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Going to work on Minora's Mask Chapters 3 and 4 as soon as college gets out of the way. I've got an idea or two for Life with the Links, but nothing concrete.

Bio (Updated 4/30/07)

Name: Kiyoshi. No, that is not my real name.
Age: 19 years
Gender: Female. Duh.
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Location: Somewhere in Georgia
Religion: Christian and proud of it
DOB: November 19

Fanfics (In "order" storyline-wise)

Mystic Water (co-written with Kitaiko) - Successful one-shot. No Pikachu were harmed in the making of this fic.

Link in Lorule - COMPLETE AND TO BE REVISED! 31 Pikachu died here in 16 chapters. I will remove the Pikachu soon.

Eight Links - COMPLETE! No Pikachu have died in this here fic.

Life with the Links - Another chapter on the way, still alive and well for now. Pikachu-free.

Advice Mishaps - COMPLETE! No Pikachu Deaths; prelude to a revamped Minora's Mask.

Minora's Mask - Chapters 1 & 2 are up. Halfway through Ch 3.

Pikachu Death Count: 31 (to be removed)

Note: I love Pokemon to death... bad pun, I know. Think of it this way, the fics are like movies. They don't actually die, it's all good acting.

Fic(s) Me or My Character (Linda) Are In

1. A Day Link Was Picked On -The Mad Logger

Wow, how pathetic. (sweatdrops) Oh well, she's best in my fics anyway!

Useless Info About Me

Favorite color: Orange (that means I'm artistic)
Favorite animal: Wolves, Dogs, Cats (can't make up my mind)
Favorite games: Legend of Zelda, all Sonic the Hedgehog games, and all Pokemon games.
Favorite Pokemon: Sandslash and Raichu, 2nd Espeon and Umbreon, 3rd Arcanine and Mightyena. Each place is tied! My favorite character? James of Team Rocket.
Dislikes: Yaoi/Yuri's, flames, the idea of Sheik being a boy when it's obvious that she's a GIRL, any pairing between Link and anyone other than Ruto or a well-written OC, and any pairing with Sheik (even when she's a guy) and a girl.
Likes: Reviews, other random stuff I don't feel like listing right now.

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Godsent, Regrettably by SilverKnight reviews
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Why The? by Lexial147 reviews
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A Day Link Was Picked On by Mr. Neptune reviews
The title says it. Two Kokiri's pick on Link, using the logic of what Link can't do. Soon it turns into a crazy adventure with Link, made up characters, and other author's too if they desire! Onward with Insanity! ITS OVER. Ending with DVD Specials Chapta
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