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Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm an alcho...writer.

Ha ha. Just a joke there. I'm a sixteen year old living in North Carolina where nothing happens. I'm sarcastic, competitive, disorganized and have the most addictive personality of anyone I know. Luckily, I choose to channel this into television and occasionally movies and music rather than alcohol and drugs. Interesting fact: I like to think I'm much more complex than I actually am, BUT I'm also more complex than my friends think I am. In other words, I think I'm a VERY complex individual, my friends don't find me complex at all, and in actuality I'm simply mildly complicated. I daydream a lot, usually in school, most usually in AP Chemistry. I tell people I want to be a writer for movies/TV as well as a director, but I harbor a secret desire to be an actress as well. I don't tell people this, though, because I'm completely uninvolved in the drama dept at school for various reasons, including a drama teacher I don't like and the fact that I'm not much for stage acting.

I firmly believe everyone should watch Grey's Anatomy and The Office (US version). I also believe everyone should see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at least twice. I love angst. I believe Steve Carell is among the funniest men in the country...nay, the world. I hated Napoleon Dynamite and I hate people who hate Meredith Grey. I take insults to my shows, movies, and favorite actors/actresses personally. I also stand by theses facts: 1) that procrastination of school work in favor of new episodes of TV shows is acceptable, 2) That taping and watching a show later isn't the same, and 3) That I was NOT overreacting when our tennis match was rescheduled for Sept. 21, which everyone KNEW was the premeire date and Greys Anatomy and The Office.

That is my manifesto. Vote for me.

Hmmm, other things I'm addicted to: my video iPod (which is really scratched up because of being dropped and put into my purse which is like the black hole of doom, but I get offended when people mention the bad condition to me) organization of my DVD collection, Entertainment Weekly and Premeire magazines, quoting TV or movies, Harry Potter books, Nick Hornby books, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Archie comics, cheese fries, spicy dip, rain, tennis, 'that's what he said jokes', Meredith/Derek, Jim/Pam, slushies, tennis, Minesweeper, Zuma, and Italian food.

Five Guys I Would Want to be Stuck on an Elevator With for an Extended Period of Time: Jake Gyllenhaal, Patrick Dempsey, Ian Somerhalder, John Krasinski and Matt Damon.

Bands I Would Organize for a Huge Music Festival: The Fray, Snow Patrol, Motion City Soundtrack, Jimmy Eat World, Queen, Jack's Mannequin, Goo Goo Dolls, Keane, All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Nickleback.


How to Save A Life~Meredith in a car crash, sometime post-bomb. COMPLETE

All At Once~ Wrote when Meredith first starts dating Finn. Derek is jealous, Addison sneaky, etc. etc. COMPLETE

Sky Blue and Black~ Post-pick me, choose me, love me. angsty. Derek in a car crash that makes him look over some choices hes made. COMPLETE, ALTERNATE ENDING COMING (most likely)

Jigsaw~One month post-finale. Meredith's in a car accident and temporarily loses one year's worth of memory's. Derek doesn't know how to handle the fact that she thinks they're still dating and has no idea about Addison. ON HOLD FOR NOW, MAY CHANGE IF I'M STRUCK WITH INSPIRATION.

Face Down~I'm really excited about this one. Post-prom, Meredith picks Finn (the 'right' choice according to logic and reason) thinking he's a great guy. He begins changing, turning possesive, jealous and abusive. Derek's bruised and angry, ignoring Mer in his full-on denial attempt to pretend he doesn't care. But he migh be the only one who can save her. First person POV (my first!) switching between Mer and Der. IN PROGRESS

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Belonging by theo121 reviews
MD. Set postprom. Everyone knows the two of them belong together, except the person whose opinion matters most. Some Lexzie too. COMPLETE.
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Face Down reviews
Mer ignores her heart and picks Finn, who seems great...until he becomes possesive and abusive. Derek, left bruised and angry, might be the only person who can help her...if he lets himself notice. MerDer, angsty. NEWLY UPDATED FEBRUARY 24
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Latest story, more angsty then normal. MerDer obviously. Sometime after Derek picks Addison, both are miserable. How far will they go in selfdestruction? COMPLETE
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She thinks we're still dating, Derek told himself incredulously. But soon she'll start to remember. And she'll have to live through all the hurt of the past year all over again. Hopefully a little original concept. CHAPTER THREE UP! Hardcore MerDer a
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Major MerDer, some Burketina. A car accident puts Mer's life on the line and shakes things up at Seattle Grace. Derek, consumed by guilt in regret, begins rethinking his decision.
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