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Name: ( Luke/ Luminous )

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Current Obsession: Shingeki No Kyojin AKA Attack On Titan

I know I'm a boy, and I actually support YAOI pairings. Yes. But that doesn't make me GAY. Stop your pathetic and featherbrained judgements regarding Male X Male or Female X Female. HOMOPHOBIA is WRONG.

About my momma:

Mom: Stop watching all these cartoons!


Mom: I would like to see those fanfics that you've written.

Me: Okaay mom but they're male x male pairings.

Mom: WHAT?? You're a perverted son !

Me: Oh Hell No!

Mom: I know you have a big exam coming up, why aren't you touching your books?

Me: I did touch them *picks up a random schoolbook and touched the cover

About myself:

My secret identity is hidden. *cough

As the saying goes..."You're not counted as obsessed over an anime or show unless you began craving for fanfiction"


Then I'm freaking obsessed with Shingeki No Kyojin! AKA Attack On Titan.

I've watching countless anime and none of them really drove me crazy...Until I met Shingeki No Kyojin. HOLY FREAKING BANANAS.

I was once a NL fan, which I ship normal pairings like ex. KiritoXAsuna( SAO ) . I even shipped ErenXMikasa in the beginning of the series. But then out came a super holy badass character, Lance Corporal Levi. I was then like SCREW THE FREAKING RULES I SHIP EREN AND LEVI FROM NOW ON.


My old reaction to Shingeki No Kyojin couples. (before Levi appeared and before I read the manga.)

MikasaXEren: Mikasa's great I love her I ship her with Eren.

MikasaXLevi: Who the hell is Levi.

ErenXArmin: Aw hell no!

JeanXMikasa: Nope I don't like Jean.

JeanXMarco: Aw hell no!

YmirXChrista: Hmmm...nevermind I guess.

LeviXEren: Huh?? Dafuq?


MikasaXEren: I don't like Mikasa anymore.


ErenXArmin: Aw hell no!

JeanXMikasa: not bad.

JeanXMarco: GREAT.

YmirXChrista: Hmmm...nevermind I guess.


Basically now in Shingeki No Kyojin I only ship ERENXLEVI. No other couples. In the fandom, LeviXOC, ERENXLEVI. only.

Soooo...Because of this I only read EreRi fanfics, and each and every one of them are great! Although...( i secretly wish that there was somebody who would write a fanfic where Levi got titan powers ) if that was even legal. >Something Infalliable Like Eternity by Killing Kathy was so closeee to that but then Eren stopped him. -_- Oh well!

My fanfictions:

Reunited-Currently jammed!

Out In The Wilderness-Currently jammed!

They're some factors that cause me to not update:

1. I'm lazy

2. I'm munching on chips

3. I'm watching anime

4. I'm doing homework...nah.

5. I'm in a hospital

6. I'm on godforsaken TUMBLR (addictive piece of shit)

7. I'm on facebook.

8. I'm exploding my eardrums with music (anime songs only)

I'm sorry for the inconvenience! ;_;

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Reunited reviews
After a certain accident, Levi disappeared from Eren's side, leaving him grieving for his return. After three years, the older man returned, but with a person who's not Eren by his side. Will he able to win the love of his life back and patch up Levi's missing memories? BL content. ErenXLevi (cover image by catxunxun)
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