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Name: Metal Overload

Hello, I'm Metal Overload. DOA ethusiast to the max and to a much more extreme, an Ayane fan. I've been playing DOA for several years now, since the DOA2 demo for Dreamcast, and Ayane not much less. I'm an aspiring author with a lot of work to do but big plans to finish it all. If you're interested in reading my work I'm thankful but mind you none of it is indicative of what I can write nowadays. Honestly, I think all I have posted is aweful and needs some reworking. But if you like what you see thank you and be patient with me. I'm planning on doing some serious renovating with all of them.

Now for those of you who are familiar with me. As it turns out, a few months back a very vocal author and I bumped heads and managed to convince me that the way I write is not good. I admit what's there is sloppy, out of phase with how the real characters are, dated, and in desperate need of an update. The only thing I have going for them now is my ability and pangent for suspense and trickery. Pretty much the story itself. But that's not enough for me anymore. So here's the low down.

Pixie Dust: So in case you're reading this and you've been keeping up with it over the years just remember, I'm not gone I just have a lot on my plate. I wish to redo it all so that it's clean, pretty, grammatialy correct, standard format, and follows canon as much as it possibly can. That means fixing inconsistencies, fixing out of character moments, removing or reworking parts that just don't make much sense (tee hee), and reworking some oddities. But everything at its core will remain the same. The story will pan out just the same. In fact... as far as finishing the story goes it's... well I've pretty much... finished it. Now, now chill out and hear me out. All chapters are present and accounted for, so there's no more to add. But as I've said it's still far from ready. So if you're nice and patient, and actually have been waiting, I thank you and apologize. But believe me, you'll be happy with what I haven't shown you yet... I guarantee it.

Shinobi of Hajin Mon: I haven't tinkered with this one in a long time. It honestly hasn't been on my mind much at all. I still intend to finish it though... but like PD it needs some work under the hood and a fresh coat of paint. But I'll ultimately finish it... later.

Crippled Truth of the Third Child: Could I have made a longer title? Geez la weez! I still intend to finish this one too but I'm afraid I may have to redo the way it's written. First person perspective isn't really my thing. But it'll main relatively the same.

Farewell Ayane: I want to delete it. And I might.

And at last we come to the why I'm making all these changes.

Unnamed Fanfic: I've begun work on my new, best, and possiby last fanfic dedicated to DOA. I meant every word of what I just said. It's new. It will be my best. And it will probably be my last. But until I can wise up and fix what I have, not a word of it will be posted. Because it's miles ahead of what I have in every way. Scale, correctness, canon, etc...

I'm hoping to at least get a chunk of all that done "before" DOA5 is announced... which I'm both afraid and hopeful is soon. If you actualy read all that thanks for reading and I hope I at least peaked your interest. If you feel like dropping me a line go ahead, I don't mind at all. Always happy to talk and play DOA.

To the future, fellow authors and avid readers! -pops open a coke-

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