds but Gai was relentless and as the YEARS gone by Kakashi accepted Gai though experiences that they shared together and coming to understand who Gai was as a person. It was then that both of them were able to view each other as equals. And for those reasons I support Kakashi x Gai as both friendship and romance and I can easily see that they could work either angle. And if all else fails they are alot more possible couple than Kakashi x Iruka in my opinion.

Hashirama x Madara- I have seriously grown to like this couple alot, their friendship in the manga during their youth was well done and they actually talked to each other instead of just obessessing over the other. I am looking at you Naruto! Personally the friendship aspect in the Sasuke and Naruto relationship is seriously lacking compared to the Hashirama and Madara relationship. I still like SasuNaru alot but compared to HashiMada it seems a bit lacklustered which should not be the case since the whole story revolves around their friendship, I digress. Both Hashirama and Madara respected each other and cared for one another and if they did not live during the Waring Clan period it is obvious that they woulf have continued being great friends. Their chemistry is perfect and with how great they got along, it is very easy to see them eventually cross the bondary as friends into lovers. If only Izuna was for peace with the Senju.

One Piece

Zoro x Sanji- I have just started reading One piece the manga and once I saw them interact with each other I loved them together even though Sanji is obviously straight but this ship is also more guilty pleasure.Also the author New Neon had a large part in my love for this couple with her amazing stories.

Kingdom Hearts

Sora x Riku: I know that Sora likes Kairi and I like Kairi too but the relationship between Sora and Riku seems more fleshed out and I enjoy the conflict RikU and Sora had in the first game and how even with all the bad that Riku did Sora still accepts him. I know Kairi accepts Riku too but she really was not present for all that he did well at least not present in being an active spectator like Sora. Thus I ship the two together and plus all of the touching moments in Dream Drop Distance did bad things to my heart.

Sora x Roxas: Complete guilty pleasure no justification, they just look nice together from an aesthetic standpoint.

Roxas x Axel/Lea: Ok this couple is probably my OTP of the kingdom hearts series, I feel that there relationship is the most fleshed out in the kingdom hearts series. That is all account for 365/2. That game, man. THAT GAME. Even though the gameplay was probably the second hardest for me to pick up after Chains of Memories (I cannot stand the card system, it just sucks period) the story was great! The building of Roxas, Axel and Xion relationship was really nice and seeing those bonds form and grow were fun to watch. Even though I am fine with Roxas x Xion and Axel x Xion since both couples or justifiable but personally, I just feel that Roxas and Axel click more. The chemistry between Roxas and Axel just seems so much stronger and their farewell always pains me. I am glad they were able to have a proper good bye in the remake bonus scene but I still hope that in Kingdom Hearts 3 they can reunite. Also the fact that Axel/Lea was friends with Ventus is fun extra layer to there relationship.

Final Fantasy XIII series

Hope x Lightning- Yes, they are seven years apart in age but I don't care, age is but a number and when it comes to maturity Hope has more of it at the end of the first game then Snow. Hope is the only person I can legitmally see Lightning with. Hope and Lightning helped change each other into better people, Hope gaining a backbone and Lightning becoming more compassionate. One could say that Hope has more romantic feelings for Vanille than Lightning which I could see your point and it could work but at the end of the day I think Vanille cares more Fang in the romantic sense then Hope. Like how Fang care more about Vanille in the romantic sense over Lightning.

Mass Effect

Female Shepard x Garrus- There is no Shepard with out Varkarian. That is all.

Male Shepard x Tali'Zorah vas Normany- Tali is soo cute! I suffer through male Shepard's monotone to see her happy.


Ulquiorra x Orihime- I adore that in Ulquiorra's last moments he learned how it feel to have a heart through Orihime, I wish we could see him in soul society since technically he was killed by Ichigo who is a soul reaper.

Ichigo x Anybody (I love Ichigo, so much. It is irrational, crazy, stupid love ////)

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