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Created Characters:


Zero (upgraded: Spined Shoulder Guards, Twin Scatter-Photon Z-Sabers, Grapple Lines, Zenith Busters, Triangulated Knee Spikes, etc... Wow, if only you could see him...

Zero's the quiet type, always trying to avoid people whenever he can. He was the product of an insane scientist's final blaze of glory. From activation, all he's known is destruction, mostly caused by his own hands. This trail of death eventually leads to his murdering Iris, the woman he loved.

Later, Zero discovers Wily's last achievement… immortality. Hidden from the world as with Light, Wily devised armor upgrades for his ultimate creation, Zero. Now, equipped with new abilities and armor, Zero is ready to face the devastating challenges of the future.

Iris (upgraded: Removed Passive Personality chip, Tri-tipped Lance, Armor! Lol)

One half of the perfect reploid design. She was unable to deal with the pain of losing her brother at the hands of her love, Zero, that she went insane. This brought her to Final Weapon and her inevitable destruction.

Currently, she's been reactivated by through DNA Soul cloning technology to help a significant mission and has since joined the Maverick Hunters to continue the work of X and her love, Zero. Later, she'll join the Resistance as they handle Neo Arcadia.

X (upgraded: Quantum Buster, Multi-spined Armor)

The naive "father" of the reploid race. He was originally designed just to be the first fully sentient artificial life, but eventually, that peaceful existence just wouldn't last. His childrens' designs proved faulty and many were turned maverick by a virus that transferred from Zero into Sigma, the then leader of the mavericks.

After a fatal strike to his core, Sigma's evil spread once again, this time taking X himself. In a harsh battle against Sigma, traces of Zero's contaminated DNA Soul came in contact with a battered X, thus at long last, infecting the Maverick Hunter hero. Trapped in confusion, X seeks to eliminate the world's greatest threat to life… Zero. This has driven X mad and turned a once honorable soldier into the newest challenge against the world.


The Zero duplicate who desires the power of the Red Maverick. He is a pugnacious and calculating individual. His creator is unknown, though there are hints to who it might be. He's obsessed with power and believes Zero to possess the greatest of them all: The Zero Virus. Calling forth a legion of mavericks, his plan is to release Zero's demons so that he may then rob them from the Crimson Hunter.


A hot-headed Lieutenant of the Hunters who turns rouge in order to face Zero in a duel.


Aerial Commander of the Hunters.


Ground Commander of the Hunters.



The man who falls in love with Rikku. His past is haunted by the ghosts of many lost lives and his sleep is muddled with grief. Will he ever be at peace? His is a power unknown and unseen in Spira, the power akin to a Summoner. A plane between the world of the living and the world of the dead was born as a result of the bridge between these two realms. Within lies the energy exhausted in the creation of life, which harnessed, could bring about incredible feats.


The perky one of Shuyin's time. She is a member of the Zanarkand Abes and the sister-like figure to Shuyin. She is a member of the Zanarkand Abes and the sister-like figure to Shuyin. She aided Shuyin while he coped with the early loss of his mother. Later on, she pushed Shuyin to become a blitzer with her and they've been the closest of friends since.


The self-absorbed star player of the Bevelle Jowiles, he is obsessed with the downfall of a certain blitzer. His rivalry was put on hold on account of the Machina War and he would come to his opponent's aid.


Self-imposed rival to Lenne, she is a summoner absorbed in her own standings. Akin to her brethren, she denounces those not of her rank in society and flaunts before them in lavish dress and manner.


A happy go lucky Abe, he is Shuyin's best friend and loves to prank. One of these days, those pranks are gonna come back at him.


The Abe that always gets stoned or drunk or ... you can see where I'm going with this. He is a carefree individual who is an awesome goalie for the Abes.


The 'together' one. She seems to be the type of girl you'd go to when you're life makes no sense.


A rookie on the Abes, not much is known about him because he's not a close friend of Shuyin's. He seems to be determined to make it as a productive member on the Zanarkand Abes.


The best friend of Areth and a player on the Bevelle Jowiles.


The mysterious unsent warrior who takes Shuyin under his wing. He has a very outlandish way of 'educating' his pupil, but in the end, his training helps Shuyin.



The outcast kid who never really talked to anyone aside from Serenity Wheeler. He traveled to Egypt one day and found a ring-like necklace buried in the sand. Seeing the Chinese symbol for balance, he decided it would be a nice keepsake and put it on. His life would never be the same.


A dark spirit who dwelled within the Chaos Ring. He was once the Emperor of China until he chose to aid the Pharoah of Egypt in stopping the onslaught brought by the Egyptian God Monsters. With the aid of his magic, Atem was able to vanquish the gods, sealing them into stone tablets, where they should hopefully be lost forever. However, Zerek would never return home...


