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Author has written 11 stories for One Piece, Harry Potter, Soul Eater, Vampire Knight, Naruto, and D.Gray-Man.

I am not a dedicated author, I'll admit it. I'm horrible with keeping track of everything and will probably know what I want to do with the story, but writer block hits and I just can't get the correct words on paper. For that, I am sorry.

If you look about at my profile picture, you will see I am a beta-reader (an editor for those who don't know). There's more information over there in that link.

The stories I follow are a lot, but the ones I favorite are few. If I favorite you, I will wait years for you to update, even if it been ten years. As you can see, there aren't many. And there should be more, at least three... but you know, I'd have to look through almost 8 pages of followed stories to look for it and I don't feel like it. If we ever meet in real life, don't expect me to remember your name. You're like a book to me, I will remember your looks, your personality, I will not remember your name. It's a label, I don't do labels.

I ask myself questions every day, and when I started watching long series of anime, I asked myself a horrible question, and wish to know if you have ever had this thought:

"What if you die before finishing the anime/manga?"

That one thought plagues me so often that I am frightened when my mind wanders. I don't update fast, but I feel guilty for every second that I don't. I want you to know the ending of my stories, my thought process and the world I have brought to life in my mind. I want to give you this gift, I'm only afraid that I'll get to the party too late.

I have confidence issues, so I would appreciate it if you guys threw a compliment at me every once and a while. Temper is one of my flaws, though I do curb it really well. So if you flame me, expect to be flamed back. It's not something I'm proud of, and I'll probably feel awful later, but its a part of who I am.

I will not tolerate swearing for any unnecessary reason, so if I ever write a story on here, do not use swearing unless it's the only way to describe it. I will also not tolerate 'flaming' nor racism, so you can relax in case my story sounds offensive in any way and know I will NEVER mean it like that.

I'm a procrastinator. It doesn't matter if I want to do it or not, I will procrastinate. That is why I need deadlines. I need reasonable deadlines. If you do not give me a deadline, I will not get it out no matter how much time passes. I just will not do it. Give me a reasonable deadline if you need something done, whether it be art or a new chapter, or even beta reading it.

To all flamers, I will not hesitate to call you out in the middle of the chapter. I will go on a rant about you and not give one hoot of your opinion. I may take things to the extreme, and for that, I apologize. I, however, will not apologize for calling you out and embarrassing you on the internet. You should know better by now - take a look all around this community and think of one person who will put up with your crap. There isn't one.

(-) means its published

Up Coming Stories!!!!

"A Soul Returned" Kurosaki Ichigo had not always been Kurosaki Ichigo. Once, long before Aizen had even entered the Seireitei, he had been Shiba Kaien, the lieutenant of Division 13 and one of the highest ranking Shinigami in the Gotei 13 Guard Squad that wasn’t a captain. Not only does he have his memories back, he also realizes something else. Something that should have never happened. Bleach - Reincarnation Fic

"The Seer's Fate" She’s hurt and has been forgotten. She’s too old yet too young. She was created to keep everything in line, the way it’s supposed to be. And she’s terrified to let him in, for she knows his destiny and her path, and the two don’t collide. But if she changes the time just a little, will everything fall? OCxKaien vizard!Oc captain!Oc Bleach - Kaien x OC

"Memories Never Forgotten" Ichigo Kurosaki has never been normal. He has always known who he is, or rather, who he was. Ichigo was always aware of what happened around him, but powerless to do anything as he was nothing but a child in this lifetime. And he could not come out and say he was Kaien Shiba even if it was the truth. No, he would allow the name Ichigo keep going until the name could no longer be used. Bleach - Reincarnation Fic

"Fairy Tail's Lost Mage" She was gone for ten years. They never heard from her, never saw her once she had set out, and she was thought at best missing, or at worst, dead. Now, after the guild has disbanded and resembled, she comes back from her decade-long mission. And she comes back worst for wear, but she’s there. With a few more scars than before, and a darker secret than she left. Fairy Tail - Gildarts x OC

(-) "Darkened Moonlight" Ember Potter, older siblings that are claimed to be the children-who-lived, disappears on her fourth birthday. Faye Black, daughter to Bellatrix, learns everything she can before she goes to Hogwarts. There she meets a friend that doesn't think she's crazy and becomes very attached to her. Running from a past she knows not, and towards a future with a split in between, she must choose her path in life. Harry Potter - Fem!Harry good!Bellatrix

"Finally, the Story is Told" Gwen and her two friends, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, are finally about to have their story told to the closest people around them. In this story they will finally know the cold hard truth that the three children kept from the adults for over five years, and what secrets they would have kept in the next two. And maybe, they would finally start to see things how the strange little girl named Gwendolyn Elven Potter saw things. Harry Potter - Fem!Harry Potter Sirius x Fem!Harry

(-) "Four Unlikely Friends" When faced with an urge and the guidance of Hogwarts, Harry, Luna, Susan, and Neville are thrown into an unlikely past that they never knew that they would have. Growing up with a life they should (always) have had, they learn and teach subjects to different students and developing their own way of life changes them in ways others wouldn’t have guessed. When they return home to their timeline, what will other’s think of them? Harry Potter - Founders Reincarnation Fic - Characters-are-the-Founders Fic

"Nothing but a Moment" Ivyphadora Warghollow is a girl from a pureblood family. From the moment she was born, she has caught glimpses of a life so very different from hers. Blood and ashes and different faces she has never known haunt her dreams and waking moments of her life. But being different is bad, so she must play the good little pureblood princess for as long as she can imagine. She is, after all, the heiress to the Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Warghollow, and one cannot be anything but perfect, and she is anything but. Harry Potter - Fem!Harry x Sirius

