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Hello All, I am Arudon, a senior in high school and lifelong Texan, born and bred.

I have been on this sight for about a year now, and it's been quite a run. I've got so many ideas practically leaking out of my head right now that I feel I should just jot them down.

All the following are stories I am either planning to write or am currently writing. Titles may change.

The (Black/Dark) TARDIS (or alternatively) The Leader: Doctor Who/Supernatural Crossover. Dean has always felt a little strange. Never truly comfortable in his own skin. He always felt like something was missing from his life, and dreams would plague every night. Now Lucifer is free, and the angels are pressing him to be Michael's vessel. Cas is as far from grace as one can get, and the situation is dire. But one night, while rummaging through the back of the Impala, he finds an old, battered pocket watch with strange circles adorning the outside. What happens when he opens it? (This spawned when I first thought that the Impala is a TARDIS in disguise)

Of Monsters and Men: Supernatural. Sam didn't notice anything different after he and Dean took on the Dragons. He didn't notice the small drops of blood on his hand that were not his own. He didn't notice when they oozed into a small cut on his hand. But he certainly does notice the insane itching feeling that spreads out across his skin, and the desire to scrabble at his back, as if something were trying to burst out. (Dragon!Sam, Phoenix!Dean)

Child of Darkness (or alternatively) Proxy: Harry Potter. The Dursleys are going on a camping trip, but dear old Mrs. Figgs has fallen and broken her hip, and can't take Harry. So the reluctant family of muggles is forced to take the seven year old with them. However, once they arrive in the woods, they notice strange going-ons in the forest around them. Rustlings where there were no animals, strange sounds where there shouldn't have been any. Harry, however, keeps seeing a gigantic man, dressed in a black suit and tie, with no face. Standing at the edge of the campsite, and staring at him. Staring. Just staring.

The Perfect Soldier: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Walt had had a hard life. Living deep in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, working every day just to stay alive, and training with his father in almost all manner of combat. Oh, and did I forget to mention his Father's line of work? Jack Hawthorne: wanted by the government for countless crimes, known throughout the world as one of the greatest assassins/hit-man/mercenary this country has ever produced. He does have a strange obsessions for Greek and Roman mythology, though, stuff that he forces his son to learn. But then one day his Father leaves on a mission, and doesn't come back, leaving only instructions for Walt to head to a place called Westover Hall in Maine, and a Swiss army knife that won't open, accompanied by the cryptic words: You'll know when to use it. Arriving at the campus, he instantly adapts to the strict, military regimen of the school, but often finds himself at odds with one of the teachers: Dr. Thorn, the man with the stupid accent and fake suits that does little to impress the soldier. But then Walt meets Percy Jackson, a strange boy who just appears out of nowhere and goes and gets himself, Walt, and two other students kidnapped by a crazy-as-hell Doctor Thorn who has somehow gained the ability to throw poisoned spikes without moving his arms. Join this young man as he traverses the country on a quest to stop the end of the world, end the fabled "Bane of Olympus" and, possibly, find his missing Father, and, even more improbable, find his immortal mother.

No Title Suitable For This Story... Possibly Dragon(?): Supernatural. The demon gates have been flung open, and Azazel has been finally killed. Suddenly, the sky lights up as balls of light fly through the air, knocking the demons straight out of the sky in flashes of burning fire. A boy appears, dressed in a sweeping white coat and possibly the most intense blue eyes the Winchesters have ever seen, and promptly curses them for opening it up. "I've been guarding this gate for hundreds of years, way longer than Samuel Colt. I turn my back for five minutes, and you Yahoo's have already opened it up? What the Hell?!!"

Meet Dragon (yes, that's his name. Don't laugh or he'll shove a blade through your spinal chord) a snarky, sarcastic, unbelievably intelligent, inhuman alien creature so old that, according to his own testimony, he "was able to watch as God made this world, writing it into existence" and was possibly the "blueprints" for the first angels, and apparently his very name can instill fear in even the strongest of Angels. Join him and our favorite pair of hunters as they trek across the country, searching out evil and hunting it down, because evidently, even millennia-year-old immortals get bored too.

Note: Dragon is probably the penultimate OC of mine, and the inspiration for all my other OC's. He is easily the most developed, and both reading and writing him can and will be an absolute joy to behold. So please stay tuned for this one.

Angel Of Time: Supernatural/Doctor Who (and very soon to be Sherlock) Crossover. In an AU season 6, where neither Castiel, Crowley, or Raphael managed to get ahold of the souls in Purgatory, but the Leviathans still managed to escape, Castiel is left dying from a hole in his side where an angel blade had punctured him. However, after an encounter with the Doctor, Castiel agrees to possess the Timelord, and their consciousnesses merge. However, the new hybrid soon discovers that he is not the only one to have done this, as they encounter a very devilish Master, a very perverted Gabriel, and a brooding Balthazar. Soon, the new angelic Doctor, with Winchesters in tow, find themselves once again at the center of a great conflict that pits the forces of Heaven, Hell, Earth, and Purgatory against each other. Alliances will be forged, friendships will be tested, and Heaven will...fall? (features Doctor!Castiel, Jack!Gabriel, Master!Lucifer, Sherlock!Balthazar, Leviathan!Moriarty, and many, many more.) Definitely worth checking out. Warning, this fic contains dangerous levels of epicness. Viewer discretion is advised.

Heaven's Child:Supernatural/Harry Potter Crossover. Harry has lived at the Dursley's for eight years now, and the nine-year-old has been through his own small version of hell. However, after an angelic visit, upon which Harry agrees to allow an angel in, his life does a complete flip-flop as the young wizard is plunged into the world of the Supernatural. With the forces of heaven hunting after his resident angel, with whom he shares his mind and body, and a very demonic Voldemort chasing after him as well, life is very rough for this young wizard and his feather companion. But through it all, he will have friends and companions that will help him along the way, and perhaps both he and his angel will be able to once and for all escape the grasps of both heaven and hell, and achieve what they both want: peace, plain and simple. Set in Harry Potter's timeline, and features an angelic Harry, a very humanized Fawkes, a snarky angel of death, and many other remarkable characters, ones that will both claim your heart forever, or haunt your dreams for all eternity.

Cheshire Cat: Harry Potter. The Cheshire Cat of Wonderland is beheaded and his collar travels to the human world, whereupon it is picked up by a young Harry Potter. Basically, Harry Potter is the Cheshire Cat, with a furry body, floating head, evaporation powers and everything else that comes with it. Need I say more? (Definitely the lightest and probably funniest story on this list, featuring Cheshire Cat!Harry)

Of my existing Stories, Boy Named Time and Obey Me World will not be receiving any work, and I'm probably going to delete the latter, just because of lack of interest. However, I highly, highly reccomend reading Boy Named Time. It was my first real story, and the one I had most fun writing.

Look forward to the new stories, and read the current ones. Remember, feeding me reviews helps me write faster, so please, please feed me!

Link to Azrael's blade image:


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Break The Skies reviews
He remembered nothing. He felt nothing. He knew nothing. These are the three things that the angel can be sure of when he finally breaks out of heaven and descends to Earth, looking for a vessel. With wings as gray as a cloudy sky, he finds young Harry Potter, broken and battered and shoved in a closet, and asks permission to enter. Angel!Harry, Rewrite of Heaven's Child. Enjoy!
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