Scythe (Gregory Ross, the family friend of the Carters.)

He fell in love with Blade's sister, Shara, aka Teknoman Rapier. When the family journeyed to the space station and were assimilated by the Venemoids, he too was present. Kept locked up in a back room of the station, he never emerged from his pod until the destruction of the Space Ring.


Anubiramon (Tai Ijikata, the silent one of Tokyo Secondary School.)

He barely spoke, even to teachers when called on in class. The rumor spread that he was mute and he did nothing about it. He lived his life like a recluse, never wanted to be with anyone but himself. Upon receiving the Voicemail from Ophonimon, he left for the Digital World in hopes of relinquishing his unwanted peer attention. Once he arrived, he located the Spirit of Darkness and evolved into Anubiramon. From there, he traversed the new world, destroying anything that annoyed him. One day, he found a few kids like himself traveling around much like he did. They were attacked and out of the goodness of his heart, he chose to help. He defeated the aggressor with ease, but was made an enemy by the Digi-destine when Lucemon lied to them about his allegiance. He quickly turned on them as well, not caring to explain himself. Will he ever open up his heart?


Eishou Koeru (Transfer Student, 2nd Year, Seito Academy)

A quiet one; like several others, her ki is undetectable in combat, though the circumstances of this vary from others. Alike Ryuubi, Hakufu, and Sousou, Koeru possesses a dragon within her, though it has yet to surface. It was only discovered by the anomalous aura she presents, though even this was afforded to only the best of Toushi. She lacks the lust for combat attributed to most of her kind, but will engage any opponent if such a challenger should appear. Likewise, she takes no joy in victory and spends most of her thought on organization and treaties amongst the cooperative Toushi of the schools. Why she transferred when she did and what her motives are are shrouded deeper than her esoteric ki.

Of course, I'll be coming up with more. =D

Random quips that enter my mind:

Supernatural: (From the episode when they are thrown into different television programmes)

Divorce Attorney: So you’re filing for divorce due to irreconcilable differences?

Dean: Yes, he’s an addict and I’m an angel.

Sam: Dean. (the irritated Sam face)

Dean: What? It’s true.

I have fanfics out now so if you guys wouldn't mind, PLEASE REVIEW!

-Eternal Love Epilogue up!!
-Eternal Love Story Completed!!

-喰 霊零- 外伝 Final Chapter up!!
-喰 霊零- 外伝 Story Completed!!

-Spira: The Eternal Discord Epilogue up!!
-Spira: The Eternal Discord Story Completed!!

-Strawberry Panic The Second Year Final Chapter up!
Strawberry Panic The Second Year Story Completed!!

Author's Notes:
Previously, on Eternal Lo
Shuyin fought long and hard, determined to redeem himself by ridding Spira of its suffering. At the very end, he struggled, believing to have failed his loved ones once again by losing Vegnagun and then being unable to neutralize Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. However, from a brilliant light, Lenne appeared and embraced her love at last. One thousand years and one thousand words have led them home finally. With his humanity returned to him and reunited in the Farplane, what thoughts remain for Shuyin? Has he truly accepted his death and the life that prevails even as he departs?

Since the story has ended, I guess the only thing left to do is to thank all my readers. As I write this, Eternal Love's current views are: 7462, over one thousand more than the original story. In total, this story has achieved 176 reviews, all of which I am grateful for. You've let me know that I can be a good writer and that this impulsive decision of mine wasn't made in vain. So, with Eternal Love finally completed: February 17, 2004 – September 20, 2007, I thank you all for following on this adventure and I hoped you enjoyed the ride!

As of 2/14/10, I now have nearly 20,000 views and close to 200 chapter reviews. C'mon mates, let's hear from you. If you have an opinion about anything, hit up the button and leave us a note. =D

Next Chapter: Well, there will obviously be no new chapters, but that doesn't mean the story is over. As Spira continues, Tidus has been returned to Yuna after a long hard struggle against the strongest of the unsents, saving the planet once more from complete annihilation. However, while it seems the danger has passed, pyreflies linger under the banks of Besaid Island. The evil shadow returns, but even he isn't sure why he has resurrected. Lenne is nowhere to be found, the times have changed again, and another ominous cloud veils the Eternal Calm. Will Yuna and the rest of Spira's finest be able to stop this new threat?

Updates: 12/25/14

Strawberry Panic The Second Year

-Strawberry Panic The Second Year Final Chapter up!
Strawberry Panic The Second Year Story Completed!!

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