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Author has written 8 stories for Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, and National Treasure.

FINALLY I figured out how to work this stupid thing!

Right! My name is... a secret! but that doesn't mean I'm not who I could say, if I felt like it,I am if that makes any sense to you... but I love to write as you already may know. I LOVE kitties! My cat is the best ever and Hiei is my number one lover! I love sports and am a FEMALE unless anyone was wondering... i mean if you couldn't figure it out already... I do sports of only one kind... Running and running because, after years of cross country and track, all other sports are not really possible... you kinda lose the ability to do any other. So lets be friends huh?

I do live in the u.s. ha ha ha!

Favorite Anime:

1.) Yu Yu Hakusho(I would wake up a 3:30 am every saturday to watch until the end which was a sad episode)

2.) Inuyasha

3.)Miyazaki movies! (Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service, Castle In The Sky,Spirited Away, etc.)


5.) Rurouni Kenshin (and its all gone... whaa! i saw all of it though so no worries and most of the Samurai X movies which were wonderful)

6.) Eureka7 (Pronounced air-WRECK-uh if you were wondering... ihope. because its the name ofa character who seems to have other likenesses thus the seven but you really should look it up becuase i could be wrong it's justa guess)

7.) R.O.D. (read or die)

8.) One Piece

Favorite Manga.

1.) Fruits Basket! (it's just funny but the Anime is creepy)

2.) Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne!

3.) Fullmoon O Sagashite

4.) Inuyasha.

5.) RANMA 1/2! (... hooray for nudity?...)

6.) Her majesty's dog (yayness for cute boys ghosts and Kissing!)

7.) Confidential Confessions (rather depressing)

Favorite Characters (Girls)

1.) HondaTohru! (I'm have been told, "You are so much like her it's annoying," should i take that as a compliment? but i'm currently trying to grow my hair that length and I wear ribbons in it and i love cats and i'm airheaded at times and a bit oblivious and accident prone and... never mind...)

2.) Botan ( she's so special!)

3.) Kusakabe Maron

4.) Sohma Kisa (she's adorable)

5.) Souten of the Mighty Thunder Clan!

6.) Genkai. (I sobbed when she died...)

Favorite Characters (male)

1.) Jaganshi Hiei. easy enough.

2.) Sohma Kyo

3.) Sohma Ayame (he's just amazing in all aspects! you have to love him.)

4.) Howl. (he melts... ha.)

5.)Kuwabara (he likes cats too)

6.) Kurama (I like to see his stem... was that too much?)

And the list will forever continue! yay! Hope you liked to get to know me and if you have any anime sheet music for piano you're dying to share with lyrics or something please don't hesitate for i'm rather a music freak.



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