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Author has written 17 stories for Elsword.

I'm just a wandering writer who likes writing Elsword based on my imagination and a heroic hunter in Elsword.

My English is not perfect as you thought (you can notice where i came from) so my apologize for my bad grammar.

I noticed a lot of stories have main couple between El Search Party's members (Like Els x Ai, Els x Eve or Raven x Rena...) i read (Els x Lu is my main couple, though barely no one ships this couple because of Ciel, Lu's butler), so i hope my stories including one of the main characters with NPC may satisfy you (maybe).

Oh, i'm also drawing Elsword too but... they are not quite good... I wonder where i can show my arts because i need some comments to criticize my drawing.

Yuuki Raiga is my nickname but you may call me Yuu.

- OC (Other Character) -

Not sure if i should make an OC character for myself but if i do, i couldn't ship him to any other Elsword's character.


Name: Yuuki Kazuki

Date of Birth: February 2nd.

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Weapon: Dagger/Pistol - Dagger/Range Weapon Transformation(Gun/Sniper)

Class: Hunter - Assassin - Soul Reaper

Relative: Lily(?) - Wife. Aside her, no family...

Ability: Call of Death. Kazuki has ability to enhance attack power using the aura of Death. The ability will be triggered only if the player enters devil mode through a certain skill. While using special skill, if the player is in devil mode, chance of damage increase to 1.5x is 20% and only 3% will instantly kill the target after casting skill in exchange for a certain HP lost (Mini boss/Boss excluded).

Background: Losing Parents when he was 7, then taking his path as an assassin at the early 12 under the guidance of a gang called Devil Hunter whose reputation was well known. However, the gang was under attack by a wave of demons coming from no where and put an end to the gang, leaving no one survive except the boy. He was well-trained to escape the life and death matter and ran away from the massacre. However, wounds and exhaustion had made him fallen on the ground, dead tired. He thought his life was come to an end, his eyes blurred but he could see someone coming. Pink hair, and black skin were all he knew before he fainted.


Name: Yuuki Lily

Date of Birth: January 25th

Race: Human

Weapon: None (Hand Combat)

Class: ???

Relative: Kazuki - Husband

Ability: ???

Background: ???

Update Status: Sick... Hospital...

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