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Poll: In my story Naruto: Rise of Uchiha Naruto, the harem is currently set at Mei, Anko, Konan, and a mystery gender bent The question is should I replace Anko with another gender bent and for now, secret girl? If replace with other is chosen I'll set another poll to help guide my Vote Now!
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Yo! My pen name is RinneBankai and I am 19 years old.

For my profile I figure I'll give you information that will help you figure out what to expect in my stories, as opposed to putting in too many personal things like outdoor hobbies.

I enjoy reading fanfictions for Naruto, and recently Harry Potter. I am interested in trying to write stories that aren't harems, or at least no larger than three girls. This is because I want to become a fiction writer, so any suggestions for improvement are more than welcome, so long as they are made respectfully.

My least favorite pairing is Naru/Saku, I don't really have a favorite pairing.

I dislike when fics have Naruto being beaten mercilessly by mobs of drunken villagers to awaken a special power, this is over used and unimaginative. If you MUST have him take a beating to unlock a power, use something like a foreign ninja, or no more then two or three of the more fanatical civilians/ninja that hate him.

I don't do Yaoi, reading or writing it. So Yaoi fangirls, sorry, but you'll have to find some other author.

People who read my fics will find that very likely you will see a fair amount of gender bent characters paired with Naruto.

I really hate when he is made a hanyou/immortal simply because he used too much bijuu chakra at the wrong age.

Finally I will most likely screw around with his parentage/lineage in most of my fics, I find having Kushina as his mother is sort of boring, and I really enjoy fics where he has Uchiha blood, so expect me to have him be part Uchiha in most of my fics.

Well that's all for my profile, hope you read the stories I come out with.

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