"Silent Tears of Gryffindor" Ivy Potter. She wasn't quite sure what to think of how things changed drastically had changed for her. She had been the nobody that everyone hated. She was the person no one could care less if she died. But not here: here, everyone cared about everything she did. So much that it was frightening. When Ivy Potter was to arrive at Hogwarts, the teachers didn't except an emotionless showing girl that was just as bad a Slytherin yet as trouble making as Gryffindor. They didn't expect a girl who was justice seeking nor a girl who took studying for everyday lessons seriously. They didn't except the scars that she had brought along with her. Nor the tears that were never shed underneath ever-changing eyes. And they could never have guessed, that under all the happiness she radiated, there was a little girl underneath, just begging to be loved. Harry Potter - Fem!Harry

"Well-Meaning" One-shot. Petunia never got married to Vernon, and never had Dudley. Believing that the only way to get affection was by the body, she taught her niece this as well when her parents died. Harry Potter - Fem!Harry Rated M More warnings will be given if I ever decide to post this.

"A Girl with Talent" Dawn never liked the spotlight. She liked to stay in her shadows and be unnoticed by the world. However, a trip overseas to go see her twin sister changes everything. For the first time in forever Dawn feels as if she doesn't need to hide in the shadows. And a certain boy with amazing black hair is willing to break her out of her shell. Victorious - Beck x Oc

(-)"Cracked Eyes" Zero never thought of herself as anything as special compared to the chaos happening around her. She never had the urge to do anything more than to avenge her family, even if she must rule the hunters. But when the truth is revealed, when who she really was is brought to light, can Kaname really just let his past lover go out like a flickering flame? Zero wonders if there wasn't anything she could have done differently to save him from her fate, and even as her vision fades to black, she knows he will wait for her to awaken once more. Vampire Knight - fem!Zero x Kaname Zero is Ancestress/Hooded Woman

(-)"You were always like this" A series of one-shots between Spirit and Stein from Soul Eater. Based in Spirit's POV. Soul Eater - Stein x Spirt Somebashing!Kami

Crossover Stories

(-) "Eyes of the Sun" In her Fifth Year of Hogwarts, Dorea Potter learned of the truth behind her misfortune and the reason of her childhood, the betrayal of her friends. In order to escape from a fate that had been planned out for her, she used a ritual to leave this selfish world to their demise. She ends in a world where pirates go onto the sea and fight for freedom, and marines try to keep the peace even if they’re the reason behind the chaos. She decides to be able to fight for her chance to live and becomes the World’s Greatest Swordsman by accident. She didn’t plan on meeting an idiot tomato, let alone falling in love with the man. One Piece x Harry Potter - Fem!Mihawk is Fem!Harry Fem!Mihawk x Shanks Fem!Harry x Shanks

"Pheonix Reborn" A twist to a Pheonix Never Dies, where the world has restarted once more and this time, the Whitebeards are the ones who remember Marco. Marco, now known as Harry - just Harry - goes to a regular university with his best friends when suddenly he has a chance encounter with Ace D. Portgas, a high school student. Ace instantly recognizes him as who he is, but his past lover doesn't. Let's hope the ashes of a phoenix is enough to get one to remember a past life.

"Death's Embrace" Ichigo was separated from her friends for 100 years. In that time she found love, a family that would watch her back and the truth that rested in her soul. When she is finally out of Hueco Mundo, even though it was five long years for her friends, she finds out she has family in Europe, England, a place which is monitored by Avalon. The need to know another part of her mother drives Ichigo and her boyfriend, Ulquiorra, to magical Britain in hopes there will be another part of her mother there. They get much more than they bargained for. Bleach x Harry Potter - Fem!Ichigo x Ulquiorra

"Ice Doesn't Thaw" Toshiro Hitsugaya is given a mission with Byakuya Kuchiki to the world of the living. Souls have been trapped by Dementors for thousands of years without their notice, but they’ve decided it's time to put a stop to their hollow-like activities. Along the way, the two learn that not only a mission holds them to this society. Snow doesn’t fall lightly on those out in the cold, and Toshiro doesn’t either. Fem!Toshiro Fem!Toushiro Pairing most likely fem!Toshiro/Byakuya

Abandonded Stories - That I may or may not continue

(-)"A Loss and a Gain" She had decided long ago that she was going to die. It just so happens to be today. In the act of protecting her much loved younger brother, Monkey D. Ace, from his execution which was to lure her in, Portgas D. Luna gave her life at the battlefield of Marine Ford where everyone had learned the truth of her heritage. Birthed as a Gol and cursed with his bloodline she lived for twenty years without being discovered. It all changed the day they decided to go after her brother. Dying in a battlefield never scared Luna, dying, in general, didn't frighten her. It should have, should have terrified her like any other normal human being. Gol D. Luna was anything but normal, though, and welcomed Death with open arms - only he hadn't come even with a whole punched through her chest. Drowning in despair, the Whitebeard Pirates can't even imagine what goes on in the head of their youngest brother which they know nothing about. When Red-Haired Shanks shows up, it only solidifies the fact they have no idea who Ace really is. A message sent to eight people of her choice, eight people whose life is nothing without her as their captain, are sent with a clear message. 3D2Y One Piece - Fem!Luffy Roger's Daughter Fem!Luffy x Ace / Fem!Luffy x Law


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