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Author has written 3 stories for Card Captor Sakura, and Inuyasha.
October 19, 2006 : My hard drived died in September, so I'm thinking of trying to salvage some stuff on another hard drive from a year and a half ago though some of the stuff is outdated. I'm not sure how much stuff is on the old hard drive. (There were some chapters prewritten, rewritten, and my notes. =( ) Right now I'm busy with my midterms at the moment too since I have to maintain my honors. When I'm less swamped with undergrad work, I'll start working writing again.

Gender: Female.
Books (from throughout Childhood): Terry Prachett's Discworld series, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar saga & Empire saga, Lloyd Alexander's Prydain series, Larry Niven's Ringworld series, anything Roald Dahl, JK Rowling's Harry Potter series, Garth Nix's Sabriel, Frank Herbert's Dune series, many fairytales, and many more
I'd like to mention that if you are looking for that WAFF, look elsewhere, it's not in my personality. I like to write things in a more angsty or humourous nature.
I have been an anime fan (I can't even count how much series I've watched...) for quite some time now, and I like reading all sorts of fiction. Currently, I have developed a liking for romance fiction, but I can't stand mindless mush.
Feel free to give criticism, flames (on the actual writing, nothing stupid like ships or characters you hate), whatever. I'm pretty open about my work.

Anime: Anything popular during the past 7 years, I've probably seen it.

Fictions in production (In order of priority):

CCS: Altered World - humourous and semi-dark, a rewrite of CCS with psychological differences. How much psychological damage would Syaoran suffer if he never met Sakura until much later in his life? Why did the destiny that Clow Read had prepared shifted several years later? The story of a failed destiny, and the reasons surrounding it.

GW: Wading in Uncertainty - My first Gundam Wing fiction. Relena Darlian has worked for peace for years in complete devotion. Little does she realise that she does not have any direction anymore, and this will create a blow to her sanity upon realization. Lost again, like before the war, she seeks the person that first caused the tide of change to her life; Heero Yuy. And yet this will cause a rift between their connection...
Currently writing and will not be posted until I'm finished. Much thanks to my dear friend Wenjun for betaing.

HP: How My Sister Ended Up With the Prat - A Draco/Ginny romance short, from Ron's point of view.

CCS: Flow of Life(pending) - It is my attempt to tie all the issues within the CCS world, mind you, some may leave a new opening. A new enemy appears and the past and present are tangled within a web. Not everyone's lives are perfect, nor there is a clear solution. Rika's relationship with Terada, Tomoyo's choice between her devotion to Sakura and possibility for reciprocated love, tension between Chiharu and Takashi, Syaoran's uncertainty towards Sakura, and a past long forgotten.
(The plot may seem a bit redundant at first, but I like plot twists =P Hint Hint. To be more fluffy than my previous works, but knowing me expect some angst to pop up.)

Strength of Wills (put on hold, may not go into production) - a dark fic that focuses on Magic and the price of power. AU. The destiny of the Card Captor was lost when the world was thrown in chaos. Magic causes fear and hatred to an extent where people have forgotten that all human beings must be treated equal. Sufferring, hatred, love, death, destiny, can a single girl wade through the chaos? (Definitely no WAFF, and not for the narrow-minded.)

HP: Weaving of Fate - My attempt at a Harry Potter saga, featuring Cruel!Manipulative!Draco Malfoy that we often don't see enough aboard the Draco/Ginny ship.

First arc: Fragile Realities: Ginny Weasley remembered the war, the pain, and the deaths... With an oath to protect those around her, she became an Auror. A sudden spin on events leads to an investigation on Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy is not easy however, and dark mysteries and secrets entangle around them. Ginny finds that everything isn't always as they appear to be as she searches blindly for truth in Draco Malfoy's deceptions.

Second arc: Resurrection: No description yet, too many spoilers for the first arc.

Third arc: The Winding Path of Destiny: Same as above.

More fics in my head, but may never see the light...
Slayers - Z/A and L/G fic that I never got to do. Amelia gets abducted during a voyage to an embassy, and Zelgadis comes to terms with Amelia's marriage and his humanity. Xelloss has too much interest in Lina and Gourry's newborn child.
Gundam Wing - A Heero exploration fic But then it may be too similar to WIU except no pairing for Heero and lots of wandering into other lives...

A original fantasy type sort of deal that was concocted out of my head during a dream. (I actually dreamt the whole CG introduction... even with sunlight glinting off the hero's sword.) Amateur writer, first time trying to write a story exceeding ten pages and somewhat succeeding. Err hopefully ''

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Card Captor Sakura Altered World reviews
The Clow book has been lying dormant in Sakura's basement for many years, forgotten until Syaoran has finally tracked down the location in Tomoeda, Japan... The story of a lost destiny, and the reasons surrounding it. A introspective,psychological rewrite
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A tribute to Kikyou. Things are falling into place at Mt. Hakureizan and fate will soon take its turn. Flowers for the dead, reflections, and foreboding. spoilers for whole Hakureizan arc
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Fantasia reviews
"What is wrong to let your grip on reality slip? I don't see why, but perhaps my imagination clouds my judgement." A Naoko one-shot.
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