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So I've finally gotten around to actually writing something on my profile =)

First I want to say hi to everybody, those I've already befriended and those who I hope to become with in the near or present future.

So some of my interests, well naturally writing happens to be number one. I spend almost all my time scheming up some new story of some sort. I have quite a few Hobbit plans all set out awaiting to be picked up here soon. I was going to wait until I finished with Ashlyn's current journey but that'd be slightly terrible, I still have 2movies I need to drag her through lol. My best friend and I have come up with numerous creative ideas, she helps me scheme and I'm on the verge of getting it set on paper to post it up here for everyone to share in with us. So that is some things to look forward to. Another thing is, SKYWOLF I'VE TAKEN ON ONE OF YOUR CHALLENGES!!!! Sort of lol . . .

I'm about 2chapters into a Fili/Kili story, I will not be giving too much away as of yet but pretty soon I'm going to be posting it, I'm waiting on some feedback. Need to get chapter2 to my bestie so she can inspect it and give me the all clear ;)

Hmmm, my Underworld fiction, I still really want to work on it, my sis and I had some clever ideas for it, but it's really been put all on me cause she's always soooooooo busy with her little baby and sorry but my Hobbit stories will always take precedence. It's just how the cookie crumbles. I'm sure you all understand heh.

Ok, so my preference, as I'm sure some of you are figuring out is Thorin. SORRY! I CAN'T HELP IT! I just think hes so freaken sexy! Come on, Richard Armitage . . . yeah! It really is a hard toss up though cause I love Fili and Kili as intensely but there's this little game that I do with my sisters and the 2younger ones claimed the brothers so I get Thorin =P

I also have a deep passion for anything superhero, marvel, DC love it all. I'm super stuck on XMen: First Class. I was like finally they did a good XMen movie! Yeah, I have a plot for a story for that as well. Feel free to start throwing things at me. I just watch stuff and then scheme, its unavoidable!

Welp, I can't think of anything else. Oh, I have a deviantart account link below, I don't have any of my sketches or anything posted but I found a picture online some time ago that just screams Ashlyn at me. So I'll post it up at the point the image of use in the story, which is actually coming up here in the next chapter =P so look for it soon if you wish. I'll probably be doing stuffs like that as the story carries on I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see =)

Hugs everyone!


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